Thursday, July 28, 2016

WATCH: #HollywoodDivas Season 3 Ep 4 'Bikinis & Backstabbings' [full ep]

The 'DIVAS' are snapping again.  After the COMEDY show Countess felt some kinda way about Golden and not the comedian who was ROASTING HER?  After Countess' strange run-in with Paula, Forrest and her own assistant, she opts to get Lisa Wu to direct her video instead--but fails to tell PAULA. 

Lisa plays the GO BETWEEN and let's Paula Jai know the situation.  In prepping for Golden's BIKINI fashion show, the CLAWS come out wen the GIRL discuss Countess' 'playing the victim' card just when she POPS UP!

Take a LOOK at 'Hollywood Divas' season 3 ep 4 after the JUMP!!

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