Thursday, December 31, 2015

#TheWalkingDead RETURNS Feb 14th! #HappyValentinesDay Check the TEASER! [vid]

Happy VALENTINE'S DAY in advance... 'The Walking Dead' RETURNS February 14!  CHECK the TEASER!!!

#TBT: #Prince performing 'Anotherholenyohead and 'Shhh' LIVE! [vid]

Let's RING OUT 2015 with some CLASSIC Prince, right? WHY NOT!! Catch it while you can!!!!!

PRINCE performing 'Anotherloverholenyohead and 'Shhh' back!!!  A MUST SEE!

WAKE UP JAM- #Youngbloodz 'Damn!' feat. #LilJon [vid]

WAKE UP-- ONE MORE DAY the LAST DAY of 2015 to get up and GET OUT and DO SOMETHING!!!  Keeping with the A-TOWN theme here --let's take it back to when HIP HOP was still pretty AUTHENTIC!  Atlanta's own YOUNGBLOODZ representing the A well with a little help from UBER producer, rapper and 'Celebrity Apprentice' star Lil' Jon... If you don't give a 'DAMN', we don't give a ..well you know..


NEW MUSIC: @RayRizzle_DTR- 'My Dawgs' [audio]

We all getour start SOMEWHERE, right?  In 2015 I decided to do an ARTIST SPOTLIGHT for UNSIGNED ARTISTS or INDEPENDENT artist that are deserving of getting their SHINE on too.  Just a little EXPOSURE and you can go a LONG WAY.  All we need is a CHANCE to SHINE.

So check out Ray Rizzle- A RAPPER on the rise that you should be hearing a LOT from in 2016.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#BIllCosby CRIMINALLY CHARGED in 2004 SEXUAL ASSAULT case! FREED on 1milli BAIL! [vid]


[via NBC News]
Bill Cosby was free on bail Wednesday on a felony sexual assault charge — facing the first criminal charge against him after a series of rape accusations began mounting last year.

Cosby appeared in a suburban Philadelphia courtroom and was ordered to surrender his passport after posting 10 percent in cash of a $1 million bond.

Earlier, the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office announced it had filed an aggravated indecent assault charge against Cosby stemming from an alleged 2004 incident involving an ex-Temple University employee.

VIDEO: Bill Cosby arrives at court in Elkins Park for arraignment. Bail set at $1 Million -->
Posted by NBC10 Philadelphia on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WAKE UP JAM- #Ludacris #FieldMob 'Georgia' feat. #JamieFoxx [video]

WAKE UP!!! Time to get up get out and GET SOMETHING!!! Now who said that.?  ATLiens KNOW... But for those that don't.. GOOGLE IT.. At any rate when I'M home or when I'm AWAY-- 'GEORGIA' is always on MY MIND!

Let's go back to 2005.  I was actually on this video shoot as an INTERN...believe it or not... GREAT to see how it turned out.  Let's go back with Ludacris and Field Mob's 'Georgia' featuring Jamie Foxx.  Ray Charles was ORIGINALLY on the hook, but the Charles family wouldn't release the use of the Luda was SMART to get the NEXT best thing.....


#Glee star #MarkSalling 'Puck' arrested for possession of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!

Now this is a SHOCKER!  Former 'Glee' star Mark Salling bka Noah 'Puck' Puckerman has been ARRESTED for possession of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!!

The Los Angeles Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Unit served a search warrant at his home in Sunland, California this morning.

TMZ has the DIRT:

#ArethaFranklin BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE for #CarolKing at #KCHonors! Brings #Obama to tears! [vid]


What else can we say, Aretha Franklin's VOICE and songs have TRULY stood the test of time and she PROVES that even at 'TENDER' age of 73, she has not LOST that WOW factor ONE BIT!

Ms. Franklin BROUGHT the house DOWN at this year's Kennedy Center Honors as part of a TRIBUTE to the great Carol King!  The OBAMAS had to STAND UP on this one!
 Take a LOOK & LISTEN:

#TarajiPHenson 'boo thing' got 'Ho Ho Ho's in other area codes!? Two-timing 'Cookie' with 2 OTHER women!?

