Sunday, January 31, 2016

WATCH: #GrowingUpHipHop Episode 4 [full ep]

Let's see what the 'Growing Up Hip Hop' crew are up to this week.  Angela and Romeo have a lot of CHEMISTRY, right?  Check out episode 4 after the JUMP!

#SAGsSoBlack #SAGAwards TRIUMPH diversity! #IdrisElba, #ViolaDavis #QueenLatifah & MORE win BIG! [details]

Amid the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, diversity in HOLLYWOOD triumphed last night with TOP HONORS going to people of COLOR!

Idris Elba took home TWO trophies and his speech he took a SLIGHT JAB at the Oscars.  He began with, "Ladies and gentlemen," he joked, "Welcome to diverse television!"

#CelineDion is GREATFUL for the public support! SHARES heartfelt message following her husband's funeral!

Celine Dion has SOLDIERED on inthe midst of so much DESPAIR and SORROW.  Following her HUSBAND'S funeral, Dion shared a VERY touching and HEARTFeLT message to her FANS and MOURNERS around the world after the passing of her brother and husband, Rene's funeral!

NEW MUSIC: #Drake is back! Drops 'Summer Sixteen'

It appears that Drake is 'SEEKING REVENGE'!  Last night on his Beats 1 show OVO Sound Radio, DRAKE surprised with NEW MUSIC and the announcement that 'Views From The 6' will be DROPPING in APRIL! We wonder who the 'APRIL FOOL' will be. It appears that Drake is taking SHOTS at some of the GREATS and NOT so GREATS. Again on the Noah “40,” Shebib, Boi-1da, and CuBeatz, produced track, he takes a FEW more shots at Meek Mills and even a surprising LOVE TAP at Kanye!

“Now I got a house in L.A. Now I got a bigger pool than Ye, and, look, man, Ye’s pool is nice/ Mine’s just bigger is what I’m saying.”, he raps.

He even jabs at JAY Z--just a BIT.

#KanyeWest RESPONDS to #AmberRose's 'FINGER BOOTY' claims! [details]

By now we all know about the Kanye/Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose BEEF!  If you don't REMEMBER, revisit the RIFF here[Amber CLAPS BACK at Yeezy]!  But Kanye said some really CRUDE things about Amber Rose's son, Bash that she shares with Wiz.  no when you bring in an INNOCENT CHILD, the gloves come off... and BOY DID THEY!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

NEW VIDEO: #ColdPlay + #Beyonce 'Hymn For The Weekend causes CONTROVERSY! [vid]

ColdPlay released the VIDEO for 'Hymn For The Weekend' on Friday.  The COLORFUL visual was SHOT in Mumbai so OF COURSE it contains Indian culture at it's FINEST.

The Ben Mor DIRECTED visual has cause some FERVOR because some CRITICS feel it is inappropriate for Beyonce to dress as an Indian woman and that the video exploits Hindu spirituality while perpetuating ethnic stereotypes.

Here are the TWO sides of the DEBATE:

GET THAT LOOK! #TeamJordan ENTHUSIASTS camp out for $650 NEW 'Just Don x 'Jordans! [vid]

Would you CAMP out in BELOW FREEZING temperatures for a NEW PAIR of SNEAKERS!?  No they are not FREE.  Nike RELEASED the limited edition Air Jordan 2 Retro “Just Don" sneaker TODAY, but JORDAN ENTHUSIASTS have been CAMPING OUT in front of retailers to get FIRST DIBS on the new sneaker!

Shoppers brought QUILTS and lawn chairs to stake their place in LINE. BUT WOULD YOU DO SO?

#CamNewton's GREATNESS and a lesson on #WhitePriviledge! [details]

We all KNOW that Cam Newton is a GREAT QUARTERBACK!  The statistics alone PROVE that.  But LATELY he has come under fire for being GREAT?  Critics say that Newton's GREATNESS sometimes comes off as 'SHOWBOATING' or COCKINESS!  WHILE ALL THE WHILE 'OTHER' quarterbacks can do the same but it is PERCEIVED as the best 'NEW' thing since sliced WHITE bread.  Now I cam across this ARTICLE that I think sums up the situation at hand to a 'T'!!  I did not WRITE this article but I feel this is a GREAT commentary on Cam's GREATNESS and 'white' priviledge.

RECEIPTS!? #Rihanna's #ANTI certified PLATINUM! BUT some 'SHADY' tactics afoot? [details]

Rihanna JUST SURPRISED the fans that had been EAGERLY waiting for her 8th studio album with its RELEASE FINALLY on Thursday via Tidal.

