Saturday, May 31, 2014

SAY WHAT!? Boxer #RoyJonesJr's SIDE CHICK puts him on BLAST BIG TIME! Leaks #NAKED PICS and VIDEOS! [NSFW]

I have TRIED to tell these CELEBS that have A LOT TO LOSE to stop sending these NAKED PICS and VIDEOS and ETC to people.  As soon as your SIDE-PIECE, GROUPIE gets scorned or upset with THEIR POSITION on your 'ROSTER' the NAKED PIC start to LEAK.

CASE IN POINT, Boxer Roy Jones Jr.  Apparently, he had some DEALINGS with a FEMALE BOXER by the name of Linda AKA Stay Lo.  Their INTERACTION begin to run its course, so what does a woman scorned do--LEAK HIS NAKED PICS and put him on BLAST in ever form she can.  Since the two stopped DEALING about 2 weeks ago, she's been BLASTING HIM, EVER WAY SHE CAN!

Oh it gets WORSE!!! MUCH WORSE.  Stay Lo has even gone as far as POSTING NAKED pics that Jones sent to her as well as VIDEOS!!!!

Get the DIRT after the JUMP!

Friday, May 30, 2014

SAY WHAT?!?! #CBS CANCELS #TheArsenioHallShow after 1 season! Find out WHY!?[details]

I thought the show was pushing IMPRESSIVE numbers, but CBS has seen it differently and has PULLED THE PLUG on 'The Arsenio Hall Show'!!!!  FIND OUT WHY!?

KNIFED UP!? Did #DanityKane's #DawnRichards have some WORK DONE!! She's looking...BETTER! [pics]

Well it looks like Danity Kane member Dawn Richard's face is no longer 'DAMAGED'... meaning she cleans up WELL.  Dawn recently posted some NEW PHOTOS and she looks QUITE different from her 'Making the Band' days.  So did DAWN go under the KNIFE!!?? Check the BEFORE and AFTER PHOTOS and YOU be the JUDGE!!!

Say What!? #Antoine 'Hide Ya Kids' Dodson welcomes his OWN KID! Baby pics inside! [pics]

YOUTUBE sensation (FROM THE PAST) Antoine Dodson, Mr. 'Hide ya kids, hide ya wife', can now say he has his own KID!  Dodson welcomed a baby boy recently and shared a few pics on social media.

Check out the BABY PICS after the JUMP!

BACK in the GAME! #BBW #EvelynLozada FLAUNTS FAB BOD just 2 months after giving birth! [pics]

'Basketball Wives' star Evelyn Lozada is wasting NO TIME getting 'back in the game'.  The reality star and new mother recently posted some pics of her getting her FITNESS ON AGAIN in the gym and from the looks of things, she's close to 'Fighting SHAPE' already--just two months after giving birth!!! Check out her FAB FITNESS PHOTOS!

#MagicJohnson REACTS to #LAClippers 2 Billion SALE to #SteveBallmer! [details]

Some were HOLDING OUT, wishing that NBA legend Earvin 'Magic Johnson' would acquire the Los Angeles Clippers.  Too bad that did not work out, but the 2 billion dollar deal for Steve Ballmer is a GOOD SITUATION too.  Check out Magic's REACTION to the DEAL ...after the JUMP!

WAKE UP JAM: #Nelly 'Country Grammar' *Explicit* [video]


Wake up to some CLASSIC Nelly!!! Don't HIT that SNOOZE BUTTON! Get up GET OUT and DO SOMETHING TODAY!!!!

NEW VIDEO: #JenniferLopez 'First Love' [video]

Jennifer Lopez is BACK with another NEW SINGLE from her upcoming project.  Check out  the visual for 'First Love'.

It's giving me some Janet Jackson 'Love will never do' VIBES!!??



#Selfie of the DAY! #Maxwell AIN'T thinkin' bout no MUSIC! Livin it up in #Vegas! [pic]

Fans CLAMORING for some NEW Maxwell, may have to wait a bit longer.  The R&B crooner has been living the life and vacationing around the world.  Check Maxwell out getting his #SELFIE on with a bevy of BEAUTIES in 'Sin City'!