Now ON-CAMERA Taraji P. Henson's BREAK-OUT character, 'Cookie Lyons' has not been that LUCKY in LOVE as of late, but that does not mean Taraji in real life has struck out as well--or does it?  Over the HOLIDAYS Taraji was seen COZIED UP to NFL baller Kelvin Hayden on the BEACH....hand in hand!  Now this caused QUITE the uproar and possibly with good REASON.  Taraji has been pretty LOW KEY when it comes to dating and even made that POINT KNOWN PROFOUNDLY earlier this year on 'The Steve Harvey Show':

#2Chainz CASHES IN! Makes 2 MILLI on UGLY Christmas #DabbinSanta Sweater! [details]

ATLANTA does it AGAIN!!! Rapper 2 Chainz has REALLY cashed in on 2 HUGE phenomena--the UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER craze and the 'Dabbin' DANCE at the SAME DAMN TIME raking in 2 MILLION DOLLARS over the Christmas holiday!  Before we get into the what and the HOW, let me provide a little BACKGROUND on what 'DABBIN' is.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WATCH: #BlackInkCrewChi Season 1 ep 9 [full ep]

The SEASON FINALE of 'Black Ink Crew Chicago' is HERE!  Don COMES clean to Ashley-FINALLY.  Charmaine is in for a RUDE AWAKENING, and Kat LEAVES 9-Mag.....  Check out the 2-part finale HERE!!

part 2


WATCH: #LHHNY Season 6 Ep 3 [full ep]

ITS CRAZY in NY. What is Cardi B SAYING? Anyways, watch her POP OFF with Dj Self's GIRLFRIEND in the club! Episode 3 of season 6 is HERE!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

INSTA-GRAMMIN- #DeionSanders SONS say he KICKED them out on #Christmas! [details]

It seems as of LATE when we hear of Deion Sanders, particularly when it deals with FAMILY, the story goes that HE is that RESPONSIBLE GOOD parent, while his EX-WIFE Pilar Sanders is the BAD GUY, right?  Well it MAY NOT be like that in REAL LIFE.  It appears that Deion maybe a WOLF in SHEEP'S CLOTHING..according to his sons.  Sanders' sons Shilo Sanders and Shedeur Sanders BLASTED their dad on Instagram for ALLEGEDLY 'throwing them out' on Christmas.  here is what the BOYS said on IG:

#RHOA Season 8 ep 8 DRAMA! Who was RIGHT? #DonJuan @Kandi @Porsha4Real or #Phaedra!?[vid]

SO LAST NIGHT'S (12-27-15) episode of 'RHOA' was quite polarizing to say the LEAST, right?  some say it was BORING, some say it was EVENTFUL, but nonetheless it was talked about...and people are STILL TALKING...about the last few minutes of the show of course.  I got A LOT of comments and tweets about what I THOUGHT was going on.  We'll get to that..

NOW at Kandi and Demetria McKinney's video release party, a lot of THINGS took place that lead to the OUTSIDE showdown between Porsha, Phaedra and Don Juan.  Let's recap.

Say WHAT? #KMichelle reveals her NEW smaller A$$!? [pics]

Singer and reality star K. Michelle has been making moves on and OFF the charts and ONE BIG thing about K other than her hits is her ASS!  K, recently said she wanted to DOWNSIZE her butt to a more 'normal' looking size.  If you did not know, K had a procedure years ago that removed tissue from her stomach and waist and had it placed in her BUTTOCKS to give it a more SHAPELY, voluptuous appearance.  NOW SOME would argue that she over did it.  I mean she is a SHORT woman with all that ASS--it just looks OFF-proportion wise, wouldn't you agree?

A few WEEKS ago, however, K decided in order to ADVANCE her career, she would get a REDUCTION.  It appears that she has started the process and has REVEALED her NEW ASS.. TAKE A LOOK!

#OdellBeckhamJr's CLOSE male friend #KavahraHolmes speaks out about the GAY rumors! [vid]

It SEEMS that for MONTHS NY Giants' wide receiver OBJ, Odell Beckham Jr has been PLAGUED with GAY RUMORS since a SERIES of PICS and VIDEOS popped with him in some rather ZESTY situations.  he's either DANCING with men or just doing things that SOME would DEEM suspect.   YOU'VE seen the clips.  Some would say he's having FUN and just being FREE, while others want his actions to labeled 'GAY'

Now his REALLY CLOSE male friend Kavahra speaks out about the RUMORS and their FRIENDSHIP!  This is what he HAD to say:

NEW VIDEO: #Fabolous 'She Wildin' feat. #ChrisBrown [NSFW Vid]

Fabolous has been PUTTING in work releasing ONE HIT after the next!  Don't SLEEP on BROOKLYN!  Fab has been knocking them out the PARK as of late.  Continuing with his 90's themed music, Fab teams up with Chris Brown in the 'House Party-esque' visual for 'She Wildin'!  HOW could you go WRONG? Fab, Breezy and a sample from Braveheart's 'Oochie Wally' is a RECIPE for GREATNESS, right!? Right.  Check it out!

