Friday, May 31, 2013

#KanyeWest REVEALS Official 'Yeezus' Album Art!!!! [pic]


Kanye West drops the OFFICIAL 'Yeezus' ALBUM ART!!!

“No cover, booklet, just a sticker on the reverse of the package with the track list"


BRAWL breaks out at Kindergarten graduation over... Spilled PUNCH!?? 8 Arrested! [video]

Can you imagine being at your little one's KINDERGARTEN graduation and and ALL-OUT MELEE BREAKS out over... FRUIT PUNCH!!??

Yes, this is a TRUE STORY from Cleveland, Ohio.
Melee: Cleveland police arrest a woman involved with a fight that broke out at Michael R. White Elementary in Cleveland after a kindergarten graduation

Police were called when one participant of the event at Michael R. White Elementary School pulled out a pipe and another a hammer.
Two rival teenage girls apparently started hitting each other, and their families joined in, Cleveland police Cmdr. Wayne Drummond said.

No charges were immediately filed, but the 8 arrested were being booked for aggravated rioting, Drummond said. By city practice, charges are filed after prosecutors review a case.

City Councilman Jeff Johnson lives across the street from the school, said spilled punch sparked the violence, with one person pulling out a pipe and another a hammer, leading school security officers to call police.

‘It was a very chaotic scene,’ according to Drummond, who said the fight erupted as the ceremony was ending about 11am and then moved outside.

REALLY??? WOW.. how sad!!!

It's a good thing no one was injured.

Star Tracks: Crazy in LOVE- #Beyonce & JayZ in #Berlin! [pics]

It's so good to see that after all this time, Jay-Z and Beyonce are still 'CRAZY IN LOVE'!!!

Check out the two having some RED WINE while in Berlin recently.


#HNN- HOT, NEW NOW, HOT TOPICS!!! #Cheerios Ad Racist, #WIllSmith kisses son on the lips! AND MORE!

hot topics

WHAT'S HOT, NEW & NOW!!!?!?!?!?!?

It's been a MINUTE since I did my HOT, NEW, NOW, HOT TOPICS POST, so let's just JUMP RIGHT IN HERE!!!

Let's talk about this Mixed-raced Cheerios ad that has SOME up in ARMS!

What's wrong with a Bi-racial child enjoying breakfast with her Black father and White mother?  That is SO common in America.  I mean we DO have a Bi-RACIAL president!  People, get over it, the races are going to MIX!  Miscegenation is REAL and BEAUTIFUL!!! Find something else to be MAD about!

OK, 'After Earth' opens today.  The FLICK stars father and son Will & Jaden Smith.

While promoting the film in Taiwan, Will and Jaden stopped in on a famous Thai talk show where Will EMBARRASSES 14- year old Jaden with a SMOOCH on the LIPS!!

People had something to say about THAT! I mean it's HIS SON! That's AFFECTION between father and son. People need to GET OVER IT!! There are OTHER THINGS to be UPSET about. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!

Also I am not sure how HOT this is, but it is NEWS...kinda.

New R&B DIVA, Lil'Mo is back in the news. Recently she was interviewed and she said that 'R&B Divas' ATL wasn't a good fit for her and that the only MAINSTREAM artist on the cast was Faith. This then begs the question, how MAINSTREAM is Mo? I mean, we haven't heard from her REALLY, since 'Supewoman'. Hmmmmph. At any rate Mo has a side hustle going on now too---selling T-Shirts online. Really, I DIDN'T MAKE THAT IT. She is HAWKING, ‘Who’s Ya Publicist? Who’s Tweetin’ For Ya?’ T-shirts online NOW!!!
c923b3a52547ce979303a515691aac96 Weigh In:  Lil Mo Peddles Whos Ya Publicist? T Shirts On Twitter / Another Keyshia Cole Jab?

You want one??? You can get it!! Here is HOW!!!
“They’re here!! Place ya orders now!! s, m, l and xl Hit my gmail for prices!! V-necks available in small and medium. Limited quantities. Order ASAP!!”

I may pick one or two up for a friend.... LOL 

Is this is JAB at Keyshia Cole??  You remember earlier this year, Lil' Mo WEIGHED in on Keyco's Tweets about Beyonce and Kelly Williams.  Mo even went as far to say she could sing Keyco 'UNDER THE TABLE'.  Well she was RIGHT about that.  You KNOW Mo, be singing her FACE and LIPS off when she wants too and Keyco...well, she tries.

Mixed-Race #Cheerios Cereal Ad comes UNDER FIRE! EVOKES RACIST response online! [video]

What's SO wrong with this scenario:  A cute mixed-race child enjoying her breakfast with her African-American father, and her Caucasian mother.  APPARENTLY A LOT!

