Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Music: #JustinTimberlake 'TKO' feat. #JCole #PushaT & #AsapRocky [audio]

JT is back with an ALL-STAR Rap REMIX of his HIT, 'TKO'!  This time he enlists, J.Cole, A$ap ROcky and Pusha T!

Check it OUT!!!

Saturday Slingback: #MariahCarey 'Shake it Off/We Belong Together' LIVE[video]

Let's go back just a bit. Back to the highest selling female artist of all time, MARIAH CAREY!  Check her out at the 2005 VMA's with 'Shake it Off and We Belong Together'!!!

Check out #EvelynLozado's BABY BUMP! [pics]

We told you the other day that Evelyn Lozado is PREGNANT, right?  Well she is REALLY SHOWING NOW.  Check out some pics of her and her 20-year old daughter Shaniece on the beach on Hawaii!

20-year difference between her kids.  At leas she has a BABY SITTER that's GUARANTEED!

Congrats to Ev!
If there is another season of 'Basketball Wives' this is sure to be a GOOD STORYLINE
to delve into....

Friday, November 29, 2013

#BBW News: #EvelynLozado is PREGNANT! Guess who's the DADDY!?

Evelyn Lozado has a BUN in the oven and it's not any leftover Thanksgiving day rolls either.  The 'Basketball Wives' star is PREGNANT--and very--6 months to be EXACT!

Sources say that Lozado has been in a relationship for almost a year and that the pregnancy WAS INDEEED PLANNED and its not Chad Johnson's baby.  We will keep digging to see just who this guy is that KNOCKED HER UP.  Until then, congrats!?

Could this be the reason she BAILED on the BBW reunion?  We DEFINITELY would've seen a BABY BUMP then, and maybe she was not READY to go public.

#Sharkeisha SUCKER PUNCH VIctim speaks about the attack! Shares photos of her injuries!

The 17 year-old that was on the receiving end of a MASSIVE beating from the now INFAMOUS Sharkeisha is finally speaking out and SHARING PHOTOS too!  Brace yourself people, she has a 'UNIQUE' name as well.  SHAMICHAEL MANUEL spoke to KHOU about the incident:

Shamichael told KHOU that she thought she was headed to a friend’s house to pick up some of her belongings when Sharkeisha, 16, viciously punched and kicked her.

“I was just in shock. I was like oh my God. Did she really do this? You’re supposed to be my close friend,” Manuel said.

“We were talking in school earlier that day. She made it seem like there was nothing wrong with her,” she added.
via: Rollingout

Debunking prior reports, Sharkeisha HAS NOT been arrested for the assault, but Manuel's mother has plans to file and official police report.

From the looks of Shamichael's injuries, Sharkeisha did quite a NUMBER on her!  WOW!

Look & Listen: #MaryJBlige sings The National Anthem at Cowboys/Raiders #Thanksgiving Game! [video]

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige gave a CROWD-ROUSING rendition of the National Anthem at Thursday's Thanksgiving Day game with the Cowboys and Raiders!!!

Check it out!

Some people went to SOCIAL MEDIA to say Mary 'BUTCHERED' the song.  What do YOU think??

#FatJoe RELEASED from JAIL!! [video]

JOEY CRACK, BKA Fat Joe has a lot to be THANKFUL FOR.  Joe was released from jail on yesterday.

The rapper was serving a four-month sentence on tax evasion charges, in addition to paying a $15,000 fine. According to producer DJ Nasty (he did "All I Do Is Win"), Joe is a free man.

There aren't any other details at this time, DJ Nasty Instagrammed a photo of Fat Joe with the caption,"Welcome home @fatjoe.#Happythanksgiving #blessed."

via: Complex

Thursday, November 28, 2013

#DanityKane Talk NEW ALBUM, New Music and #Diddy! [video]

The ladies of Danity Kane recently sat down with Rap-Up TV to dish on their upcoming album, their NEW EXPERIENCES they are bringing to the project, the producers and of course Diddy!

The ladies are set to perform together for the 1st time in 5 years on December 16th at L.A.'s 'The House of Blues'--hopefully you got your ticket already, because those SEATS SOLD OUT in lest than 24 hours!

Check out Aubrey, Aundrea, Shannon and Dawn as they gab about what's coming down the PIPELINE really soon!

Aren't you FEENIN for a DANITY KANE RETURN!?!? Let's hope Miguel and Pharrell JUMP ON THIS TRAIN too...

#BiggestLoser Trainer comes out as GAY!! [video]

For the past 12 seasons of 'Biggest Loser', trainer Bob Harper has been inspiring his team to go the extra mile to drop the pounds, and on this Tuesday's episode, he DUG EVEN DEEPER--into his personal life.