Maxwell just recently posted this selfie to his Facebook page with the caption:

Liked · 7 mins 

"la vida vegas..." #dessertroyal

MUST BE NICE, RIGHT!?!?!?  Don't fret though... WORD FROM THE CURB is that Maxwell has already some MUSIC IN THE CAN and we can expect to hear a continuation of the 'Midsummer Night' saga LATE SUMMER to early FALL!

WATCH: #LoiterSquad Season 3 Ep 3 [full episode]

Tyler the Creator and his CRAZY CREW 'Loiter Squad' are back with EPISODE 3 of Season 3! Check it out RIGHT HERE!!!

NEW MUSIC: #MaryJBlige 'Suitcase' [audio]

Mary J. Blige has been RELATIVELY quiet for a moment, that all is about to CHANGE!  The 'Queen of Hip Hop Soul' is back and has BLESSED the 'Think Like A Man Too' soundtrack with a new jam enttled 'Suitcase'.

Mary is REVISITING some of her PRE- 'No-Drama' days when as she narrates being FED UP with a current love situation and packs her bags and LEAVES to  some PIANO KEYS and synth sounds!! TAKE A LISTEN!!!

Transformed! #JerseyShore Alum goes from Fit to FAT back to FAB! Before & After WEIGHT LOSS PICS!

Remember 'Jersey Shore' alum Ronnie Magro! He was the extremely FIT and BUFFED hothead of the house. He was OFTEN seen shirtless and flexing his massive biceps and chest. Well things CHANGED dramtically after the show wrapped. Margo went from Fit to FAT and now has vowed to get FAB again with his LATEST TRANSFORMATION!!! You have to see the pics to belive the DIFFERENCE!

Ronnie posted a before and after picture via Instagram on Wednesday showing off his impressive body transformation from just four weeks ago.

Check the Amazing TRANSFORMATION after the JUMP!

#MarriageBootcamp : Reality Stars Sneak Peek! #TraciBraxton #JWoww #BBC's #Tanisha & more try to SAVE THEIR marriages ! [video]

It's finally HERE!!! 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars' premieres TONIGHT!    This is going to be one DRAMA FILLED SEASON.  We have 5 of the BIGGEST Reality star couples under one roof trying to FIX their AILING MARRIAGES!  'Braxton Family Values' star Traci Braxton and her husband Kevin, 'Jersey Shore' alum, JWoww, 'Bad Girl's Club Alum' Tanisha and her hubby and more DUKE IT OUT, and come to grips with their DEMONS in this EXPLOSIVE new season premiering tonight on WeTV!!!

WOW!!! This is going to be SO GOOOD!!!!! Tune in TONIGHT on WeTV!

#LaClippers SOLD! The 2 Billion dollar deal has been SIGNED! Former #Microsoft CEO #SteveBallmer takes OWNERSHIP! [video]

It appears the INK has DRIED on the sale of  the Los Angeles Clippers franchise from Shelly Sterling to Steve Ballmer!!!

The Sterling family trust has signed an agreement to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer for $2 billion, sources told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne.

#NBAPlayOffs- #LanceStephenson's 'Butterfly Kisses' to #LebronJames is STILL FUNNY AS H*LL! [video]

With so many MEMES out--I HAD to make my OWN..LOL

Say what you WANT, but Lance Stephenson BLOWING in Lebron's ear is still FUNNY AS HELL!  He takes 'Blowing off your competition' to NEW HEIGHTS! LOL.  The facial expressions and EYE ROLLS are just PRICELESS!  Let's REVISIT the 'BUTTERFLY KISS' once more set to the soundtrack of Ginuwine's hit song, 'PONY'.

Don't you just LOVE the Playoffs?  Competition is THICK and sometimes FUNNY TOO!

Stephenson may be just a little 'DETACHED from REALITY'.....


#MayaAngelou 911 Call audio released!! Poet DID NOT want to be resuscitated! [audio]

Famed author and activist Maya Angelou departed this Earth on Wednesday after a long illness. Reports are now saying that the acclaimed poet DID NOT want to be Resuscitated in the event of her death. This comes from her caregiver who made the 911 call. TMZ has managed to obtain the audio from that call.

