Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#LebronJames DECLINES player option-becomes FREE-AGENT! [details]

NBA Finals 2016 MVP, Lebron James has opted out of the player-option on his contract and becomes a FREE AGENT!!  But before you get all worked up, this is what that really means.

James has already said he will return to the Cavaliers next season. Opting out of his contract gives James the flexibility to make more money in the long run.

James also played his first season back in Cleveland on a one-year deal with a player option. He opted out last year as well to sign another contract.

As a free agent, James can take advantage of the salary cap spike and sign a contract that gives him a bigger salary than the one that was on his option. James is expected to do the same next summer, when the salary cap will jump again.

SO this is a SMART MOVE of course because it allows James to make MORE MONEY. Who wouldn't JUMP at this opportunity?

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