WAKE UP JAM: @Kandi 'Don't Think I'm Not' [vid]

WAKE UP!!! Time to make it a GREAT day, whether you feel it or NOT.  PULL YOURSELF together and get up and out and make the BEST!

Now if you need a little MOTIVATION, this THROWBACK jam should do the TRICK!  On this season of RHOA we see Kandi slowly getting back into music.  And this REMINDED us of her BOOMING solo career!  Kandi had the charts on LOCK in her OWN RIGHT with her solo hits and the hits she CRAFTED for others.  And remember those KILLER abs she spoke of?  They are on FULL DISPLAY in the video for her hit, 'Don't Think I'm Not'

WATCH: #RHOA Season 8 Ep 8-'No Business Like Friend Business' [full ep]

NOW there was some MAJOR DRAMA and TEARS on 'RHOA' season 8 episode 8!.  You know how it goes when 'doing business with friends'-- Phaedra and Todd's BUSINESS dealings seem to keep KANDI in the middle and NOW is pulling the OTHER ladies into the mix.  BUT before we get to all that, Phaedra's ADORABLE son Ayden brings his mom to TEARS on his first day of kindergarten.  THAT was truly a touching moment.  Now let's get to Kandi and Demetria.  Kandi has agreed to EXECUTIVE produce Demetria McKinney's latest project and the two shoot a video together!  The stylist do their BEST to camouflage Kandi's baby bump, and the shoot goes off without a hitch (BTW Kandi LOOKED GREAT)...until the actual video release. All the ladies show up for the event--MINUS Sheree.  Even Kim Fields puts mommy duties on hold for the night and tries to 'TURN-UP' a bit.  Thigh boots and LEATHER was her ENSEMBLE, and Kenya says she looks like a CONFUSED prostitute going to Disneyland!  NOW that was an EPIC read, right? LOL.  Phaedra and Todd finally TOUCHED basis about their BOTCHED business dealings and all's well that ends well, right?  WRONG.  Porsha, Shamea and Phaedra carried the he said she said OUTSIDE the venue when Don Juan caught wind of the GOSSIP and then some DRAMA between the LADIES and Don ensues! Was Don Juan WRONG for jumping into the ladies gossip--or were the LADIES wrong for making a business deal between two people FODDER for their shade and gossip!?  Even BEFORE that, Kandi introduced her new project partnership with Demetria.  She gave a SPEECH saying that she was APPREHENSIVE about doing BUSINESS with friends.  We all KNOW that has turned out in the past.  Kandi did music for both Kim Zolciak and Miss Lawrence and DID NOT get her JUST due without much DRAMA!  The producers of the show would have you to think she was THROWING SHADE towards Phaedra right?  Even KANDI had to chime in on that one on social media.  You KNOW, of ALL the ladies on the show, Kandi Burruss always KEEPS it the REALEST--and that was from DAY 1 when she 'CHECKED' NeNe's ass! LOL--But back to season 8.... This is what Kandi had to say:

 So who's RIGHT and who's WRONG? You tell me. Get the RECAP

NEW VIDEO: #DemetriaMckinney ' Unnecessary Trouble' feat. @Kandi [vid]

Now I KNOW you were tuned into the RHOA latest episode and saw the DRAMA that unfolded after Demetria McKinney and Kandi Burruss' video viewing party!?  Well now we actually have the VIDEO that the two collaborated on, 'Unnecessary Trouble' and we can see this SINGLE has 'legs'!  Directed by Derek Blanks, the visual takes the drama from the show and incorporates into a fun, splashy VIDEO!  Peep the Andy Cohen-esque TV HOST.....

