Thursday, September 22, 2016

#TBT 'WHITE CHICKS' Hot WHITE GIRL ACTS! #Dream #DanityKane #WildOrchid #Pink #Good2Go & MORE

I feel like going back --way back..back into time.  Well maybe not that far back.  The posts today will spotlight some of my favorite throwback jams.  Back when the economy was good and music was even better

Girl Power comes in ALL COLORS, right?  But there were some HIGH POWER groups in R&B & Hip Hop that were always BROWN GIRLS!! Let's go back to some of these hot 'WHITE CHICKS'~~

Before DANITY KANE.. Diddy had his hand full with Dream...

'This Is Me'-Dream

'Never Satisfied'- Good 2 Go

'There You Go'-P!nk

'Supernatural'-Wild Orchid

'Luxurious'- Gwen Stefani

'Out Of Love'-Anastacia

'Ride For You'-Danity Kane

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