Thursday, October 31, 2013

'The Real' talk show with #TamarBraxton et all GETS PICKED UP on Fox!

Remember this summer Fox gave 'The Real' a talks show consisting of Tamar Braxton,Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Loni Love a TEST RUN?!?

Well the NUMBERS have spoken and the diverse 'View-like' talk show has been PICKED UP for a Fall 2014 RELEASE!!!

Ken Werner, President of Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution had this to say:

“This summer, the daytime landscape in seven Fox markets was dramatically altered when the women of ‘The Real’ exploded on to the air. ’The Real’ brought viewers a unique combination of elements that were missing from daytime, a real, multi-cultural conversation about issues that women of all ages are talking about. Daytime viewers from across the nation tuned in everyday to share in the fun, authentic, energetic and wonderfully outrageous hour that is ‘The Real’ experience. We are very excited to be bring this distinctive unique series to stations for the Fall of 14

Seems like a far away place, right? Not too far, and this gives the producers time to iron out all the kinks, cultivate an original show that is endearing and has staying power and it also gives the co-hosts time to do other projects and clear their calendars for this GRUELING task ahead. I have to be honest, i JUST SAW A preview of the show, but it was enough to let me know that these ladies work well together. This type of diverse platform is NEEDED, so that little girls and guys of COLOR can see people like them on DAYTIME TV an aspire for greatness as well.

AGAIN, congrats to the LADIES!!!

#Halloween 2013- #WendyWilliams as Wonder Woman and #Ellen and #HollyRobinsonPeete as #NickiMinaj! [video]

IT'S HALLOWEEN PEOPLE!! And we all know Wendy Williams goes ALL OUT for the occasion.  Watch her as Wonder Woman, and her guest Holly Robinson-Peete as Nicki Minaj!!

Nicki is a POPULAR act to COPY this Halloween, because Ellen did her BEST Nicki dress- up as well!!!

Did she CALL HER 'MEDIOCRE'? #Omarosa GOES IN on #Bethenny on her OWN DAMN SHOW! [video]

We all KNOW Omarosa likes to STIR the POT, right?  Just yesterday in a SITDOWN with Bethenny Frankel on HER show, Omarosa GOES IN on Bethenny alluding to the fact that because she is WHITE, she is ALLOWED to be 'MEDIOCRE' and still be SUCCESSFUL!


But Bethenny didn't PUNK OUT!! She stood up to Omarosa...KINDA... CHECK IT OUT!

*Updated* Gospel Artist #KevinTerry SEX TAPE LEAKS!! @TheLilMoShow SPEAKS OUT about it!![NSFW Video]

Kevin Terry a gospel artist from the group 'Predistined' allegedly has a SEX TAPE that has LEAKED!

The person on the video DOES appear to be Terry, but at this point we are unsure.  You can SEE FOR YOURSELF for those in the GOSPEL ARENA that know this public figure.  CLICK HERE for the NSFW VIDEO!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#Beyonce PREVIEWS NEW SONG in ‘Life Is But A Dream’ / Revel Concert DVD Trailer!!! [video]

Anxiously waiting for NEW MUSIC or a NEW ALBUM from BEYONCE!?  Well wait a bit longer, but Beyonce IS  releasing new material!!  November 25 sees the release of her 2 disc DVD set of her HBO special, 'Life is But a Dream' where she chronicles the making of '4' her pregnancy and all things in between.  If that's not enough, the 2nd disc will include her FULL Revel 2012 concert set and a new song for download, 'God Made You Beautiful'!!

You can get a TASTE of the new track in the TRAILER for the DVD roll-out package RIGHT HERE!!!


So..this is SOMETHING to TIDE you over until BEY RETURNS....