The CAREGIVER can be heard saying Ms. Angelou DID NOT WANT CPR. The 911 dispatcher URGES the caregiver to perform CPR anyways because Ms. Angelou DID NOT have a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate order in place. Listen to the CHILLING 911 call here!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Would you wear a PENIS CAP CONDOM!? #GalacticCap is the ALTERNATIVE to condoms--ONLY COVERS the HEAD! [video]

WOULD YOU WEAR THIS?? This NEW invention is be touted as the ALTERNATIVE to the traditional condom! Will it catch on? This device only covers the HEAD of the penis leaving the SHAFT exposed for all the SENSITIVITY of natural sex!

A southern California-based inventor is planning to revolutionize the condom industry with his new prophylactic condom device which fits only on the very tip of the penis, allowing men to feel maximum pleasure while practicing safe sex.

The Galactic Cap, may also be a solution for the California porn industry which is currently battling proposed California legislation requiring porn stars to wear condoms during sex.

NEW VIDEO: #Miguel 'Simple Things' [video]

Miguel is back with a NEW VIDEO for his latest single, 'Simple Things'.  Get into this 'SIMPLE' B+W visual for the single that's CURRENTLY burning up the RB Charts!

'Simple Things' is a song Miguel contributed to the soundtrack of the most recent season of HBO’s 'Girls'. The song is months old, and the season of Girls is over, but Miguel is only just coming out with a video for the song. But looking at the video, it was worth the wait.

Simple Things... that's all.


WAKE UP JAM: #TBT -#JenniferLopez 'Get Right' feat. #Fabolous [video]


Don't hit the SNOOZE button one more time... It's #TBT... time to get up and 'GET RIGHT'!!

Vibe to this THROWBACK from  J.Lo feat. Fabolous!!!


WATCH: #RBDivasATL Season 3 Ep 6 [full episode]

What's up with the R&B Divas' of Atlanta!?  You know its about the MUSIC and THE DRAMA!!! CHECK OUT SEASON 3 Ep 6!!!

NEW MUSIC:: #NeYo 'Money Can't Buy' feat.#Jeezy

Ne-Yo is back with what looks like another HIT RECORD for the SUMMER! He TEAMS UP with Jeezy for 'Money Can't Buy' from his upcoming project!  TAKE a LISTEN!

WATCH: #Catfish :The TV Show Season 3 Episode 4 [full episode]

WHY are people STILL GETTING 'CATFISHED' in 2014 ESCAPES me... but there are still some people out there that BELIEVE!!  Check out 'Catfish: The TV SHOW' season 3 ep 4!!

SAY WHAT!? Check out former #BBWLA's #LauraGovan's DRAMATIC weight loss! Is she TOO SKINNY now!

We all remember Laura Govan from season 2 of 'Basketball Wives L.A.', right?  Well she was the really 'PRETTY IN THE FACE' chick with a few extra pounds in tow.  Well she AIN'T THICK NO MORE!! Check out her DRAMATIC WEIGHT LOSS!  The question comes up, 'Is she TOO SKINNY NOW'?  She explains her weight loss too, after the JUMP!

WATCH: #MarryingTheGame Season 3 Ep 4 [full episode]

Keeping up with Game, his COLORFUL BROOD and BABY MOMMA, Tiffney?  Check out SEASON 3 EPISODE 4!

#MichaelJackson's 'Billie Jean' RETURNS to the CHARTS! New Single marks his 50th #Hot100 HIT! [details]

Michael Jackson CONTINUES to BREAK MUSIC RECORDS even though he is not with us here on Earth anymore! True talent stands the test of time and space again!

The late King of Pop's 1983 smash 'Billie Jean' returns to the charts aided by a viral video. Plus, 'Slave to the Rhythm' debuts, marking Jackson's milestone 50th Hot 100 hit!

Get the DETAILS after the JUMP!

