Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WATCH: #LHHATL Season 5 Ep 11 'Mystery Solved' [full ep]

The ATLANTA crew are TOO MUCH for me this season...but let's go in on them anyways.

Scrap Deleon faces his SENTENCING and asks for LENIENCY--will he get it or will he get 30 YEARS in PRISON??

Stevie J and Mimi go to NC to meet with a POTENTIAL offspring of Stevie and another BABY MOMMA.  Much to their dismay, Joseline was LYING sending them on a WILD GOOSE CHASE!

Scrappy gets GRILLED by Momma Dee for his STANCE on TRANSGENDERS and D. Smith CHIMES in.  Rasheeda gives some SOUND ADVICE to Mimi, but will it fall on DEAF EARS?

Check out Season 5 episode 11 after the JUMP!!


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