SHADE!!! #RBDIVAS @ThelilMoShow goes as #KellyPrice for #HALLOWEEN!! [pics]

WOW!! We KNEW that R&B Divas' L.A. stars Lil' Mo and Kelly Price have had a TENSE relationship since their RUN-IN with each other on the hit show, but Mo has taken the SHADE to a COMEDIC LEVEL by DRESSING AS KELLY PRICE for Halloween!  This is FUNNY right here!! She even has the Timberland boots and the Vaseline 'PROPS' in reference to Kelly's 'NON-THREAT' to Chante Moore during the DIVA-LOGUES TAPINGS.. LOL.. LIL' MO you are a FOOL for this ONE! LOL!

She posted pics of her INTERESTING costume on Instagram with the caption:

“Booked in real life!!! #costumeparty @vonlee1911halloween party!!! We turrrrnt”

LOL. You have to give it to MO, she got the LOOK down.  Even down to the PROPORTION (disproportion) of the HIP!! LOL

Lil' Mo is rocking Kelly's signature hairstyle-the all to one side number, and her unique CURVY, PEAR LIKE SHAPE.. and signature PINK STRETCHY BLOUSE! LOL

Recently, Mo spoke to Hot 97 about her relationship with Price and her other “R&B Divas LA” enemy, Dawn Robinson, and said that her relationships with them are now dead.

“Who knows, I don’t know what they are doing to this day and I don’t care,” said Mo. “I don’t Google her name, I’m not trying to be funny. I know her from church stuff. Like our circle, Donnie McClurkin to everyone in church sing [sic], That’s how I know her. She’s from NY as well, but maybe she been [sic] on the West Coast because she tried my life and I was just like you don’t do that with me.”

Kelly Price has not RESPONDED to the LOOK, YET.  But let's just CROSS OUR FINGERS that TVone had the CAMERAS ROLLING to capture this on FILM so we can LAUGH OUT LOUD on the NEXT SEASON of 'R&B Divas L.A'!

New Video: #ArianaGrande 'Right There' feat. #BigSean [video]

Just in time for Halloween, Ariane Grande releases the MASQUERADE-inspired whimsical video for her hit single, 'Right There'!  Big Sean pops up in costume in what looks like a PRIEST or a Knight or SOMETHING?  Go figure! But the visual is fun, flirty and definitely conveys the POP-FRIENDLY lyrics of the song.  And not to mention Patrick Schwarzenegger stars as Ariana's 'love interest'! Check it out!!


Don't you still get some MARIAH-ISMS about the video and song... YOUNG MARIAH-isms that is.....

#Drake talks 'Trophies' single to #RevoltTV and why it didn't make the Album! [video]

Yesterday we teased you with a little bit of Drake's UNFINISHED track, 'Trophies' that he debuted at his Barclay's Center show in New York earlier this week.

So of course the fans have been CLAMORING for the single and wondering why it wasn't included on NWTS.

WELL...BECAUSE it's not finished as Drake explains:

"I wouldn't even call it a leftover. It was definitely on the album," Drizzy explained. "I'm not really a throw it together kind of guy, and I had two different hooks on there. I didn't like either of them. I started sending it around, and as great as of a job as other people did, it didn't sound right if I wasn't on the hook." Drake said that he prefers to do his own choruses for the sake of his performances.

Check out what else Drake had to say about the track:

#Scandal! Baby On Board for #KerryWashington!! [details]

OHHH the SECRET is out for 'Scandal' star Kerry Washington!  Not that secret but the SECRET that she is EXPECTING her first child!!!

Watch: Real Husbands of Hollywood Season 2 Episode 4! [video]

Watch Episode 4 of 'Real Husbands of Hollywood'!  Kevin Hart and the GANG or up to their USUAL HIJINKS!!!

Did you MISS 'I Dream of NeNe' the FINALE!? Watch it HERE! [video]

Did you miss the finale of 'I Dream of Nene' the WEDDING!!?? Well it was quite INTERESTING to say the least and there were some really TOUCHING moments TOO!!


S/O to

Moods & Moments- #Silk 'Meeting In My Bedroom' [video]

It's a bit rainy and cool outside, so you KNOW what time it is....

Time to grab your CUDDLE BUDDY and MELT into the NIGHT.  Look at the CLOCK,it's almost time for a MEETING...