Sunday, December 27, 2015

#RHOA Season 8 ep 8 SNEAK PEEK! What brings #PhaedraParks to TEARS! [vid]

RHOA season 8 ROARS ON.. what NEW DRAMA pops up tonight?  It appears that Kandi's manager, Don Juan gets into the MESSINESS with the ladies tonight, but before that, Phaedra Parks 5 year old son, Ayden brings his MOM and the FANS to tears!  Check out a SNEAK PEEK from TONIGHT'S EPISODE!

#AtlantaFalcons END #Panthers UNDEFEATED season with a 20-13 WIN! [details]

Well the STORYBOOK undefeated season for the Carolina Panthers comes to an END in the GEORGIA DOME! That's right, the Atlanta Falcons pulled out a 20-13 WIN over the once undefeated team thanks in part to Julio Jones!

MAG TAG: #5SOS goes NUDE for #RollingStones! Talk SEX with groupies and FLESHLIGHTS! [details]

Now '5 Seconds of Summer' has to date been a CLEAN CUT boy band, right?  Well, things CHANGE.  5SOS gave a very REVEALING interview for 'Rolling Stones' that was less than SQUEAKY CLEAN.  The BOY BAND goes NUDE for 'Rolling Stones' and get's RAW and CANDID!

WATCH: #SurvivorsRemorse Season 2 Ep 10 ' Starts & Stops' [full ep]

CATCH up on Starz hit comedy, 'Survivor's Remorse'.  Check out the season 2 finale, 'Starts & Stops' right here!!

NEW MUSIC: #KidInk 'Promise' feat. #FettyWap [audio]

Kid Ink's new project, 'Summer in the WinterTime' is OUT and online RIGHT NOW!  The 11-piece mixtape features Omarion, Akon and on the 1st track from the project, Fetty Wap.  "Promise' is anothe DJ Mustard creation and actually sounds like a SUMMER TIME BOUNCEY BANGER...only in the winter time.. maybe that's why he titled the project as such.  Check it out!

NEW MUSIC: #Fabolous 'Doin It Well' feat. #NickiMinaj & #TreySongz [audio]

Fabolous is ALL OVER the lace these days, dropping mixtapes and videos LEFT and RIGHT!  Now this song was released a few weeks ago, but is finally beginning to make some major moves on the charts and in the streets.  Fab, is still on that 90's vibe with the track 'Doin It Well'!  On this HOT NEW TRACK, Fab recruits Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

NEW MUSIC: #RCity hops on #JustinBieber's 'Sorry'! [audio]

Over the holidays, Justin Bieber gifted his fans with a REMIX of his HIT, 'Sorry' with R. City!  Doesn't it seem like a PERFECT fit, right?? Check it out and see how you LIKE!

Friday, December 25, 2015

More #FamilyHustle: #TinyHarris FINALLY confirms she is EXPECTING her 4th child with #TIP! [vid]

There have been RUMORS swirling for weeks now, but now we got CONFIRMATION that T.I. and Tiny are EXPECTING another CHILD together!!

Tiny took to SOCIAL MEDIA to officially confirm the RUMORS with this CHRISTMAS GREETING!

THOUGHTS? #NickGordon POSTS Xmas card with #BobbiKristinaBrown! [pic]

hat are your THOUGHTS on this?  Last night, Nick Gordon took to SOCIAL MEDIA to post a Christmas card made from an old photo of himself and the late Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Touching or insensitive.  MIND YOU, The Houston/Brown families think Gordon had something to do with BKB's death and he is CURRENTLY EMBROILED in a 40 million dollar lawsuit filed by the Houston family.


He obviously LOVED her, right?

NEW VIDEO: #PushaT 'M.F.T.R.' feat. #TheDream [video]

Pusha T gets even DARKER with the RELEASE of his LATEST video for 'M.F.T.R.' which features The Dream.  In the VISUAL, the G.O.O.D. music exec is present at an EXORCISM!  Yes, you heard correctly.  CHECK IT OUT here!

STREAM: #BustaRhymes 'Return of the Dragon' mixtape feat. #MaryJBlige, #Raekwon & more [audio]

The GIFTS keep COMING today... Christmas brings forth a lot of NEW RELEASES and mixtapes.  The LEGENDARY and INNOVATOR, Busta Rhymes drops 'Return of the Dragon-The Abstract Went On Vacation' today.  The 17-piece set includes Jadakiss, Mary J. Blige, Waka Flocka and Raekwon to name a FEW.  Check it out and see if BUSSA BUSS still has 'IT'!