FASTFORWARD, but not that fast, January 29th and it appears that RiRi has ALREADY gone PLATINUM!!!!

METEORIC RISE to the TOP, right??  Should this PLAQUE come with an ASTERISK!?   Get the REAL DEAL on this... it's a FEW SMOKE and MIRROR tactics afoot as well....

SHOTS FIRED! #JanetHubert DISSES #StaceyDash for her #OscarsSoWhite comments! [vid]

Stacey Dash recently sat down with FOX NEWS to discuss #OscarsSoWhite, and she called for 'INCLUSION'.  She said and I loosely am citing, that in order to be INCLUDED in mainstream society, we need to 'do away' with entities like 'The NAACP Image awards, BET, and Black History MONTH.  Is she SERIOUS?  She's been to the Image Awards and presented and has been in COUNTLESS 'BET music videos' and TV shows, but calls for them to GO AWAY so Black people can be ACCEPTED FULLY by White society?  Ok, Stacey, Roland Martin ALREADY blew your argument out of the water and now you have another OPINION... Janet Hubert!  WE ALL KNOW Hubert does not MINCE words and her THOUGHTS on Stacey Dash are PRICELESS to say the LEAST.  She called Dash a 'MEDIA HO'! LOL. But Hubert makes some very VALID POINTS though, take a LISTEN...


Friday, January 29, 2016

WAKE UP JAM: #Rihanna 'What's My Name?' feat. #Drake [vid]


Another DAY to get it RIGHT and to make a mark on the WORLD, right!?  Let's get it POPPING with a RIHANNA cut since RIRI is hot on the SCENE again with her NEW PROJECT, 'ANTI' in stores and online RIGHT NOW!

Let's take it back to when RiRi met Drake with 'What's My Name'!

WATCH: #ItsNotYouItsMen Episode 1 [full ep]

So what happens when you take a HIP HOP PIONEER that's been MARRIED for over 20 years and a you take an eligible BACHELOR heartthrob and put them together to talk about SEX and RELATIONSHIPS...after DARK!?  You get 'It's Not Me, It's Men' ith Rev Run and Tyrese.  With these WILD CARDS in play, anything GOES, right?  Check out EPISODE 1 after the jump!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

IT'S A BOY! #TyraBanks WELCOMES new BABY via surrogate! [details]

It's CONGRATULATIONS to supermodel, tv personality and mogul Tyra Banks!  The media maven announced on her IG page that she welcomed a baby boy via a SURROGATE!

WATCH: #RHOH seaon 4 ep 12 [full ep]

Let's see just what Kevin Hart and his band of MITCHES are up to this week!  Check out season 4 episode 12 right here!

WAKE UP JAM: #JayZ + #KanyeWest + #Rihanna 'Run This Town' [vid]


Are you ready to RUN THIS TOWN today!? Well be glad we have another CHACNE to ATEMPT to at least.  There is a lot of RIHANNA, KANYE talk going on as of late, so let's take it back to a CLASSIC collab from them and their good friend, JAY Z of course!

Twitter BATTLE ROYALE! #KanyeWest v #WizKhalifa v #AmberRose! [details]

There are SOCIAL MEDIA beefs and then there are SOCIAL MEDIA BEEFS on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL!!

Twitter was on FIRE AFTER Kanye West changed teh title of his upcoming album 'WAVES'!  Wiz Khalifa took ISSUE with the CHANGE IN THE TITLE.  Here is what Khalifa's  ISSUE was INITIALLY!

AND THEN the MELEE began.....

#Rihanna drops #ANTI! Stream it HERE! [livestream]

As we predicted, Rihanna FINALLY drops 'ANTI'!  There was a little LEAK with the PROJECT, but NOW it's FINALLY HERE!

Listen to the 13-track set RIGHT HERE!  'ANTI' boasts appearances from Drake, Sza and production from Timbaland, No I,D., Boi 1da and Travis $cott to name just a FEW!

#KanyeWest CHANGES album title to #Waves! [details]

In a LAST MINUTE SWITCHUP, Kanye West changes his mind and names his UPCOMING project, 'Waves'.  This is the 3rs title, remember when it was 'So God Help Us', then 'Swish', now, it's all about 'WAVES'!

