Thursday, June 30, 2016

#LilKim fans STILL going in on #NeneLeakes for Queen Bee jab! [details]

Lil' Kim fans are STILL going in on Nene Leakes for a possible plastic surgery jab.  In case you missed it, on Nene's blog

The reality TV star tweeted a split photo of Lil’ Kim’s faces through the years to promote a plastic surgery article on her blog The Fab Gab. Lil’ Kim’s fans thought Leakes’ tweet was shady, but let us know what y’all think:

Well, Lil' Kim's fans, the 'Killer Bees' took it as SHADE and have been SWARMING around Nene Leake's  social media pages for the last 2 days.  The BEES are not HAPPY with Nene who just recently confirmed her SECOND nose job.

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There is MORE...

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Nene Leakes was not taking that SITTING DOWN of course.


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