NEW VIDEO: #Rotemi 'Lotto' feat. #50Cent [audio]

G-unit's LATEST signee and rising star from Starz' hit drama, 'Power', emerges, Rotimi with his latest, 'Lotto'.  50 cent cosigns and guests on this SMOOTH banger that's making waves on the charts right now...   CHECK IT OUT!

#MerryChristmas #TheGAMUTT wishes all our READERS and Friends a HAPPY HOLIDAY! [videos]


Without you that log on daily to support us there would be no us, and for that WE THANK YOU!  From our family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! And KEEP ON CHECKING US OUT DAILY!!!

2017 is going to be a BIG YEAR for us and we HOPE you continue with us on our JOURNEY!!

NEW MUSIC: STREAM #Timbaland's 'King Stays King' MIXTAPE feat #Aaliyah #2Chainz #Tink & MORE!

Finally the WAIT is OVER!  TIMBO THE KING drops the HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED 'King Stays King' mixtape!  The 18-piece project features Tink, 2 Chainz, Migos and of course UNRELEASED HEAT from Aaliyah!

STREAM the ENTIRE ALBUM..after the JUMP!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

'Unbreakable' PAUSE! #Janet FORCED to postpone ENTIRE TOUR for SURGERY! [details]

Fans of GLOBAL SUPERSTAR Janet Jackson were SADDENED to hear that the MULTI-GRAMMY AWARD winning star was FORCED to POSTPONE her entire 'Unbreakable' WORLD TOUR for HEALTH REASONS!

NEW MUSIC: #FaithEvans 'Fallin In Love 2015' [remake]

FAITH EVANS.  Can you believe that it has been 20 years since the release of her GROUNDBREAKING debut, 'Faith'? 'It was 1995-- do you remember where you were when you first saw and heard the (then) BLONDE BOMBSHELL sing 'You Used To Love Me'?    Well to CELEBREATE 20 years of 'Faith', Evans plans to release 'Faith 20'--an EP of REMAKES from the 'Faith' LP.  First off the new EP, we get a TASTE of 'Fallin In Love'.  TAKE A LISTEN!

NEW MUSIC: @CoolChrisSmith 'From Me' [audio]

We all get our start somewhere, right? RIGHT.  SO let's SPOTLIGHT some UP and COMING new talent out of the DMV--Cool Chris Smith!  WHO IS COOL CHRIS SMITH:

I am @CoolChrisSmith: Artist, Comedian, and Entertainer with a new single titled "FromMe (ReUp). This track merges metaphorical trap music essentials with comedic vibes. From acting, hosting, event planning and comedy; I GOT WHAT YOU NEED!

What's NEXT for Chris?
The vision is to continue building on my successes as an artist, comedian and entertainer under the name @CoolChrisSmith.

Check out the LATEST from Cool Chris Smith-'From Me' after the JUMP!

#Beyonce BACK? Shoots SECRET video in New Orleans! [details]

So what's BEYONCE been up to lately?  The GLOBAL SUPERSTAR has been fairly QUIET as of late.  It's been 2 years since she SHOCKED HE WORLD with the SURPRISE release of 'Beyonce', changing the way ARTIST release music.  So don't you think it's about time for MORE BEY?  Well this could come to pass really soon.

#ChrisBrown CUTS price of 'Royalty' cd-VENTS about SLOW SALES on Twitter! [details]

TEAM BREEZY? Are you not buying CHRIS BROWN'S latest disc, 'Royalty'? ‘Royalty’ is expected to sell 125-135k copies (150-160k including streams) in its first week of release here in the United States. NOT TOO SHABBY right--but for Chris Brown and with the amount of VIDEOS and MUSIC that preceded the project, it seems fairly MODEST. By no STRETCH are they Adele type numbers, but this is the nature of R&B music sales at present. SAD but TRUE. Chris does not seem too HAPPY about the sales. In a series of TWEETS, Brown seems to be VENTING about the lack of SUPPORT for the PROJECT! This is what BROWN had to say on SOCIAL MEDIA:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WAKE UP JAM: B.Angie B. 'Don't Want To Loose Your Love' live [vid]

WAKE UP!!!!!!!  It's TIME to get it poppin for a NEW DAY!!!  GET UP AND OUT and make it GREAT!  This song is SURE to make you want to get out of the bed.  B.Angie B, gave us a CROWD ROUSING, high-powered performance of 'The Emotions' song, 'Don't Want To Lose Your Love' that WE will never forget back in 1991!  Check it out!!!