The 48 year old used his own sexuality to inspire a team member to be true to his own.  Take a LOOK

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Knocked the F*CK out! #Sharkeisha KNOCKS the SH*T out of her 'Friend'! [video]

Sharkeisha Fight
This VIDEO and memes about SHARKEISHA have been CIRCULATING all day!  This is ONE chick that may have a chance in the ring with 'MONEY' Mayweather!  SHE PACKS QUITE a PUNCH when she finds out her 'friend' is encroaching on her 'territory'!

THIS on ONE chick not to be MESSED WITH.... SIDE CHICKS beware of the 'SHARKEISHA SLAM'....and she KICKS TOO!

there is more.....

WATCH : #BlackInkCrew Season 2 Ep 9 [video]

Did you MISS the ANTICS of the 'Black Ink Crew'?? Well CATCH UP on WHAT YOU MISSED HERE!!!


#RKelly TEASES new single with #KellyRowland 'All The Way' [audio]

R. Kelly's 'Black Panties' is DROPPING in DECEMBER, now today we have a SNIPPET from a SLOW BURNING JAM featuring the LOVELY Kelly Rowland entitled 'All The Way'!

#Jeezy and #CTE give back to the HOMELESS for #Thanksgiving! [video]

It's GREAT to see when CELEBS think enough to GIVE BACK to the LESS FORTUNATE during the HOLIDAYS!!

Check out Jeezy and his CTE crew feeding the homeless at the Atlanta Mission in NorthWest Atlanta!

This is HEARTWARMING because he didn't just GIVE OUT SOME TURKEYS, he put on the gloves and actually helped out in serving the food and STILL had time to sign autographs for the fans!  You GOT TO LOVE Jeezy for that!

A real STAND-UP GUY right there!!!

WATCH: #RealHusbands of Hollywood Season 2 Ep: 8 [video]

Did you MISS Episode 8 of 'The Real Husbands of Hollywood'?? Well Kevin Hart has 'KNOCKED' up model, Selita Ebanks now he must suffer the CONSEQUENCES!!

EX-#Steelers and #Purdue Footballer #DorienBryant talks about being GAY in the #NFL, other players who were 'on the fence' and #JasonCollins!

Dorien Bryant who was a STANDOUT at Purdue and was a part of the Pittsburg Steelers could have been potentially the 1st NFL player to come out as GAY is speaking out now.

Bryant is the subject of a profile in Philadelphia Magazine and it details a talented athlete who is also in love with himself  and ended his NFL dreams due to injuries and not wanting to hide. He was cut by the Steelers, then declined offers from the Titans and Cowboys.

"I had a great time doing it while it lasted, but I didn't think I could commingle the NFL life and the life I wanted to live," he said. ... "I loved football. I just loved myself a little more."

Bryant also says he was not quite alone at Purdue in desiring men:

Dorien can recall several teammates he's certain were not exactly straight. "I think there had to be a solid six or seven guys, who-I'm pretty sure-I mean, they may not have been gay, but they would definitely get into bed with a guy." And while he says neither of them currently play in the NFL, he knows at least two Heisman winners he strongly suspects are gay.

While in college, Bryant dated a male cheerleader, but after it ended, the player was outed to his friends. "I had to play dumb," Dorien says.
 "That could have ruined my life." After the breakup, for example, Bryant found himself the object of some gay-baiting by fans at Indiana State during a game.
Bryant also has a few choice words about the now openy-gay NBA player Jason Collins:

New Video: #Eminem 'Rap God' [video]

As promised, just in time for TURKEY DAY, Eminem drops the 80's -inspired 'Max Headroom' visual for 'Rap God'!

Check it out!!!

DOPE, right!?!?!

#TaylorSwift & #PrinceWIlliam sing 'Livin on a Prayer with #BonJovi! [video]

This beats KARAOKE night at the local pub any night, right.  Picture this, Taylor Swift and Prince William ROCKING OUT to 'Livin on a Prayer' with the actual singer of the ICONIC HIT, Jon Bon Jovi!

Swift attended the Winter White Gala at Kensington Palace in London Tuesday evening, where she performed for the 200-person audience during the charity dinner.

But the surprise of the night was the IMPROMPTU performance from Swift the Prince of Wales and Bon Jovi! Check it out!


#ConradMurray talks #MichaelJackson's HEALTH, SEXUALITY and MORE! " I held his Privates every night!" [details]

In a RECENT interview with '60 Minutes Australia', Conrad Murray, the doctor for Michael Jackson in his last days SPEAKS and he is SPILLING all sorts of 'SECRETS' about the 'King of Pop'!

Murray talks MJ's health, sexuality and MUCH MUCH MORE!  He even says Jackson lived in FILTH in his last days and was incontinent requiring him to apply a CATHETER to his penis NIGHTLY!

 Read the SHOCKING DETAILS of Murray's interview!

