Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#RHOA NEWS: #CynthiaBailey LEAVING #RHOA? Probably not, here's WHY!? [details]

So there has been A LOT of CLAMOR that RHOA's Cynthia Bailey may not be returning for the UPCOMING season!

Well, Bailey and Peter Thomas are facing DIVORCE--no big surprise here.  The MARRIAGE was shaky FROM the START and being on TV didn't HELP at all.  The TWO have put their Atlanta home up for sale and Peter is living and doing business in Charlotte, but I don't think they have said 'GOODBYE' to the PEACH ORCHARD just yet, here's why!

Bailey has already gotten NEW DIGS and has 'christened' her new place 'Lake Bailey'.  You know the HOUSEWIVES have to name their HOMES.  ANYWAYS, so Bailey leaving the show?  Probably not, and some sources have even reported that she and Peter have already agreed to be a part of the upcoming season in some capacity.  So let's GET REAL.  Why would she leave now?  I mean, give up the salary, the fame and the JUICIEST storyline to date?  She would be FOOLISH to do so.  Is she going to live on sales from her SUNGLASS line?  Not really.  How about PROCEEDS from the Bailey Agency?  Now I live in ATLANTA and the only time I see the 'AGENCY' open is when they are filming the season of RHOA.  Bailey is a MODEL, but she is a bit LONG in the TOOTH.  She is no Naomi Campbell still pulling in the BIG GIGS, so... WHY LEAVE RHOA NOW? 

I mean it would be FINE if she did leave.  It would clear up room for NEW BLOOD to the show, but I HIGHLY DOUBT now in this phase of her life she would WALK AWAY from this PAYCHECK and the 'fame' that goes along with it.  Now when the SHOW starts back filming later this summer, I WILL be looking to see if she returns, but I won't look TOO hard.. SHE'LL BE BACK... WATCH and SEE.  What else is she going to DO?  She may get MORE INTERESTING without Peter.  I mean we were INTRODUCED to her with him in TOW.  Maybe LIFE after PETER will be the DEFINING season for her.... We'll see..



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