A new ad for Cheerios which features something that is VERY MUCH COMMON in America now has come under fire on the net by RACIST viewers, some who even think the ad is 'An Abomination'!!

Take a LOOK!

The ad has been PLUNGED into the media forefront because of the number of RACIST comments the ad has received online!


In 2013 America is still so AGAINST the BLENDING of RACES!? Really what's so BAD about this imagery.  The commercial is simply saying that 'Cheerios' are GOOD for you, with no overt overtones of race or politics.  Why are some so UP IN ARMS??

This is a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT and it shows the SIGNS of the TIMES.  Some people need to GET WITH IT!!!


HOT Shot of the Day: #KellyRowland 'Talk A Good Game' Promo Pic [details]

Kelly Rowland is gearing up for a HOT, BALMY, Summer if evidenced by this new promo photo for 'Talk A Good Game' due out June 18th!!!

Take a LOOK at the SEXY, Ms. Kelly!!!

kelly rowland talk a good game e1369953110729 Hot Shot: Kelly Rowland Unwraps New Talk A Good Game Promo

HOT Shot of the DAY!!
JUNE 18th!!!!

#Bridezillas #MarriageBootCamp premieres TONIGHT on WEtv! [video]

WeTV's HIT show 'Bridezillas' has spawned a 'BASTARD' of an OFFSPRING.  You knew if getting to the ALTER was DRAMA-Filled-- just IMAGINE what the MARRIAGE would be like??

Well tonight we see into the LIVE'S of 5 of the most NOTORIOUS Bridezillas as their marriages are on the BRINK of DESTRUCTION!

Check out the EXPLOSIVE trailer!  Divorce looks IMMINENT for several of the couples and there are AMBULANCES involved too!!!


#RandBDivas DIRT! #LilMo said she WASN'T DOWN FOR R&B Divas Atlanta![details]

Well we announced that the CAST for 'R&B Divas Los Angeles' was LOCKED, and one of the cast member was the songwriting genius and singer Lil' Mo!

Lil' Mo has written many hit songs and have been featured on or released her own HITS, but one may recall that Mo has some ATLANTA ties, so why was she not included on the Atl divas??
Well Mo had some CHOICE WORDS to say about that.  She tells S2S Mag that ATL 'wasn't a good fit for her'.

Mo goes on to say:

I got a call asking if I was I interested [in 'R&B Divas Atlanta'] and I really wanted to know who the cast was going to be – I mean Atlanta was cool but the type of artists they are, it just didn’t seem like a fit. I’m more hip-hop and R&B and that ATL scene just was a different vibe. Faith Evans was the most mainstream artist on there. So I wasn’t sure about joining the Atlanta one, but when the LA opportunity came around, I was like, ‘Yeah, this is more my style.

Interesting, right?   Can you imagine Mo with the ladies of ATL?  She probably would've been the 'ODD MAN' out.  I mean, Monifah fills that role of the hip-hop/slash R&B chick, so having Mo and Monifah probably woul'dve been too much.

I am anxious to see how the L.A. cast gels.  Lord knows that Mo can SING HER FACE off with that GOSPEL-TINGED dedication she brings to songs.

Can't wait to see what the L.A. girls bring to the table.

We all know ALL the LADIES on the cast have been through A LOT and have a STORY TO TELL!!!

New Video: #TamarBraxton -'The One' [video]

It's FINALLY HERE!!! Tamar drops the playful, summer time anthem, 'The One'!!!

Check it out!!!

f-tamar braxton-the one video shoot-the jasmine brand
It's NICE how she EMBRACES her PREGNANCY in the video!

I still think this song is SCREAMING for 16 bars from Kendrick Lamar or T.I.


OOPS! Wind Swept #KimKardashian ALMOST FLASHES her GOODS in Beverly HIlls! [pic]


No it's not a still from a photo shoot.  It's Kim Kardashian in all of her PREGNANT GLORY, almost letting her dress get the best of her.
Marilyn Monroe dress windblown 9.6 Million USD for Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe dress 9.6 Million USD for Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe dress
Kimmy almost has a Marilyn Monroe moment when the WIND whipped up under her dress.

I hope she was wearing PANTIES!!!


#StaceyDash and #LisaRaye REUNITED....on SET of.... [details]

It appears that FORMER 'Single Ladies' star and card-carrying REPUBLICAN, Stacey Dash has reunited with current 'Single Ladies' star LisaRaye McCoy!!
After there much PUBLICIZED on-set feuding that some say lead to Stacey Dash's EXIT from 'Single Ladies' one would think these ladies would never work together again, right? Wrong.  The two ladies have 'buried the hatchet' and have REUNITED!!!

Get the Details AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Could this be the LINE-UP for 'R&B Divas' Los Angeles!!???

