Friday, October 30, 2015

UPDATE! #LamarOdom is OFF of dialysis! Reports say he WON'T need a kidney transplant!

Thing are definitely looking UP for Lamar Odom!  The former NBA all-star has been taken OFF of dialysis and sources say he WILL NOT need a kidney transplant!!

#Billboard APOLOGIZES for 'sexualizing' Tweet about #NorthWest! [video]

When I write, blog, tweet or whatever, my creed (usually) is that CHILDREN are OFF LIMITS.  But not EVERYBODY follows that.  Earlier this week, Baby North West was filmed saying, 'I said no pictures,' to the paparazzi.  CUTE right?  No doubt coaching from her UBER POPULAR parents, Kanye and Kim Kardashian West.

Just days later, Billboard's Twitter account posted a photo of the adorable toddler with the caption:

Gamutt TV: #HTGAWM Season 2 Ep 6 [full ep]

Did you miss 'How To Get Away With Murder'?  Catch up on it right here!  Check out Season 2 episode 6 right here! A NEW suspect is FOUND!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

#RHOA Jamaica group photo! Look who's IN and Look who's NOT!! [pic]

Now this PHOTO has fans of Bravo's 'RHOA' talking!  As you KNOW the GANG is in Ocho Rios Jamaica RIGHT NOW filming for season 8 and the DRAMA is THICK---REAL THICK.  Take a LOOK at WHO's in the GROUP shot and who's NOT!

Now let's RUN DOWN who's IN and WHO's NOT!

NEW MUSIC: #RickRoss REMIXES #Adele's 'Hello' [audio]

Adele's RUNAWAY hit, 'Hello' is already BREAKING RECORDS all over the place, and now it has gotten a HIP HOP TWIST.  Rick Ross has thrown his hat into the ring and has offered up a REMIX to the GLOBAL hit.  Take a LISTEN....

WAKE UP JAM- #ChrisBrown 'Wall To Wall' [vid]

WAKE UP!!!  I KNOW it's EARLY, right?  BUT GET UP and GET OUT and GET SOMETHING TODAY!!!  Let's go BACK and go WALL TO WALL with Chris Brown!!

NEW VIDEO: #KendrickLamar 'These Walls' [vid]

Kendrick Lamar drops the COMEDIC visual for 'These Walls'.  Lamar even DANCES a bit in this one.  Drake has started a new 'OLD MAN' dance movement?  Jump into it!

Actor and model #SamSarpong DEAD at 40 after jumping from a bridge! [details]

Actor and model Sam Sarpong has died at the young age of 40 from a suspected SUICIDE after jumping from a bridge!

#JustinBieber taps #Nas, #ArianaGrande and MORE for 'Purpose'! [tracklist]

You ready?  Justin Bieber has let loose the TRACKLISTING for his upcoming project, 'Purpose'.  Biebs has tapped Nas, Big Sean, Skrillex & Diplo, and Ariana Grande to name a few.!

Check out the full track list after the JUMP!

1. “Mark My Words”
2. “I’ll Show You”
3. “What Do You Mean?”
4. “Sorry”
5. “Love Yourself”
6. “Company”
7. “No Pressure” feat. Big Sean
8. “No Sense” feat. Travis Scott
9. “The Feeling” feat. Halsey
10. “Life Is Worth Living”
11. “Where Are √ú Now” feat. Skrillex and Diplo
12. “Children”
13. “Purpose”
14. “Been You”
15. “Get Used to Me”
16. “We Are” feat. Nas
17. “Trust”
18. “All In It”
19. “What Do You Mean? (Remix)” feat. Ariana Grande

Purpose also boasts production from Skrillex, Mike Dean, Diplo, Poo Bear, and Ed Sheeran.

Justin Bieber has commissioned graffiti artists including Mr. Cartoon, Abstrk, and Brooklyn Whelan spray paint walls throughout cities across the world,from L.A. to Paris—with the track titles. Take a peak at some of this AMAZING grafitti art:






CLEVER! SHOUT OUT to the Artists that made these possible!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Surprise!! #NeNeLeakes returns to #RHOA season 8--AMBUSH STYLE! [details]

FOr MONTHS, NeNe Leakes has been saying how much HAPPIER she is since leaving the franchise she helped make POPULAR-RHOA.  Now it appears that NeNe will be returning to the ORCHARD for season 8--and it will be an AMBUSH.  The 'WIVES' won't see it coming and the SURPRISE will be EPIC!

Get the DETAILS after the JUMP'!