Did you get the MEMO, there's a MEETING in MY BEDROOM... Don't be LATE...

#ChrisBrown ENTERS REHAB!!! [Details]

Chris Brown has PROVEN as of late that he obviously has some type of ANGER ISSUE.  After SUnday's arrest and possible probation violation worries LOOMS, TEAM BREEZY has come up with a WAY to keep him out the SLAMMER.....GO TO REHAB!!!

WHY NOT!? It works for SO MANY OTHER troubled stars, right, so it should work for Chris too, right???


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#WBA Champ #AdrienBroner LEAKS SEXTAPE of himself 'RAW DOGGIN' two STRIPPERS? !! [video]

Somebody PLEASE get a hold of this KID!! He's being RECKLESS again and this time ITS ALL ON TAPE!! An ALLEGED SEX TAPE has come out of the wood works and let's just say, this guy must've FORGOTTEN its 2013 and UNPROTECTED SEX is HIGH RISK BEHAVIOR INDEED!!!

WBC lightweight and WBA welterweight champion Adrien Broner, who raised eyebrows with an offensive video of himself sitting on a toilet and appearing to flush money earlier this year, has been at it again. In the last week he has posted a profanity-filled rap video with flashes of nudity on YouTube, and then “leaked” a 54-second sex tape of himself (unprotected) with two women at

CHECK after the JUMP for the EXPLICIT PICS and VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

#Beyonce PHOTOBOMBS Fan in Austrailia! [pics]

Who wouldn't mind being PHOTOBOMBED by the one the ONLY Beyonce!?  Well a 15 year old Aussie fan got just that!!!


When a teenage girl posed for selfie at a recent Beyonce concert in Australia, little did she know the superstar singer snuck into the background of the shot.

“It was such a blur,” the 15-year-old girl wrote on her Tumblr blog. “I just remember her bending down to me and my friend and I just turned for the photo and wowoowow it was the best moment ever … I wasn’t even expecting her to look at my phone or notice me in the crowd.”


On the SET: #Drake shoots 'Worst Behavior' video in Memphis with #JuicyJ & more! [pics]

Busy tour schedule aside, Drake STILL has time to FILM a new video from his 'Nothing Was The Same project!

Check out Drizzy on the SET in Memphis!!

I hope this VIDEO is better than 'Hold On We're Going Home'.  I mean i digged the THROWBACK VIBE at the beginning, but that TIRED fight/save the damsel in distress scene has been DONE TO DEATH!

Watch: New #XMen trailer: 'Days of Future Past' Reunites the OLD with the NEW! [video]

X-Men FANS and STANS, its here!!!! The 'Days of Future Past' trailer is finally AVAILABLE for your VIEWING PLEASURE!!


The first official trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past has been unleashed online and fans will be thrilled to see the dream cast combines the star-studded ensemble from the original X-Men trilogy with that of 2011′s prequel, X-Men: First Class.



'SMILING GEORGE'- Take a look at #TheRoyalFamily Christening Photos of Prince George!


How ADORABLE!  On this side of the pond we are all in AWE of all things ROYAL!  Check out the christening photos of Prince George along with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Check out the WHOLE FAMILY below.


#Drake TEASES new song, 'Trophies' at NY Tour Stop! [video]

Drake let out all the stops at his 'Would You Like A Tour' New York stop.  At the Barclay's Center, Drizzy teased a new track, 'Trophies'.  Check it out.

SOUNDS FAMILIAR?  Well you may remember this GRANDIOSE track from one of Drake's album teasers for, 'Nothing Was The Same'.

So since there are NEW TRACKS possibly, could Drake be gearing up for a Re-Release of NWTS for the holidays or a NEW ALBUM a'la Justin Timberlake style??? We'll see.

Monday, October 28, 2013

World Premiere: #Eminem 'The Monster' feat. #Rihanna [audio]

Eminem RETEAMS with the BAD GIRL, Rihanna for another SMASH with 'Monster'

I Like this!!!