#RHOA NEWS- Contractors SUE #ShereeWhitfield for UNPAID #ChateauSheree construction fees! [details]

Well it seems that on "RHOA" Kenya Moore may just win that bet she made with Sheree Whitfield!  Remember on an early episode of season 8, Sheree BET Kenya that she would be LIVING in her LUXURIOUS 'Chateau Sheree' before Kenya finished gutting and REVAMPING 'Moore Manor'.  Well another SETBACK has occured in the construction of Sheree's home that may keep her OUT of the mini manse she started construction on in 2011!

NEW MUSIC: @Osheaxi 'Situations' [audio]

The FUTURE of R&B--OSHEA is BACK with ANOTHER smash!!!  Linking up with RockyBoybeats on production this time around this is sure to be on REPEAT just like all of his other hits.  SO GO AHEAD and hit the JUMP to get into the latest from Oshea!  DON'T FORGET to hit him up on SOCIAL MEDIA...he may just hit to back!  Ride the WAVE!

NEW VIDEO: #Nelly 'The Fix' feat. #Jeremih [vid]

I thought that I had already posted this, but I missed this one. Nelly came back hard with this one and the HOOK MAN of the MINUTE, Jeremih comes through as usual to ADD that EXTRA UMPH! "The Fix" video has been out for a minute, but it's new to me, SO LET'S GET TO IT!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

WATCH: #LHHNY Season 6 ep 2 [full ep]

There is such muc FOOLERY on this one.. JUST watch. BTW, does anybody understand Cardi B??? 'Love and Hip Hop' season 6 episode 2 right here!!

#Diplo RELEASES 2-hour 'Best of 2015' Mix feat #KendrickLamar #Skrillex #Nas #JustinBieber #Rihanna & MORE [audio]

What a CHRISTMAS GIFT!  As 2015 draws to a close Diplo releases a 2-hour mix of the 'Best of 2015' featuring songs from Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Kendirck Lamar, Nas, Drake, Fetty Wap, Jack U and MORE!!! Take a LISTEN!!

#OdellBeckham was allegedly THREATENED and TAUNTED with GAY SLURS before Panthers/Giants game?

Did you watch the Panthers/Giants game on this past Sunday?  If you did, you would have seen some peculiar, rather OVERLY AGGRESSIVE behavior from Giant's Odell Beckham.  Allegedly before the game, Beckham was threatened with bats and anti-gay SLURS were HURLED at him from the Panther's side!  This may have something to do with Beckham's BEHAVIOR during the game.  Beckham was SUSPENDED one game as a result of his CONDUCT during the game, but there maybe a reason behind it.  Check out what ESPN said on the matter.

NEW VIDEO: #SelenaGomez 'Hands To Myself' [vid]

Finally, it's HEAR!  Selena Gomez drops the titliating 'Hands To Myself video.  In the visual, Gomez is a SERIAL STALKER.  Check it out after the JUMP!

WATCH: #BlackInkCrewChi Ep 8 [full ep]

I am about THROUGH with this show.  The FELLAS at 9 Mag seem to be just a little bit too AGGRESSIVE when dealing with WOMEN.  It's like they are 2 steps from some DOMESTIC ABUSE type ish.  I just don't get how a dude can disrespect a female like the way these guys do, then act as if THEY are the ones being DISRESPECTED.  At any rate, Danielle seems to be HOOKED on Ryan's BIPOLAR ass.  Like she has not seen how he SPEAKS and treats Kat?  Okay.. tread lightly down that PATH.  And Phor, after sharing INTIMATE moments with Kat in NYC, he comes bacl to Chicago and does NOTHING to stand up for her when the rest of the GUYS were teaming up on her!?   LOW SCORE!  And Don, Charmaine and the BABY MOMMA on a BOAT together with ALCOHOL--RECIPE for DESTRUCTION.  My thing is WHY is she so MAD at Charmaine and NOT as mad at Don!?  He's PLAYING THEM BOTH!  At anyrate- check out episode 8 right here!


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