Saturday, July 23, 2016

#HollywoodDivas News: #CountessVaughn STILL salty with #Brandy? [vid]

Remember LAST season of 'Hollywood Divas' it SEEMED that Countess Vaughn was REDY to patch things up with her co-star and former friend Brandy?  Well fast forward to this season, it seems that that 'OLIVE BRANCH' has gone up in FLAMES!  At the 'Divas' premiere red carpet recently Vaughn was asked if we would be seeing Brandy and her REKINDLE that old friendship and Countess had a very INTERESTING response to the question!  Take a LOOK for yourself.

Now this is NOT NECESSARILY shade, but it could be.  It could mean that she does not want to put that side of her life on camera or that she does not want to bring Brandy on to 'BOOST' her storyline.  Or PLAINLY it could be that Brandy didn't REACT to her OLIVE BRANCH as Countess thought she should and now she is STILL salty?  Either way, you READ BETWEEN the LINES and see what YOU think. 

In my OPINION, if Brandy did not have her on her hit show, there would probably be no 'The Parkers' and Countess wouldn't be the 'DIVA' on this reality show today.  That's just MY TAKE.  The BODY LANGUAGE and the FACIAL expression she gave with the response just OOZES of SHADE to me...but you tell me WHAT YOU THINK..???

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