Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Slingback: #DestinysChild 'Say My Name' [vid]

Wouldn't a Destiny's Child REUNION be SWEET right about now?  Well will the LADIES ever reunite?  Let's hope so.  But until then, let's go back to a TIME when there were 4.  REMEMBER when Destiny's Child WENT AWAY for a bit then came back with a WHOLE NEW LINE-UP that would include Farrah Franklin and the introduction of Michelle Williams!?  We were SURPRISED-pleasantly, but were still left thinking, WHAT HAPPENED to the OTHER GIRLS!?  We know the story now, but remember the VIDEO that changed it all?  'Say My Name' was the video that SHOWCASED the NEW LINE-UP--and we know that the names were NOT LaTavia or LeToya!  The Saturday Slingback is......

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