Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rumor Patrol: Cast of #LHHATL NOT fired as some outlets reported! [details]

There has been a  RUMOR circulating that the ENTIRE cast of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' had gotten AXED!!!  That's not quite true.  Now season 5 has been a hodge podge disaster with REVOLVING CHARACTERS and storylines that seem to come and go.  But the ENTIRE cast has not been axed as previously reported.  We got the DETAILS from cast veteran Mimi Faust!

Faust called rumors floating around the Web that the entire cast has been fired “a big lie.”

“This stuff just makes me giggle,” Faust said, noting that at least it gives the show more publicity. “People have been calling me all day about it.”

Faust said it would make no sense for VH1 to dump the entire cast of its most popular show. Faust said that there are 5 or 6 more episodes left until the REUNION and that we may see a NEW LOVE INTEREST for her before season's end.

NOW LHHATL does need to do some RETOOLING for season 6. First off, get rid of the King family. They added NOTHING to the canvas. ALSO, they need to hone back in on the KEY CHARACTERS' stories. We want to see more of Rasheeda and Kirk, Stevie and Joseline and Karlie and K. Michelle. The NEW characters brought on this season to SPICE THINGS UP has left us FLAT and uninterested. Also the TRANS agenda is everywhere. The trans character, (her name escapes me at the moment) seems to want to pick fights with anybody tat opposes her lifestyle. That STORYLINE is THIN at best. MOVE ON. Also we would like to see more from vets like Ariane and maybe even reintroduce Kalenna and Tony. But this season I've been checking in periodically because frankly, it's been a bit BLAH. Stevie and Joseline's ARE THEY MARRIED or not can go only go so far... LET'S REGROUP Mona, like you did for the NYC cast. ATL deserves better than this...

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