Monday, July 18, 2016

#TayorSwift CLAPS BACK at #KimKardashian's SNAPCHAT reveal! [details]

Is it a 'WAR of WORDS' between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian!?  After Kim revealed that Taylor ok'd Kanye West to REFERENCE her in his infamous song, 'Famous',  Swift has responded!

Taylor has been taking some 'L's' lately so let's see what her CLAP BACK is all about.

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So she didn't hear the song is what she is CLAIMING, but he did talk to her about it and she seemed to agree.  As for the 'BITCH' part, Taylor 'bitch' in HIP HOP does not always mean something NEGATIVE.  In HIP HOP vernacular the way you say the word goes a long way.  Sometimes it can even be a term of ENDEARMENT, depending on the usage as WEIRD as that sounds.  Taylor again wants to come off as the VICTIM when in fact she kinda CO-SIGNED the whole idea.  If she had DOUBTS about Yeezy's INTEGRITY she should've SHUT THE WHOLE THING DOWN at first conversation.  IJS.  But people are allowed to feel the way they feel.  Let's see how this PLAYS out.

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