Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#RHOA News: #NeneLeakes TEASES a return to RHOA season 9! [vid]

Taping is about start for 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' and everybody is WONDERING if Nene Leakes will return to the FRANCHISE she made famous full time???  Now this past season had its ups and downs..  Kim Fields added some SPARK to the show with her persistent run-ins with Kenya, but for the MOST PART this past season was a SNOOZER.  Kandi was SIDELINED a bit due to her PREGNANCY, Sheree was UNDER UTILIZED and the other ladies stories just weren't AS interesting as in past seasons.  Nene came back in at the END to add some LIFE to the series, but by then, a lot of VIEWERS had gone on to other shows.  BUT the QUESTION at hand is will NENE return on a more FULL TIME basis?

On 'Live with Kelly', Ripa TRIED to pin an answer down from Leakes about her return to the show and she FINALLY said she would be a part of the new season in some capacity--take a look at her response:

A video posted by NeNe Leakes (@neneleakes) on

Now as you know the contracts for the new season have not gone out just yet.  So if the MONEY is right I am SURE Nene will make a return.  Kandi has had her son and should be READY to go for the new season and hopefully Sheree sticks around for another season and is given a MEATIER storyline as well.  We will have to wait and see what happens.  We will keep you POSTED~!

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