Tuesday, June 28, 2016

WATCH: #BlackInkCrew Season 4 Ep 12 'Southbound and Uptown' [full ep]

'Black Ink Crew' season 4 comes to a close BUT of course not without DRAMA.  Sky decides to invite the crew out OF THE CITY for some SNOW TUBING.  All is fun and games until Donna SHOWS up and then her and Dutchess come TO BLOWS.

After Oshit's HEALTH SCARE, he comes CLEAN to his doctor that he ABUSES alcohol heavily and uses COCAINE to heal the PAIN!  Can he save himself from HIMSELF?

Donna finds LOVE--at PRISON and decides to MARRY her locked up BOO, Max and of course she takes Sky along for the ride! Check out the season 4 finale after the JUMP!


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