Tuesday, July 5, 2016

WATCH: #LHHATL Season 5 Ep 13 'Funny Business' [full ep]

It appears that DEEP into the LHHATL season 5, it's FINALLY getting on track and the DRAMA makes 'sense'.  It's GRAMMY WEEK and some of the CAST hit up L.A.  Stevie J. is in Hollywood making moves and getting back to business.  Mimi and Tierra are paling around in the city of angels as well as Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime.  Dime and Stevie J are working together much to Mimi's chagrin.  Seeing them together, brings out some STRONG memories for Mimi.

Karlie Redd finds out Lyfe is potentially married, but gets a SURPRISE of her own.  Back in ATLANTA, Momma Dee and her HUBBY have hit another ROUGH patch, but can Rasheeda's mom Shirleen lend a hand?  D. Smith and Betty Idol seek out a music VETERAN, Cee-lo for direction. And there is TROUBLE in the FROST household when Rasheeda and Kirk decide not to sign Kirk's daughter, but to move a NEW ARTIST in to their home and their businesses.  Check out episode 13 of season 5, 'Funny Business' after the JUMP!


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