WATCH: #MayaAngelou SCHOOLS #DaveChappelle when he walked away from his HIT SHOW and 50Million! [video]

Dr. Maya Angelou--forever the teacher-- sat down with Dave Chappelle in 2006 when he chose to walk away from his HIT tv show and 50 MILLION DOLLARS!

Maya Angelou asks him what made him walk and the conversation evolves into talking about the icons we know and living through the 60s.   A very POWERFUL CLIP.  Now we see WHY he waked away, but more IMPORTANTLY, we see the POWER of WORDS from Maya Angelou.

“You should be angry. You must not be bitter. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. It doesn’t do anything to the object. So use that anger. You write it. You paint it. You dance it. You march it. You vote it. You do everything about it. You talk it. Never stop talking it.” – Maya Angelou


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#JanetJackson recites #MayaAngelou's 'Phenomenal Woman' in #PoeticJustice the movie! [video]

Janet Jackson RECITES Maya Angelou's ICONIC poem, 'Phenomenal Woman' from John Singleton's 'Poetic Justice Movie...

R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou

Check Out #MayaAngelou's CHILLING and INSIGHTFUL last TWEET! [details]

The LITERARY WORLD and beyond has lost a true ICON and LEGEND and all around GIFT TO SOCIETY- Maya Angelou passed away today, but leaves behind a TREASURE TROVE of wonders, works and WORDS!

Check out Dr. Angelou's FINAL insightful TWEET!!!

R.I.P. #DrMayaAngelou. The LITERARY GREAT passed away at 86. [details]

A literary voice revered globally for her poetic command and her commitment to civil rights has fallen silent.
Maya Angelou died at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Wednesday, said her literary agent, Helen Brann. Angelou had been "frail" and suffering from heart problems, the agent said.

Angelou's legacy is twofold. She leaves behind a body of important artistic work that influenced several generations. But the 86-year-old was praised by those who knew her as a good person, a woman who pushed for justice and education and equality.

In her full life, she wrote staggeringly beautiful poetry. She also wrote a cookbook and was nominated for a Tony. She delivered a poem at a presidential inauguration. In 2010, President Barack Obama named her a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country's highest civilian honor.

May Dr. Maya Angelou rest in peace.  Thank you for the knowledge,your zeal, and your LOVE of words.....

WAKE-UP JAM- #Lloyd 'Get it Shawty' [video]

It's time to GET UP!!!

NO TIME FOR SLEEPING!  It's HUMP-DAY, and you NEED to get out the BED and START YOUR DAY!  LOOK in the MIRROR and 'Get it Shawty'!!!

JAM to this THROWBACK from Lloyd, 'Get It Shawty'!!

WATCH: #HAHN 'The Haves and the Have Nots' Season 2.2- Ep 1 [full episode]

'The Haves and the Have Nots' EXPLODES back for the SUMMER SEASON premiere!  Is Candace FINALLY going to get what's coming to her!! Check out Season 2 Ep 1 HERE!

The REAL reason #Beyonce #JayZ and #RobKardashian SNUBBED the #Kimye Wedding! [details]

All we can talk about right now is Kanye & Kim's LAVISH, Italian wedding!  The fashion, the guests and of course the NO-SHOWS!

Kanye's PAL, Jay-Z and Beyonce were INVITED to the nuptials but were NO-SHOWS!  Kim's brother Rob Kardashian flew abroad to be apart of his big sister's BIG DAY, but ABRUPTLY departed before the ceremony!  SO WHAT HAPPENED???


#BBWLA star #SundyCarter ARRESTED for DUI! [details]

Sundy had a little too much fun on MUNDY, I mean Monday.  Sunday Carter of 'Basketball Wives L.A.' took her Memorial Day festivities to the MAX and got a bit TOO TURNT UP!

The 40-year-old VH1 Basketball Wives star was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, E! News confirms. The Glendale Police Department tells E! News that Carter was asked to give a blood or a breath sample after allegedly crossing over a double yellow line and traveling westbound in the eastbound traffic lane near Kenneth Road and Hillcrest Avenue around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

According to Los Angeles Sheriff's Department records, Carter posted $10,000 bail Tuesday and was released. She's scheduled to appear in court on Thursday at 8:30 a.m.
Sundy has yet to publicly address her arrest, but tweeted late yesterday:

"Hey guys!!!!! Hope allis well with everyone!!! Sending blessings down my TL XOXOXO LOVE SUNDY."

