Thursday, December 22, 2016

Moods & Moments- 12 Jams of #Christmas- #NewEdition ' It's Christmas( All Over The World)' [video]

There is nothing like Christmas time.  It is the time of year that even enemies can come together for a day. All over the world, people celebrate the birth of Christ.  This performance is fitting--New Edition performing 'Christmas All Over the World'.  The guys were performing as a quartet.  This was shortly after Bobby Brown left the group.  Five members or 4 or 6, New Edition is a timeless, trendsetting boy band that is unmatched!  And what a way to get into the SPIRIT!  The '12 Jams of Christmas' selection for the day goes to NE.  You KNOW what time it is... time to MELT into the NIGHT and get into the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS too...

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