Gamutt TV: #BGC14 'Bad Girls Club REUNION part 1 [full ep]

Former Bad Girl Tanisha is back to MODERATE the REUNION that will of course will be EPIC!  Check out 'BGC14 Reunion' part 1 here!!

NEW MUSIC: #RKelly 'Switch-Up' feat. #LilWayne & #Jeremih [audio]

As we wait for R. Kelly's release of 'The Buffet', we are getting a few APPETIZERS to tie us over. 'The Pied Piper' teams up with Lil' Wayne, and Jeremih for this SEXY ROMP, 'Switch-Up'.Word from the curb is that R. Kelly's new album is set for a November 20th release, but you know artists release whenever they want to these days.  Nonethless, Kelly is always TOP NOTCH when it comes to production and he knows how to TAP the 'CURRENT'  while still staying true to his SIGNATURE sound!  CHECK OUT his LATEST...after the JUMP!!

Gamutt TV: #BMJ 'Being Mary Jane' Season 3 Ep 3 [full ep]

MORE tragedy for the Paul family!? Check out 'Being Mary Jane Season 3 episode 3 right here!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HOT SHOT of the DAY: #MissyElliott is BACK! Preps new single! [pic]

Missy Elliott is rguably one of the most INNOVATIVE rappers in the GAME!  Missy has been off the music scene for a MINUTE, but has continued to churn out HITS for OTHERS during her SOLO hiatus, but NOW--what we've been waiting for, MISSY ELLIOTT makes a TRIUMPHANT return to music, dropping her first single since 'Triple Threat' and '9th Inning' in 2012-- 'WTF (Where They From) on November 13th!!!! Peep the ARTWORK!

#MikeTyson does EXPLICIT #HotlineBling rendition on 'The Tonight Show starring #JimmyFallon [vid]

Did you miss Mike Tyson on 'The Tonight Show'?? Well recently he was on to promote season 2 of his Adult Swim animated show, 'The Mike Tyson Mysteries'--that I may add is a FUNNY SHOW!!

On the couch, Jimmy and Questlove took the OPPORTUNITY to poke fun at Tyson's lisp when Fallon told 'Iron Mike' about a Drake 'Hotline Bling' meme that Quest posted earlier.

  Mike did not take too kindly to that jab, but took it in stride and offered up a rather OFF-COLOR impromptu performance of 'Hotline Bling'.  MIND YOU, it get's a little RAUNCHY--surprised the FCC did not CENSOR some of those LYRICS Tyson 'spit'--they PROBABLY didn't understand him! LOL.

Check out the HILARIOUS CLIP after the jump!

Philly Boxer, #YusafMack from GAY 3-way SEXTAPE says he was DRUGGED! [FULL NSFW VID]

By NOW you've HEARD about Philadelphia boxer, Yusaf Mack, AKA as 'Philly' and his exploits in to GAY PORN.  My people have told me that Mack is shown in a 3 way with 2 other males!!!  Mack however claims he is HETEROSEXUAL and has no memory of ever filming such a tape.  He CLAIMS that he was DRUGGED!

He MAINTAINS he is STRAIGHT and and is actually engaged to be married and has 10 children--his first child was born when he was barely 15!!

#HalleBerry FILES for DIVORCE from #OlivierMartinez! [details]

No big shocker here, but Halle Berry has filed for divorce from her hubby of 2 years, Olivier Martinez.

The two issued a joint statement:

#MissyElliott TEASES new song 'WTF (Where They From) with #Pharrell! [vid]

Are we HAPPY or NAH? During 'Monday Night Football', Missy Elliot TEASED a new song, 'WTF (Where They From)' produced by Pharrell! The new song will be used for ESPN's regular coverage of the NBA! Take a QUICK LISTEN!!

#Gamutt TV: #LHHH 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Season 2 Ep 8 [full]

There was a LOT of DRAMA on 'LHHH', the FALLOUT from Miles' confession to Amber is still reverbrating.  Amber is still ANGRY and hurt, and sets her SIGHTS on Milan!  The confrontation will be EPIC.  Hazel E has a near DEATH accident in Dubai that crushes her nose and nearly KILLS her.  Teairra Mari, SURPRISIGNLY is by her side and admits that she TOO wants to go under the knife to get rid of the EXTRA pounds she has gained as of late.

Moniece is a ABSENT mom which causes Fizz to take matters into his OWN HANDS.  Reachign out to Moniece's MOM sounded like a GOOD IDEA on paper, but it seems she is more FOE than FRIEND to her OWN DAUGHTER.  Moniece has a MELTDOWN and only ONE shoulder left to cry on...and it's not Rich!

