Wednesday, February 15, 2017

POST #ValentinesDay 'Love Hangover' via #JanetJackson #LaurynHill #Adele #TaylorSwift @Osheaxi & more... [videos]

Now that Hallmark's holiday, or as it's called in the US, St. Valentine's Day is over, you may become a little retrospective.  You may start gauging your self-worth by how many cards and flowers you received or 'FACEBOOK', 'Instagram' hits you got--or didn't get.  And you may just be in a PISSY mood because you didn't get any OR ENOUGH sex during the holiday or you may have gotten DUMPED or STOOD-UP on LOVE DAY!

At any rate, you may go through various states of emotion.  Janet Jackson, Adele,Carl Thomas, Lauryn Hill and MORE can  best some it up....

SEGUE:: You may start feeling a bit EMOTIONAL. Then after some time you break up and move on and your EX is no longer a FACTOR! You may HATE THEM so much and yourself for being CAUGHT OUT THERE.  It's their loss, they don't know what they got til its gone!........ SO FUCK YOU!!!

Faith Evans- You Used To Love Me'

Adele- 'Hello'

Carl Thomas-'Emotional'


Lauryn Hill-'Ex-Factor'

Kelis-'Caught out there (I Hate You So Much)'

Taylor Swift' Bad Blood feat. Kendrick Lamar

Janet-'Got Til It's Gone' feat. Joni Mitchell and Q-tip

Ceelo-'Fuck You'

There's MORE/////
Oshea- Remember You

Case- 'Missing You'

BoyzIIMen -'Lonely Heart'

Earth, Wind  Fire'-After The Love Is Gone'

BBD- 'Please Come Back'

Oh well, better next Next Valentine's Day..... LOL

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