Yeezy revealed the change up on TWITTER of course... and a lot happened after that.. WE WILL GET TO IT.... but right now it's about #WAVES:

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NEW MUSIC: #Rihanna 'Work' feat. #Drake [audio]

AS PROMISED, Rihanna drops that 'WORK' track from her upcoming DISC, 'ANTI'.  TEAMING UP with Drake, RiRi FINALLY gives is a BUZZWORTHY track to VIBE TOO!
(Produced by Boi-1da, Vinylz and SEVN Thomas.)

Check it OUT after the JUMP!!!

WAKE UP JAM: #Beyonce 'Countdown' [vid]


5, 4, 3,2, 1! ALARM GOES OFF!  Another day to GET IT RIGHT!! Get up and OUT and make something of this BLESSIING of a DAY!

Let's take it back with Beyonce's 'COUNTDOWN' as we COUNTDOWN to her HUGE RETURN to MUSIC and this SECRET new PROJECT......

#Beyonce uses STUNT DOUBLE at video shoot SPARKING PREGNANCY RUMORS! [pics]

NOW I am not one to be ALL IN TUNED with the Beyonce PREGNANCY RUMORS, because there are some EVERYDAY, but this time, I'm not sure.  Beyonce has STRUCK UP the RUMORS again when she was SPOTTED in Downtown L.A. filming a VIDEO in BAGGY CLOTHES and using a STUNT DOUBLE!

#Rihanna to DROP #ANTI this WEEK!? NEW SINGLE may drop FRIDAY! [details

WORD FROM THE CURB is that Rihanna has PUT THE FINISHING touches on 'ANTI' and that it could DROP as early as FRIDAY!!!

Rumor Has It.. #RobKardashian MOVES IN with #BlacChyna after Khloe KICKS HIM OUT! [details]

The KARDASHIANS are in the news, but aren't they ALWAYS.This TIME it's Rob that's in the HEADLINES!  RUMOR HAS IT that Rob Kardashian has MOVED IN with his rumored new 'GIRLFRIEND'  Blac Chyna!  Now if you remember, Chyna was FRIENDS to the FAMILY until Kylie started DATING her EX, Tyga!

WATCH: #ZoeEverAfter Episode 4 'It's You Again' [full ep]

Let's see what Zoe Moon and the GANG are up to THIS WEEK!? Check out episode 4 of ;Zoe Ever After'!

STAR TRACKS: #ZacEfron shows off ROCKING ABS ahead of new #BayWatch movie!

Word from the CURB is that SMOKING HOT Zac Efron will be joning 'The Rock' in the 'Baywatch' REBOOT that will be filming in Georgia's Tybee Island and parts of Savannah starting NEXT MONTH!

WATCH: #TylerPerry's #HAHN Season 4 ep 'An Evil Soul' [full ep]

The DRAMA was HIGH on 'The Haves and the Have Nots' last night!  DID YOU SEE!? Check out episode 4 of season 4!

#WhoIsStaceyDash? #GabrielleUnion SHADES the H*LL out of #StaceyDash! [vid]

So APPARENTLY Gabrielle Union has FORGOTTEN who Stacey Dash is.  Or maybe she NEVER KNEW.  In a RECENT INTERVIEW, Gabby as asked about the ONE WHO'S NAME SHALL NOT BE SPOKEN and this is what she had to say--causing the HASHTAG #WhoIsStaceyDash to ERUPT on SOCIAL MEDIA!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Reality Show: #LittleWomenATL SNEAK PEEK! [vid]

Lifetime is EXPANDING it's 'Little Women' franchise and has embarked on where else, HOTLANTA!  That's right, a new crop of FEISTY little women will be taking on the streets of Atlanta to let you know just what it's like in the world of a little person.  As you can see they have DRAMA, trials and TRIBULATIONS just like anybody else! Tears, tanks tops and bad boyfriends all make their debut with the cast of women that includes Emily Fernandez, a club promoter who leads the group with identical twins, Andrea and Amanda Salinas, Brianna Barlup, Ashley “Minnie” Ross and Tiffany “Monie” Cashette.

Check the TEASER after the JUMP!

WATCH: #KMichelle My Life Season 2 ep 1 [full]

K. Michelle is back with 'My Life' season 2, and it seems she is UP for ALL TYPES of new experiences this time around in L.A.  Check her out!

NEW VIDEO: #1D One Direction drops 'History' video! [vid]

One Direction has UNWRAPPED the FINAL single from 'Made In The A.M,' in the form of 'History'!  Fans are going nuts about the RETROSPECTIVE video and somewhat saddened because this could well enough be the LAST video of the group!  We reported a few weeks ago that the BAND would take a HIATUS after this album to explore SOLO and other ventures.