Nick Cannon pops up, Teddy Riley, cameos galore like an episode of 'Empire'.  I wouldn't be surprised if Marla Gibbs popped up as somebody's LONG LOST granny next!  Get into the DRAMA of SEASON 2 Episode 8 right here!!

#Gamutt TV: #BlackInkCrew Chicago Season 1 Ep 1 [full]

Tattoos are BIG BUSINESS and a new CAST of ARTISTS hailing from CHICAGO are ready to make their MARK!  Watch 'Black Ink Crew Chicago' Season 1 Ep 1 right here!!!

#GamuttTV- #FollowTheRules Episode 1 [full]

Rapper and ACTOR, Ja-Rule and his FAMILY have thrown their hats in the REALITY SHOW arena!  Check out 'Follow The Rules' eppisode 1 RIGHT HERE!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

NEW MUSIC: #KellyRowland 'Dumb' [audio]

Kelly Rowland RETURNS to music with a catchy, dance-able little vibe that I THINK you are going to LIKE!!  Just take a listen and let me know what you think!!!!

#Beyonce REWORKS #Prince's "Darling Nicki' for #NICKIMINAJ! [audio]

It's pretty SAFE TO SAY that Beyonce is a FAN of Nicki Minaj!  They've collaborated twice, performed together and have become FAST FRIENDS!  Now to honor Nicki as the 'Queen of Rap', REIGNING that is, Bey has REWORKED Prince's HIT, 'Darling Nikki' from 'The Purple Rain' soundtrack to honor her friend!  Take a LISTEN of what's to come!

WAKE UP JAM: #Prince 'Dirty Mind' [live]


Have you EVER woke up with a 'Dirty Mind'??  I am SURE most of us have!  Let's go WAY BACK with a CLASSIC Prince jam by the same name!!!

Gamutt TV: #MTVEMA'S performances- #JustinBieber, #Pharrell #Mackelmore & More! [-vids]

Watch the MTV EMA PERFROMANCES! Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Pharrell, and MORE!!

By the way- Biebs was a BIG WINNER of the night!

Justin Bieber

WATCH: #TheWalkingDead Season 6 Episode 3 [full ep]

Did you see who got KILLED!!!!!!?? Watch, 'The Walking Dead' season 6 episode 3!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

NEW MUSIC: #CharliePuth 'One Call Away' remix feat. #Tyga [audio]

Newcomer Charlie Puth BURST onto the scene with the SONG of the summer, 'See You Again' with Wiz Khalifa, then assisted Lil' Wayne on the hit, 'Trouble', now he strikes out on his own with 'One Call Away'.  To give the song a bit of an EDGE he enlists Tyga for the official REMIX!  Take a listen!

HOT SHOT of the DAY: #Ciara's SUPERHERO 30th Bday Bash w/ #Beyonce #RussellWilson #KellyRowland & More!

Now isn't this NICE, just in time for HALLOWEEN!  Ciara celebrated her 30th with a MASQUERADE-THEMED birthday party with Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Russell Wilson, Jeff Dye, and more in attendance! Check out all the great looks!!!

#JustinBieber's new dance video 'Sorry' EXPLAINED by #ParrisGeobel-the choreographer! [vid]

Just days ago, Justin Bieber dropped the video for his latest single, 'Sorry'.  It has already racked up over 20 MILLION views, yes you read correctly, so I KNOW you have seen it or at least HEARD about it.  The video features a TROUPE of dancers WINDING and GRINDING in a DANCEHALL style to the island-tinged beat.  Problem.  Although the ladies are dressed in a 90's HIP HOP style and the dance style is clearly reggae-like, there is no GIRLS OF COLOR in the BUNCH--not ONE!  Justin received a little FLACK for what was perceived as a GLARING OVERSIGHT, but now we have the TRUTH behind the VIDEO from the CHOREOGRAPHER herself, Parris Geobel!


Now at first I was like, HOLD UP JUSTIN! How are you going to SWAGGER JACK and not feature any WOMEN of color.  But come to find out, the video started out as just a LYRIC VIDEO on paper.

New Zealand-based choreographer Geobel had the task creating a video that was "colorful, fun, and upbeat." hat was intended as a lyric video turned into a DANCE VIDEO after Bieb's team saw the finished product.

"I guess they liked it so much that they just kept it a dance video," she said.

The dance troupe in the video is Geobel's own ReQuest Dance Crew — "there were no auditions" —and the look of the video was entirely created by them. They outfitted themselves in "a vintage '90s vibe. And two of my friends pretty much styled everyone. We all did our own makeup and were spontaneous… Most of it was my wardrobe, actually. We just kind of put together what we had," said Geobel.