Kelly Price, Dawn Robinson,, Michel'le, Lil' Mo, Chante Moore and Claudette Ortiz!!!!?????

I guess my attempts to SNAG Shanice have been THWARTED..... Hmmm.. good line-up though...
I wonder who's going to be the 'BITCH' i say DAWN from EnVogue.... Ms. Congeniality probably would be Chante Moore....


#Miguel 'DROP KICK' Victim #KhyatiShah threatens LAWSUIT!!! [details]

Like we didn't see this one coming.  The young lady on the RECEIVING END of Miguel's failed STAGE JUMP at this year's Billboard Awards has LAWYERED UP!!!!

Get the DETAILS....

Forgot about French!? Guess how many UNITS #FrenchMontana SOLD!


I guess the FANS FORGOT their French.  BadBoy rapper, French Montana, despite having a BEVY of GUEST STARS on his debut, 'Excuse My French' didn't fare so well in his 1st week sales!

Check out his NUMBERS after the JUMP!!!

Meet the #Smiths! #WillSmith and family at 'After Earth' PREMIERE!!

Check out this DAPPER family, The Smiths at the NYC premiere for Will and Jaden's 'After Earth'.

Jaden, Willow, Will, Jada, and Trey

This is a HANDSOME Family pic!
Willow looks like a 'NORMAL'

File:After Earth Poster.jpg
'After Earth' opens TOMORROW!!!

HOT shot of the DAY!!! #Ashanti flaunts BANGING Bikini BODY in #vEGAS! [PICS]


Nelly, you may want to take a DOUBLE TAKE.

Check out Ashanti flaunting her sexy fab BEACH READY BODY in Vegas!!!


HOT SHOT of the DAY!!!!!

(source: Rap-Up.Com)

#TBT-Throwback Thursday- SUMMERTIME- SONGS about SUMMER via #Janet #MungoJerry #Fantasia, #WillSmith & MORE! [video]

You know how I do every THURSDAY!!!  Well most Thursdays!!!

I feel like going back --way back..back into time.  Well maybe not that far back.  The posts today will spotlight some of my favorite throwback jams.  Back when the economy was good and music was even better!

Songs about SUMMER!!!! It's about THAT TIME!!! Summer is officially here, so let's go back to some of the BEST SUMMER ANTHEMS!!!!

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-'SummerTime'

Janet Jackson- 'And On & On'

Janet Jackson - And On and On - B-Side from TheDanceTuber on Vimeo.

Carl Thomas- 'Summer Rain'

Eric Roberson-'Summertime Anthem' feat Chubb Rock

MORE songs of SUMMER after the JUMP!!!

#OTS: On the set with #TamarBraxton -'The One' video!! [pics]

A little VINCE HERBERT growing in her womb hasn't stopped 'Braxton Family Values' standout, Tamar Braxton from pushing forward with her music career.  Tamar has wrapped on her summer banger 'The One' video and we have a few STILLS from the set.



And you KNOW Vince wasn't going to be TOO FAR away...

This is looking really FUN and FLIRTY for SUMMER!!!!

Even in PREGNANCY, Tamar is a KNOCK-OUT!!!!!

Love the song, but I am still thinking the BANGER is SCREAMING for a REMIX with Kendrick Lamar or 2 Chainz........

#JenniferLopez 'P*SSY POPPIN on a HANDSTAND' performance on #BGT causes CONTROVERSY in the UK!! [video]

Jennifer Lopez is GOING ALL OUT in promotions for her single 'Live It Up'.  JLO appeared on 'Britain's Got Talent' on Tuesday and gave one HELL of a PERFORMANCE wearing a leather leotard and matching thigh-high boots.

JLO's RAUNCHY dancing and provocative moves on the stage has cause some CONTROVERSY across the POND!!! I thought the U.K. was more LIBERAL than this!!! Oh the HORROR! LOL.

Sources say that there were a number of COMPLAINTS about JLo's SUGGESTIVE dancing reported. A spokesperson for Ofcom -- which regulates broadcasting in the U.K. -- told MailOnline, "Ofcom can confirm that it has received complaints about the 'Britain's Got Talent' broadcast, which we are assessing but not currently investigating."
They also took to Twitter to express their outrage, calling the performance "disgusting" and "totally inappropriate."
We've seen RAUNCHY. DO you think her performance was TOO HOT FOR TV? Get a little 'TASTE' here:

I've seen  a lot worse on DAYTIME SOAPS over here!!! What do YOU think???  Live it Up JLO...and cash that CHECK QUICK!!!! lol

Guess which #ANTM WINNER is PREGNANT!!!! [details]

Guess which 'America's Next Top Model' WINNER is EXPECTING a CHILD!!!!???  HINT: She was a 'WILD CARD'....

Check after the JUMP .....


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