#NeNeLeakes says #KenyaMoore couldn't AFFORD the PENTHOUSE! #Kenya CLAPS BACK! [details]

On the MOST RECENT episode of 'RHOA' we saw 'GONE WITH THE WIND' fabulous Kenya Moore living out of her boxes and SUITCASES like a BAG LADY in a rather SMALL, UNIMPRESSIVE HOTEL ROOM.  Bravo made SURE to show the SURROUNDINGS of the location to INSINUATE they were in a 'ROUGH' part of town.  Then NeNe Leakes SWOOPS in to save the day by taking Kenya to look at some apartments to get her out of a HOTEL.  A hotel with WHITE APPLIANCES, NeNe was sure to point out! LOL (I feel NeNe on that ONE!).

Upon being shown a FABULOUS penthouse in Atlanta, Kenya looked unimpressed, or rather a bit out of her PRICE RANGE maybe?

NeNe took to her Bravo Blog to point out that she and Kenya AREN'T FRIENDS, but she was trying to get to know her and help her situation but the blog implied that Kenya just didn't have the COINS to afford any better.  And of course Kenya REPLIED BACK!

Check out the BLOG WARS after the JUMP!

Moods & Moments: #Shai 'Comforter' [video]

You KNOW what time it is.  Time to pull that SPECIAL someone CLOSE and MELT INTO the night and maybe into the WEE hours of the morning.  Sometimes you just need a 'Comforter' to smooth it out and male EVERYTHING alright!!

The MOODS & MOMENTS slow jam comes from R&B group, Shai, with 'Comforter'....


#DWTS News: #AmberRiley and #DerekHough SNAG the coveted #MirrorBall Trophy! [details]

SHE DID IT!! Fan favorite, 'Glee' star Amber Riley and her partner Derek Hough are SEASON 17's winners of 'Dancing with the Stars'!!!

Congrats are DEFINITELY in order for Amber!!! After hearing the results, Amber spoke out to women of all sizes and colors, telling them "you can do whatever you put your mind to!"

Corbin and Karina Smirnoff came in second place, with Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke bringing up the rear in third place. COngrats to all the contestants for yet ANOTHER GREAT SEASON and of course a SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to AMber and Derek. This makes his 5th MIRRORBALL TROPHY!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#KanyeWest POPS OFF at #SwayCalloway on #SwayintheMorning! [audio]

Kanye West has been making the MEDIA ROUNDS a lot in the past few days.  Mostof his interviews have actually been EMLIGHTENING.  But when Kanye West sat down with Sway of 'Sway in the Morning' and was asked about FASHION.. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Yeezy POPS off at Sway:

Sway asked Yeezy about his FRUSTRATIONS with the fashion industry and why he just doesn't BUCK the sysytem and do it HIMSELF! This is what set Kanye OFF!!!

Kanye: How, Sway!? You ain’t got the answers, Sway! I been doing this more than you! You ain’t been doing the education! You don’t have the answers, though, because you tryna give me advice about something. You ain’t spend $13 million a year tryna empower yourself…What’s the name of yo clothing line? We don’t know… I just told you I lost the money ’cause I didn’t have the knowledge of how to do it the right way!

Sway: Okay, so you don’t have money to do it. That’s yo answer. You ain’t gotta turn up, man. This ain’t no fucking show, man.

So Yeezy LOST 13 mill!? No wonder he SPAZZED! Listen to the MEAT of the INTERVIEW here!

R&B Crooner #AugustAlsina posts a SELFIE exposing HUGE PEEN PRINT?! [pics]

R&B Crooner August Alsina is HEATING up the CHARTS with his hits, 'I Luv It' and 'Rain Down' but now he has hte LADIES going NUTS with a RECENT selfie he posted that exposes his HUGE..DONG!??


Gangs all here! #Drake brings out #NickiMinaj, Birdman, and #SnoopDogg in L.A.! More CELEBS SHOW LOVE![video]

If there was any BAD BLOOD between Nicki and Drake, it's all been SETTLED now.  FOr Drake's L.A. tour stop, the celebs were in FULL EFFECT and DRAKE enlisted his YMCMB BRETHREN to help his set just a if he needs any help.

Nicki Minaj JOINED Drizzy to perform 'Make Me Proud', and Birdman dropped in to perform 'Still Fly'.  Snoop Dogg drew most of the L.A. crown with is hits, “D.O. Double G”, “Nuthin But A G Thing,” and “Drop It Like Its Hot.”

The Jenners were in the house as was Kevin Hart and a slew of other CELEBS!

via: MissInfo

Vibes from the Vault -#Goapele- 'Closer'- LIVE

Singer Goapele performs her hit song 'Closer'!

GCRPCSL by YardieGoals

New Music: #Ashanti 'I Got It' feat. #RickRoss and #Future! [audio]

Ashanti is still PUSHING that 'Braveheart' train with a HOT NEW SINGLE featuring Rick Ross and ad libs from Future!  I think Ashanti has a HIT on her hands with this one.