So she has SPRUNG the coop and wants her FOLLOWERS to know she is OK...or at least out of jail.

Moods & Moments: #Usher 'Seduction' [video]

Take me there.
Whisper in my ear
Take me there.
Tell me what you want me to hear

I pull you near
Pull your HAIR.
It all begins with a good KISSER.
When she's not here
You Miss Her

The Smell
The thought
You miss her.

The crease on her side of the bed
The coolness of her pillow where she laid her head...
Stirs the soul.
I rub, you roll
I lick you, you coo
Oozing down the small of your back down to your ass
Oooh did I sound too crass?
Pardon me, as I readjust myself...

*Zam Zhinga*

Seduce your love... Try new things, keep it SPICY.  Turn on this THROWBACK JAM from Usher and it's sure to be a good night and a GREAT MORNING.  'Seduction' is the soundtrack for tonight!

WATCH: #BGC12 -Bad Girl's Club: Chicago Ep 3 [full episode]

It's just 3 episodes in the the BAD GIRLS of Chicago have already KICKED someone out!  Check it out EPISODE 3 as ANOTHER NEW CHICK enters the house to an ICY RECEPTION!

FLUKE! #50Cent THROWS FLIMSY, WHACK 1st pitch for #TheMets opening night! [video]

Rapper 50 Cent is going to be CLOWNED for this pitch for the rest of the month.  50, real name Curtis Jackson was on hand Tuesday night to throw out the 1st ceremonial pitch at the Mets/Pirates game.  As you can see, 50 Cent PROVES that they probably didn't play much baseball on hos block in Queens!  He throws what can arguably be called one of the WORST pitches in opening day history!?

He launches a LEFT-HANDED pitch that goes WAY wide off from Mets catcher Anthony Recker. The ball bounced to the backstop and nearly takes out a cameraman standing not too far from the Mets' on-deck circle as 50 Cent and New York pitcher Jonathon Niese both smiled.

-OOPS! You have to see this to believe it!


Who knew 50 was LEFT-HANDED!? Who knew 50 Cent threw like a left-handed 9 year old girl! LOL. We HAVE to clown 50 on this one. Maybe he should have PRACTICED a bit instead of 'commentating' the Mayweather/T.I. dust-off on social media. Now I guess Mayweather can clown him back now... THAT PITCH was AWFUL!!!

#JheneAiko performs 'The Worst' on #Ellen! [video]

Did you miss JHENE AIKO on 'Ellen'!?  She performed her BREAK-OUT hit, 'The Worst'! Wanna see, hear it GOES!


I like this SONG!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

HOT SHOT of the DAY: #ChristinaMilian FLAUNTS FAB BODY for #MemorialDay [pic]

We haven't heard any NEW MUSIC from the YMCMB signee Christina Milian, but she has been BUSY...BUSY working on that FITNESS!

Check out Milian flaunting her FAB bikini bod while RELAXING POOLSIDE for Memorial Day!

Seems like a COCKTAIL in hand and a WARM SMILE is one way to spend Memorial Day, right?

HOT SHOT of the DAY for sure!!!

Celeb Birthday Roll Call: #LaurynHill #LennyKravitz & #Andre3000 CELEBRATE Birthdays!!!


Check out the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE celebrating or who WOULD HAVE been celebrating on May 26-27!!!!

Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill and Lenny Kravitz....

WHAT DO THESE 3 artists have in COMMON!!??  They are all GEMINIS and on the CUTTING EDGE of MUSIC and CREATIVITY!

Lauryn Hill and Lenny Kravitz celebrated  yesterday, May 26.

Andre 3000 celebrates today!!! GEMINI season is in full effect!

Lenny Kravitz turned 50!
Lenny at 25 years old!

Lauryn Hill turned 39!

AND TODAY Andre Benjamin BKA Andre 3000 turns 39!!



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