So where did the DANCE MOVES come from? She was CLEARLY inspired by dancehall and reggae, right? The song itself lends to that whole vibe right? I think so. "The word that comes to mind is 'spontaneous.' Nothing was planned too much, not even the dancing. It was more like, 'How do we feel on the spot?'" she said. Just a little world of ADVICE to make everybody happy, just throw a few island and black girls in there and EVERYBODY will be happy! IJS. WE KNOW you know a few, Biebs.

WATCH: #SurvivorsRemorse Season 2 Eps 7-9 [full ep]

Keeping up with the Calloway's?? Well Check out episodes 7-9 right here of Starz' hit 'Survivor's Remorse' RIGHT HERE!!

WATCH: #BlackJesus Season 2 ep 6 [full ep]

Catch up with the 'Black Jesus' crew! Watch season 2 episode 6 right here!

WATCH: #AHS 'American Horror Story' Season 5 ep 3 [full ep]

Did you miss it?  Catch up on 'American Horror Story RIGHT HERE!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Drake celebrates his 29th birthday today and of course you know he does it in GRAND STYLE!  Check out DRAKE doing the BIRTHDAY DANCE and WISH HIM a very HAPPY 29th!!!!!

Oc course we have to CELEBRATE OVO's OWN with some of the GREAT gems he's GIFTED US over the YEARS!!!

#DanielTosh RECREATES #SelenaGomez 'Good For You' Video-shot by shot! [vid]

Comedian Daniel Tosh does a CRAZY GOOD recreation of Selena Gomez' 'Good For You' video. You have to see this!!! So what prompted the 'Tosh.O' host to do this???

"Why? Because I know every word to the Selena Gomez song 'Good for You' and I have lots of money," Tosh explained on Twitter.

He even has a special guest CAMEO as well!! WAIT FOR IT.......

#KeyshiaCole set to release 'Hotline Bling' remix video! Meets MIXED REVIEWS! [sneak peek]

Keyshia Cole is set to release her version of 'Hotline Bling' from the FEMALE'S perspective.  She even has a TEASER for the video which will feature 'BBWLA's Malaysia Pargo and former 'ANTM's Don Benjamin.  Some of the fans are looking forward to the RELEASE, hile others are 'SCRATCHING THEIR HEADS' at this move.  Check out the TEASER here!

This is just a sneak peek of the surprise I told y'all about Putting the final touches on it and the full release is...
Posted by Keyshia Cole on Friday, October 23, 2015

Some of the COMMENTS on her FACEBOOK page are priceless---NO FILTER indeed, Check out some of them are down right MEAN.  Scroll over to her FACEBOOK for all the DETAILS. Some of the comments were in this vain:

I don't make these things up, I just DOCUMENT them for you to WEIGH IN ON. LOL.

We will see how this pans out.  Everybody and their mom has done a remix of Drake's break-out hit, so let's hope Keyco brings it....

Friday, October 23, 2015

WATCH: #HTGAWM Season 2 Ep 5 [full ep]

WATCH it, get into it and LOVE IT.

Watch 'How To Get Away With Murder' season 2 episode 5 right here!

NEW MUSIC: @DjDRocem-Cashmere Cat - 'Adore' Feat. #ArianaGrande Cover By @KeilahMusic [audio]

My Twitter BUD DJ d Roc'Em is back with another KILLER REMIX! Get into Cashmere Cat - 'Adore' Feat. Ariana Grande Cover By Keilah

WATCH: #Scandal Season 5 Episode 5 [full ep]

It;s all OUT THERE!!! Now let's see how the CHIPS FALL!!!  Watch 'Scandal' season 5 epiosde 5 right here!!!

WAKE UP JAM: #JayZ 'Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up) feat. #Amil & #BeanieSigel [vid]

WAKE UP and BACK THAT THANG UP like Juvenile!!! Just getting it in to some CLASSIC JAY Z!  This was a GOOD ERA for Hov, right?  The Roc-La Familia era was a GOLDEN AGE.  IF I were Beanie, and Amil and the rest, I'd be visiting Jay Z's offices seeing WHAT'S GOOD!!! You never know, he may throw them a BONE or TWO---Foxy Brown needs to stop by too!  ANYWAYS!!! GET UP, get out and DO SOMETHING, Make it a GREAT day as we go back to 1999 with 'Do It Again'!!