WORD FROM THE CURB is 'Bravheart' is still set to DROP the 1st QUARTER of 2014!


#Prince ANNOUNCES a TRIO of Shows in Connecticut this DECEMBER! [details]

Prince fans on the EAST COAST are in for a TREAT this December. Just call it an after Christmas GIFT!  The ROYAL BADNESS himself is bringing his LIVE SHOW to Connecticut!

The legend is announcing plans to bring his epic live show to the East Coast with a trio of gigs next month at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

The concerts kick off Friday, December 27th, followed with a Saturday, December 28th performance and finishing on Sunday, December 29th. Tickets for all three gigs go on sale Friday, December 6th at 10:00 a.m. through Ticketmaster.


WATCH: #RobinTHicke performs 'Feel Good' on #TheVoice! [video]

Did you MISS Robin Thicke on 'The Voice'!?? Well WATCH it right here as he heats up the stage with 'Feel Good'!

Robin is HAVING a BANNER year, right!?!?!?

WATCH: #TLC perform 'No Scubs' on #DWTS with #LilMama! [video]

TLC is busy making the ROUNDS this week!  Fresh off of their PERFORMANCE on the #AMAs Sunday, the lovely ladies are BACK on ABC performing their HIT, 'No Scrubs' on 'Dancing with The Stars' with a little HELP from LEFT-EYE stand-in Lil' Mama!  Check the LADIES OUT

It might just be ME, BUT I am ACTUALLY getting USED to seeing Lil'Mama with TLC!  Left-Eye is IRREPLACEABLE, but Lil' Mama fits in WELL and the LEGACY contnues.....

#FamilyGuy EXEC reveasl WHY they KILLED #BrianGriffin! [details]

Yes it's just a CARTOON, but we are still 'REELING' at the death of 'Family Guys' Brian Griffin!  After 11 seasons he is NO LONGER!  AND was QUICKLY REPLACED!!  The Execs NOW reveal WHY he was KILLED OFF!!!

You are going to want to HEAR THIS!!

#KanyeWest TALKS DUMPING #Nike for #Adidas to #AngieMartinez over CREATIVE CONTROL! [video]

I reported LAST WEEK that Kanye West had JUMPED SHIP from Nike and moved to 'GREENER PASTURES' over at Adidas.  Well NOW we know the REAL REASON for the SWITCH.  Kanye West FRESH off of his PHENOMENAL SHOW at Madison Square Garden sat down with Angie Martinez to discuss his 'GREATNESS' of course and the REAL reason he's taking is IDEAS over to ADIDAS!  Oh, Kim Kardashian was in the MIX for SUPPORT as well!

Check out the INTERVIEW!

Well it MAKES SENSE!  If they don't respect your CRAFT, 'take your balls' and play elsewhere.'  So from now on we are going to call Kanye's 'RANTS' just EXPRESSIONS of TRUTH.....

WATCH: #LHHNY Season 5 EPISODE 5! [video]

'Love & Hip Hop' is getting CRAZIER!! Saigon has BABY MAMA DRAMA NOW and Peter Gunz still dealing with the FALL-OUT of his TWO RELATIONSHIPS!!

CHECK the NY CAST OUT at there BEST and WORST!

Moods & Moments: #SevynStreeter 'It Won't Stop' feat. #ChrisBrown [video]

It's about that time.. TIME to MELT into the NIGHT.... Grab that cuddle buddy--it's cold out-- and do what comes NATURALLY to mind at this hour....

I told you guys about this RISING SONGWRITER and SINGER earlier this year.  Sevyn Streeter has been BLAZING up the charts writing for Ariana Grande, ALicia Keys and Chris Brown and I featured her in our 'Bubbling Under' section for RISING HOT NEW STARS, and now she has a sultry #1 solo single of her own.  The Moods & Moments jam of the night is 'It Won't Stop' feat. Chris Brown!



With EVERYBODY TWERKING all over the place, did you ever think someone would ever give a SYNCHRONIZED TWERK CHOREOGRAPHY CLASS??!!

Well check out these SUPER bad WHITE CHICKS getting it IN, TWERKING !!!

Sexiest Twerk Choreography... Ever? // By Elena Yatkina / DHQ Fraules from Phat Booty Cuties on Vimeo.


Those CHICKS were GETTIN' IT!!!
Miley Cyrus needs to TAKE THIS CLASS!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rupaul's #Dragrace IMPACTS February 2014!! [teaser]

Have MONDAY'S been a DRAG for you.... Well don;t FRET,  RuPaul and an ALL-NEW CAST of DRAG QUEENS are COMING BACK to LOGO in February!!!

Get a TEASER....

DATS ALL YOU GET ...for now HUNTIES!!!!!


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