Monday, November 11, 2013

WATCH: #RHOA Season 6 Ep: 2 #NeneLeakes sets Kenya straight, Kandi marriage woes, Cynthia HEALTH SCARE! [video]

Last night's RHOA episode did not DISAPPOINT in the realm of DRAMA!  As I predicted, Cynthia Bailey reveals that her HEALTH SCARE was actually FIBROIDS, and she is going to have to undergo an operation to get that under control.  The meet and greet with all the ladies did not yield much of a resolution--Phaedra and Kenya are still at odds and it seems that is going to be status quo for now.  Also Momma Joyce offered some CHOICE advice for Kandi about her upcoming nuptials to Todd.  We can see that this is going to be a LONG ARDUOUS road down the aisle for Kandi if she can't get her families to come together. Porsha rocks a NEW LOOK.  And Nene SETS KENYA straight an reminds her that SHE is the HEAD PEACH in the ORCHARD.  Take a look....


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