Thursday, June 30, 2016

NEW MUSIC: #Diddy's son #King releases two NEW SINGLES! [audio]

The legacy CONTINUES--the Bad Boy legacy that is.  Diddy's son, Christian Combs is taking Bad Boy to a whole new GENERATION.  Christian, who's stage name is 'King' drops two new singles under Badboy/Epic.

The 1st is a potential summer banger, 'Party' that interpolates that Earth Wind & Fire jam that Queen Pen used in her hit, 'A Party Ain't A Party'.

King slows it down a bit and professes his love to a young lady on 'One For Me' that interpolates SWV's 'You're The One' which was produced by Tank.

THOUGHTS?? Let me weigh in. This COULD WORK. King has a FLOW, he has a NICHE that he can fill. How many 18 year old rappers are out there now making NOISE?? AND of course he has DIDDY and BAD BOY behind him! HOW CAN HE LOSE. Let's keep our eye on him. I think this can go somewhere.

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