Although the band did say they were not 'breaking up' per se, but you know when you take time away and some may reach career SUCCESS solo and what not, sometimes reuniting seems POINTLESS--ask Beyonce.  So enjoy the visual as the LADS take us down memory lane on their 5 year journey from the BEGINNING, through their METEORIC rise to FAME to NOW!

WATCH: #LHHNY Season 6 ep 7 [full ep]

This show TRIPS ME OUT.  Like how come the BBOD girls wearing them WWF uniforms in their confessionals, and why are they still trying to RAP?  They are not really that good together or SOLO, so, what's the BIG DEAL?  AND The 'Chicken Noodle Soup' girl and Cardi B? Were they like the WONDER TWINS or something?  WHY were they dressed and styled ALIKE? Are they in a group too?  And STILL, WHAT DOES CARDI B be talking about?  AND FOR THE 1000th time, Amina and Tara have to be the MOST CLUELESS LADIES IN REALITY TV!  Is Peter Gunz PENIS that GREAT?  WHY DO THEY KEEP TAKING TURNS getting KNOCKED UP BY HIM? And who does he really WANT?  I guess it is POSSIBLE to LOVE two people at the same time. AND SPEAKING OF SUCH, how does DJ SELF keep pulling all these females and he is overweight and OUT OF SHAPE?  WHAT'S HIS MACK technique and where can we learn?  I mean is there a BOOK out?  IF NOT, he may need to pen one REAL QUICK.  At any rate, check out episode 7 of 'LHHNY' season 6!

WAKE UP JAM: #Usher 'Good Kisser' [vid]


ANother chance, more aspirations to fight for, more dreams to chase. WE THANK YO for the breath to breath again. EXHALE.

What's a BETTER thing to cap off waking up to a new day?? A GOOD KISS! Right?  Let's go back a little bit with Usher's SEXY HIT, 'Good Kisser'!

WATCH: #HitTheFloor Season 3 Ep 2 [full ep]

The DRAMA is heating up on 'Hit The Floor'!  Check out the LATEST from season 3 right here!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

#KanyeWest UNVEILS #Swish tracklisting! [details]

It appears that Kanye West has COMPLETED 'Swish'!  He REVEALED the tracklist via a handwrriten note on a NOTEPAD!

Check it out!

WATCH: #RHOP season 1 Ep 2 [full ep]

Let's see what the WIVES of 'Potomac' are up to this week!  It appears that Gizelle tries to mend fences with Karyn and Charrisse to NO AVAIL.  Katie moves forward with her conversion to Judaism and a NEW WIFE pops onto to the scene to SHAKE things up a bit!  Check out episode 2 of 'Real Houswives of Potomac'!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

WATCH: #RHOA Season 8 Ep 12 'Beauties and the BEAT' [full ep]

The LADIES of ATLANTA are back for more SHADE on #SHADY SUNDAYS!  Todd & Kandi PREPARE for their NEW ARRIVAL and realize they are NOT READY! They bring over a 'Parenting COACH' to get them ready and Todd shows off his DADDY DAY CARE SKILLS!  Kim Fields has the ladies over for a 'BEATLESS BRUNCH' where the LADIES REVISIT their NATURAL BEAUTY with little to NO makeup!  Apparently Kenya Moore did not get the MEMO because she came FULLY BEAT.  At the BRUNCH the ladies seem to get along well, until Kenya SEEMED to take issue with 'NATURAL BEAUTY' that Kim implied.  The one that HAD the BIGGEST problem with NO MAKEUP was the one that NEEDED it the most. IJS.  Phaedra seems to want to move FORWARD with her DIVORCE from Apollo but will she really DO IT? Cynthia Bailey wants to do a eyewear campaign in Jamaica with the HELP of Kim & Kenya--recipe for disastor or NAH?  And it appears that a BUDDING romance is brewing for Kenya! Will he stick around this time?  Check out episode 12 of season 8, 'Beauties and the Beat'.

WATCH: #BGC15 Bad Girls Club 'Twisted Sisters' Trailer is HERE! [video]

The Bad Girls Club is coming back in MARCH and this time they have a new TWIST to the same old formula!

