Sunday, July 24, 2016

#RobKardashian shows off impressive WEIGHT LOSS with rare FULL BODY PIC! [details]

ROb Kardashian has DEFINTELY been taking his HEALTH inhis hand withhis RECENT weight loss.  THis is due in part to his FIANCEE, Blac CHyna .  Up to now we've seen bits and pieces of Rob's WEIGHT LOSS journey and his PRIGRESS.  But just RECENTLY Rob shared a very RARE full body photo of himself to show just how much he has actually LOST!

Take a LOOK!

Now this is PROGRESS.  Rob revealed that months ago he tipped the scale at 250 + lbs. Remember, Rob is only 29 years old.  Now this is good for him but he can do better, and he even said so himself.

"LOL ‼️ still got a lot of work to do and weight to lose," he wrote at the time. "But glad I'm getting better :):):)." he wrote.

Let's hope he continues.  Remember when Rob looked like this:

We don't know if he will get back to this, but at least he is on his WAY!

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