NEW VIDEO" #Adele UNLEASHES the visual for 'Hello'! [vid]

Adele is BACK with the emotional visual for her 1st single off of '25', entitled 'Hello'.  The video finds Adele reminiscing over a past love...and that last love is played by Tristan Wilds!  Take a look.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

#TBT Throwback Thursday- #PCD- Pussycat Dolls 'Buttons' feat. #SnoopDogg [vid]

THROWBACK THURSDAY ain't OVER YET!!  Let's take it back to one of the SEXIEST FEMALE EMSEMBLE to hit the MUSIC SCENE--PCD, The Pussycat Dolls!!

"Buttons" is a song recorded by American girl group The Pussycat Dolls from their debut studio album, PCD (2005). Can you believe it has been 10 years!!!!?

The song was written by Sean Garrett, Jamal Jones, Jason Perry, Nicole Scherzinger, Calvin Broadus while the production was handled by Jones along with Sean Garret and Ron Fair. The song was released as a digital download on April 11, 2006, as the album's fourth single and was serviced to contemporary hit radio in the United States on May 8, 2006. "Buttons" is a dance-pop and R&B song which uses strong elements of Middle Eastern music in its production. Lyrically, the song involves Scherzinger speaking of a woman's desire to be undressed.

#Adele REVEALS album cover, tracklist and RELEASE DATE for '25'! [details]

Adele fans, will have a SHORT WAIT for the EAGERLY-ANTICIPATED '25' project.  Adele has REVEALED the RELEASE DATE, the TRACKLISTING and the ALBUM COVER for the fans!!!!

She has even broken down what '25' means to her!  Take a look!!

#MeekMill CLAPS BACK at #Wale! Wale laughs it off! [details]

Like I was saying in an EARLIER post, Meek Mill did not take to KINDLY to the SENTIMENTS expressed by his lablemate, Wale on 'The Breakfast Club'.  If you MISSED, Wale pretty much expressed what almost everybody was thinking of the Drake/Meek beef--Meek just didn't have enough 'FIREPOWER'.  It's truth.  Look at it on PAPER, we all know EXACTLY what Wale was saying.  So of COURSE Meek FLIES off and makes another bad decision by taking to INSTAGRAM to AIR Wale out.... HERE'S HOW IT WENT:

WATCH: #TheWestbrooks Episode 2 [full]

The Westbrook sisters are BACK!!! Check out episode 2 RIGHT HERE!!

#Wale CALLS OUT #MeekMill in #Drake Beef! Talks state of #MMG & GAY rappers on #TheBreakfastClub!

On 'The Breakfast Club' Wale gave one of the REALEST, interviews to date about the state of the POWERFUL imprint he is a part of, MMG, Drake vs D.R.A.M. with the 'Hotline Bling' comparisons and most importantly he called out his OWN labelmate for his POOR PREPARATION in the whole Drake 'BEEF'.

If you listen to the WORDS that Wale is saying, he is simply voicing what everybody was saying about the Drake/Meek beef--Meek was NOT READY and did NOT stand a CHANCE against the machine that is OVO.

I just feel like, and this is me speaking as someone who has been in the industry for a long time, I honestly feel like [Meek] brought a pencil to a gun fight…You can’t compete with someobdoy who has those types of relationship. I’m telling every one who thought Meek lost just off the strength of losing, it doesn’t matter what he made, he could have made “Ether 3.0″, the opinions of the people would have been that of the kid from Toronto waxed him. Drake went to Apple and my man went to Funk Flex–and there’s nothing wrong with Flex–but we talking about Apple, breh. They heard Drake’s joints all around the world.
He also went on to say that MMG as we know it today is not as CLOSE as it once was:

We’re not the unit we once was. I’m not gonna lie to you. It doesn’t mean we’re not cool, but every one has gotta do what they gotta do…There’s people that Meek Mill hangs out with a lot that he knows I don’t bang with. And that’s fine, I don’t ask no body to get in my beefs, it’s not a problem, it’s rap, there’s no bloodshed going on out here.

Check out the FULL INTERVIEW after the JUMP!  Of course you know, this did not sit well with Meek.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WATCH: #Empire Season 2 Ep 5 'Be True' [full ep]

There WAS SO much GOING on tonight on 'Empire'!! We will talk LATER.. Rewatch episode 5 'BE TRUE' again, RIGHT HERE!!!

WAKE UP JAM: #Redman 'Da Goodness' feat. #BustaRhymes [vid]

WAKE UP----With you STANKIN ASS!! Time to WASH OFF all the FUNK and MAKE IT a GREAT DAY!

Hip Hop in the 90's is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Better than HIP HOP TODAY, for the most part, IJS.  Redman is one of the GREATS and this used to be MY JAMMMMMM!  Get into 'DA GOODNESS'!    I do believe this was 1998! WOW we're getting OLD... but this music is TIMELESS for HIP HOP!!!


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