Sunday, July 17, 2016

@Osheaxi TEASES release date of new project, 'OsheanView' [video]

YOU have been waiting and wondering when the new Oshea PROJECT is dropping, right?  Oshea has been RELATIVELY QUIET with new music, but WORD FROM THE CURB is that he has been BUSY... busy putting the FINISHING touches on this 'Osheanview' project.

If you follow Oshea on IG, you will know he has been dropping HINTS as to when the new PROJECT is DROPPING.  I have an INSIDE SCOOP that August maybe  the time...but don't take my word for it... get it from OSHEA himself... 'Shea keeps it POPPIN on IG!

A video posted by OSHEA (@osheaxi) on

When do you want it FANS?

Well at least we got the TRACKLIST for the project.  Check out the 16-piece TRACK LIST here:
A photo posted by OSHEA (@osheaxi) on

Keep following and RIDE THE WAVE....

A video posted by OSHEA (@osheaxi) on

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NEW JERSEY and surrounding area fans you can catch OSHEA live with LesIsMore 7/30/16

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