Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WATCH: #BlackInkCrew Season 4 ep 11 'Inside Hands' [full ep]

'Black Ink Crew' was EXPLOSIVE to say the least.  LHHNY's Rah Ali comes to the shop to get a tattoo RETOUCHED and gets TOUCHED mercilessly by Sky. Sky comes in the door BLAZING over a PAST BEEF and the two DUKE IT OUT!  Wigs SNATCHED and all.....

Ceaser continues on his QUEST to secure a NEW LOCATION on 125th Street, but Teddy is not TOO THRILED with the location he chose.  Dutchess tries to smooth things over with Ceaser with a NICE MEAL.

OShit showcases his ART at 'Black Ink' but is LATE for his OWN party pushing Ceaser close to the EDGE.

Over at ART2INK the crew are having a PARTY of their own but the SOIREE sours when Naeem's girlfriend, Alexis and Donna GO TOE TO TOE, or shall we say FINGERS  TO FINGERS!!

Sky WRESTLES with going down south to RECONNECT with the sons she gave up for adoption, and Ceaser gets pushed to his LIMIT with OShit and an EMOTIONAL confrontation erupts!  Check out episode 11 of season 4!


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