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#BETAwards - Best Moments in #BETAwards HISTORY! [video]

In just a few hours, the biggest and brightest will flock to The Microsoft Center in Los Angeles, for what has become arguably the greatest night of urban/pop music showcase.  That's right, the BET Awards 17!  One of the highest viewed awards show on television.  It's hard to believe that BET has been putting this fete on for 16 years already! Where did the time go?  There is one thing that can be said about the annual event and that is you never know just what to expect.  We have come to expect the unexpected, really.  We know we will see the biggest, latest and brightest stars put their best feet forward, but there is always a special twist or surprise that will have the viewers talking for days after a the water cooler.  So without further fanfare and accolades, let's just take a look back at some of the most memorable BET Awards moments since its inception in 2001.  Some of you may disagree about the order that these moments may fall, but at the end of the day, this is how I see it in MY mind.  So take a look and pick out your faves!

10: Christina Aguilera honors Whitney Houston!

Christina wows the audience with her rendition of Whitney's

'Run to you' as Houston goes on to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award.

9:Destiny's Child offer 'Lap Dances'

Destiny's Child, offer up lapdances to 'unsuspecting' men from the audience as they perform their megahit 'Cater 2 U'.  The lucky 3 were Terrence Howard, Nelly & Magic Johnson back in 2005's show.

8:'Fire & Desire' Teena Marie and Rick James reunite!

This was a spastic, off the cuff performance back in 2004, but still memorable in its originality.  The two icons, friends, lovers, reunited for one night only and gave the world

'Fire & Desire' for the last time.

7:Alicia Keys embodies 'GIRLPOWER'!

Keys brings the powerhouse girl groups of the 90's to centerstage for her set at 2008's show! Alicia performs with EnVogue, SWV & fills in for Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes in TLC as they perform 'Waterfalls'.

6: FUGEE-LA The Reunion of THE FUGEES!!!

The supergroup The Fugees rocked the stage together at 2005's award show!  The group has disbanded and pursued solo careers.  Amidst all the rumors of bickering and hard feelings amongst the members, the group surprised all the fans when they came together as one to revisit some of their classics.

Click on LINK to see performance---

5: 'Redemption Song'- Chris Brown embodies MJ!

Chris Brown MJ Tribute from Lowell H on Vimeo.


I remember being backstage ans seeing parts of this as it was going down.  It was eerie at how spot on Chris came to mastering Michael Jackson's choreography.  This perfromance was definitely a turing point for Chris and for the fans.  I know my bestfriend BRILLION-A-MILLION is rolling her eyes so far into the back of her head right now by me saying this, but Chris really tapped into some deep-rooted emotion for this performance!  This was a genuine display of loss for MJ and for everything that Brown himself had endured.  This was the tribute that the fans were watiting to see since MJ's passing.  And Brown so wanted to do this the year before when we lost Michael.  It was magic in the moment and i do believe this was Chris' 'redemption' song.  Shortly thereafter, the fans he had lost, and media re-embraced the artist back into good graces after his domestic trouble with Rihanna.

4:The Reunion of 'Good Times!

Janet Jackson Bet awards 2006 by bmjw06

It was great to see the 'kids' from 'Good Times' together again on one stage.  It was PRICELESS to see Janet GLIDE across the stage to join her castmates.

3:Beyonce SLAYS BET Awards.. not once but TWICE!

Beyonce opens the 2003 BET Awards with 'Crazy in Love' accompanied by non other than JAy-Z!

If it aint broke why fix it? Beyonce and Jay-Z rock out again at  2006's fete!  The hip smack is priceless!

2. Janet Speaks on behalf of the Jackson Family on Michael's passing.

Janet Jackson rend hommage à son frère aux BET... by Nouvelobs

This was so moving and touching.  This shows how strong the BLACK family really is!  Janet was brave and strong enough to be the voice for the Jackson Family at the untimely passing of their beloved MJ just days before the show.  Stephen and crew at BET revamped the entire awards show to be a tribute to the life and times of the immortal, incomparable Michael Jackson!  I applaud Janet for her strength and the BET crew for their ability to go on despite such a tremendous loss!

1.  The two greatest entertainers share a stage!

I am not sure how BET managed to pull off such an epic melding of two icons, but this moment was pure magic!  There are no other words to describe it.  A once in a lifetime sort of thing that just happens when all the planets, stars, and universe are aligned for one night! Genius!

James was on point, MJ was on point! What else can you say?  It was sheer pandemonium in the audience.  Everybody was out of their seats in disbelief!  The Godfather of Soul sharing the stage with the King of Pop! Epic! Timeless! Priceless.  Hats off to Stephen Hill and the BET family !

Wow, did I do 10 already?  I can't believe that, I have so much more!  Let's add two more, in no particular order. 

HONARABLE and i do mean honarable mentions!

Prince & Patti!

This moment almost did not happen.  BET had been trying for years to get Prince to come to the fete to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2010, he finally accepted and was lauded by none other than Miss Patti Labelle!

 Patti does her signature 'shoe kick' and Prince graciously accepts the shoe!


And my last Honorable mention of the day, and this is not a diss to any of the BET AWARDS hosts--they all have been great. But my all-time fave was Mo'Nique!  Mo'Nique is real, she tells it like it is and is not afraid to 'go there'. Mo'Nique shows the world that the 'big girls' can 'work it out too.  Mo'Nique takes on Beyonce!

And of course::: HONORABLE mention for one of the HOTTEST performances came from Kelly Rowland at last year's show:


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