Sunday Energy Shot: #ToniBraxton 'I Heart You' [video]

It's SUNDAY and we are STILL on a LOVE HANGOVER from the ELECTRIC, TRIUMPHANT Toni Braxton biopic on Lifetime, RIGHT!? RIGHT!  So let's GET MOVING with a FAN FAVORITE from the ARTIST that WE HEART and the FAMILY we HEART as well.  Let's DANCE to Toni's 'I Heart You'!  Thank you FANS of the BLOG.. we HEART YOU too and of COURSE we LOVE TONI and all of the BRAXTONS!!!  Take it to the CLUB TONI!!!!

The #5ive! 5 HOT TOPICS! #Flint water crisis! #StaceyDash speaks, @RolandMartin shuts her DOWN! Mariah ENGAGED!

The 5IVE HOTTEST TOPICS of the week all in one SPOT! SO what's HOT this WEEK??? Let's WRAP IT ALL UP for you here! So Kanye is NOT PRODUCING Rihanna's 'ANTI' anymore!

What's coming up NEXT for the #RHOP! New 'WIFE' shakes things UP! [sneak peek]

We got our FIRST taste of Potomac last week, did you like?  The Real Housewives of Potamac gave us a HEALTY dose of ETIQUETTE, right?  Jury still out on what the season will bring.  I'm going to get it a few more episodes, to see if I can RIDE with these 'WIVES'.  But what i do know Gizelle, I think she is going to the ONE to WATCH!  Tonight a NEW 'WIFE' pops up on the scene to SHAKE things up! Check out what's coming down the PIPELINE this SEASON in Potomac!

BOSS MOVES! #Pharrell reacquires #BillionaireBoysClub & #IceCream! [details]

NEWS TO ME.. Did you KNOW that Pharrell didn't have COMPLETE ownership in his Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream brands?? WELL HE DOES NOW!!

WATCH: #ToniBraxton: #UnbreakMyHeart [full]

WE HEART Toni Braxton, don't we!?? Get into her LIFE STORY--the HEARTACHES the PAIN, THE TRIUMPHS!  'Unbreak My Heart' is here for those that MISSED IT!!

WATCH IT after the JUMP!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rumor Has It.... #Apple to release a SMALLER #iPhone dubbed iPhone5Se!? [vid]

Apple users, do you wish to go back in time to the day of a smaller more POWERFUL iPhone?  Well you may get your wish.  Rumor has it that Apple is set to release a 4 inch smartphone dubbed the iPhone 5Se!  Get the DETAILS after the JUMP!

WATCH: #MobWives Season 6 Ep 3 'Hamptons Hangover' [full ep]

The DRAMA is getting THICK with the 'Mob Wives'.  See what you missed this week in episode 3 of the FINAL SEASON.  You don;t want to miss a MINUTE!

WATCH: #MobWives Season 6 Ep 2 'Cabin In The Woods'

Keeping up with the 'Mob Wives'? See what you missed!  Check out episode 2 from season 6, 'Cabinn In the Woods'!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Rumor Has It... #Beyonce has 6th album READY but delays due to #Adele! [details]

WORD FROM THE CURB is that Beyonce has ANOTHER album, complete, packaged and ready to be release, but is HOLDING the PROJECT due to ADELE!?

Get the DETAILS after the JUMP!

Put A Ring On It! #KeshiaKnightPulliam & #EdHartwell ALREADY MARRIED!! [details]

Now that was QUICK, right?  Just weeks after announcing she was engaged, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell are officially MARRIED!!

#WillSmith SPEAKS OUT about #OscarsSoWhite CONTROVERSY and his wife's video! [vid]

There has been SO MUCH talk about the #OscarSoWhite controversy and Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee and OTHERS have called for a 'boycott' of sorts for the annual event.  Janet Hubert of 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' fame has also chimed her opinion about the obvious SNUBS and also took her SHOTS at Jada and Will Smith as well.

No actors of color were nominated in any of the 20 acting categories for a second straight year. There was debate that there as no CONTENT that starred actors of color in contention in the past, but this past year, there were a NUMBER of STAND-OUT ROLES and movies that deserved NODS that were BLATANTLY overlooked. Smith, star of football head trauma movie "Concussion," was the highest-profile black actor to be snubbed by Oscar voters this year. After much TALK and DEBATE, the actor and rapper, sat down with 'Good Morning America' to talk about the issue and to sand behind his wife's stance. As you know, her IMPASSIONED video set of a chain of events that has had everybody talking since she posted it to her Facebook page earlier this week. Will SMith had this to say:

"My wife's not going... We've discussed it. We're part of this community. But at this current time, we're uncomfortable to stand there and say this is OK," Smith told ABC television's "Good Morning America.


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