Tuesday, July 12, 2016

WATCH: #LHHATL Season 5 Ep 14 'Confessions' [full ep]

'LHHATL' is finally getting KINDA good and it's almost the END of the season.  OH WELL, better late than never.

Karlie Redd and Lyfe Jennings forge forward in some HUGE life decisions that knocks Karlie off her feet---LITERALLY.  But much to her CHAGRIN, Lyfe's SURPRISE gives her PROMISE of more heartache ahead.

Elsewhere in L.A., estranged LOVERS, Stevie J. and Joseline throw a POOL PARTY during Grammy week, but not everyone is in a PARTY MOOD.  After Karlie Redd CONFESSES to Tiarra that she and Scrap had some--'DEALINGS' all hell breaks LOOSE.  Tiarra goes after Karlie with Jessica Dime CAUGHT in the middle.  Above, Joseline looks down at the FIGHT and gets ROPED into the MIX as well.  Not everyone LEAVES the PARTY unscathed.  Ariane is FORGING forward with her MUSIC, but may not be QUITE ready yet.  She SEEKS out K. Michelle's HELP, but gets LEFT on the STEPS waiting.

Tammy and Deb Antney talk about her SPLIT from Waka, but her MOTHER-In Law is not QUITE ready to face the REALITY....

Check out episode 14 of season 5, 'Confessions' after the JUMP!!


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