Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Moods & Moments- #LutherVandross 'A House is Not A Home' [live]

Away from home
But still trapped
By the hold you
Have on my life

Sitting at the table set for 2
With the ghost of you
Staring back across at me
Was it a figment of my demented memories
Haunting me from afar
Controlled by the fear
Even though
Miles separate and your are not
Even near
I still fear

Paint this house a different shade of blue
I have to rid myself of you
Because you're no good for me
And I'm no good for you

Let it go
Let me go
I can't
We can't go any farther like this
This home is broken
The love has gone away
5 years ago
The day the music STOPPED.
The news came in
To the floor I dropped
From that day on,
Life as we knew it had to change.

But it's time to let it go
This house is not a home for the heart
To thrive no more
It's tainted
Falling apart at the seams
These mean angry beams can no longer support
The hurt
The foundation was never sturdy
Creaking at every step
The love has left
The doors are locked
And no key can open
This house is not a home
When you sleep and cry alone.

-Zam Zhinga

One of the GREATS Luther Vandross...

let's melt into the night with a CLASSIC from the INCOMPARABLE Luther Vandross... 'A House Is Not A Home'.


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