#JulianneHough APOLOGIZES for BLACKFACE #Halloween Costume! [details]

Sometimes you just have to sit people down and tell they are making a MISTAKE.  One of Julianne Hough's HANDLERS should have told her that donning a BLACKFACE Halloween costume when she is CLEARLY not BLACK is just not ACCEPTABLE as a CELEB.

At a Halloween party on Friday night, the actress dressed up in blackface, adding an orange jumpsuit and a name tag that read "Crazy Eyes," as a nod to the character on Netflix's Orange is the New Black.


By Saturday, Hough was apologizing on Twitter.

Uzo Aduba as Crazy Eyes in a scene from 'Orange is the New Black.' ...

"I am a huge fan of the show Orange is the New Black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created. It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize," Hough tweeted.

Sometimes people just don't know what is OFFENSIVE. At least she apologized, but it seems that she should have known better from the START don't you think?


#JenniferHudson DEBUTS new SHORT PIXIE CUT! DIG or DISH IT! [pics]

Academy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson has worn LONG TRESSES for years, but for 'Black Girls Rock! JHUD debuted a SEXY SASSY SHORT PIXIE CUT!!!  Are you DIGGING the NEW LOOK!!???

NICE!! And look at that BODY! Did you ever think Jennifer Hudson would be THAT SMALL!!  It's good to see these celebs letting their SCALPS BREATH with short DO's.  All the WEAVE has to be GRUELING on the HEAD, right?  JHUD LOOKS GOOD HERE.

DO you DIG or DISH the NEW CUT!?!?!

Look & Listen: #LadyGaga PERFORMS 'Do What U Want' & 'Venus' on #Xfactor UK! [video]



Watch Lady Gaga PERFORM, 'Venus' and 'Do What u Want' on 'The X-Factor U.K.'


#MariahCarey REVEALS 'The Art of Letting Go' single COVER! [pics]

NOVEMBER 11th, Mariah debuts her newest single, 'The Art of Letting Go'.  But we have the SINGLE ART TODAY!!!

Check her out... LOOKING FAB at 43!


Put A Ring On It! #Ciara and Future are ENGAGED! [details]

Over the weekend Ciara was CELEBRATING her 28th birthday when rapper Future gave her another surprise- a 15-Carat engagement ring!!!

A resp for Future confirmed with the Associate Press that the two are indeed engaged. No word on a wedding date, but CONGRATS to the PAIR. Seems a bit SUDDEN, but LOVE is LOVE. Let's HOPE they make it down the AISLE and maybe a REALITY SHOW SPECIAL might follow. Everybody else is doing it...


#KanyeWest TALKS #Yeezus Tour, #KimKardashian and FREESTYLES on #BigBoysNeighborhood! [livestream]

Kanye West is LIVESTREAMING NOW ahead of his 'Yeezus Tour' takeover of the Staples Center tonight!  Yeezy is FREESTYLING, gabbing about Kim an d talking about his FAVE RAPPERS RIGHT NOW!!


The individuals behind the #TrayvonMartin blackface #Halloween costume have a past of CRIME & RACISM!

The individuals in the photo depicting Trayvon Martin (white male in blackface) and George Zimmerman as a Halloween constume have a history of crime and racism.

William Filene (right), Caitlin Cimeno, and Greg Cimeno are the Facebook users in the photo. Filene, 25, was arrested in June and charged with felony auto theft. He has also been arrested for loitering and failing to register an automobile. Filene is currently on probation for 18 months.

Caitlin Cimeno, who posted the picture on her Instagram account, once berated a black girl on social media who wore a “Black Girls Rock” T-shirt. Under the photo, Cimeno wrote:

“First of all, sorry but mommy lied to you & secondly if I was wearing a short that said ‘white girls rock’ I would be stared at and called a racist cracker.”
Cimeno has since DELETED her Instagram page. I am sure she will POP UP later with a different screen name to avoid SCRUTINY!


#MeekMills brings out #NickiMinaj at #Powerhouse2013 [video]

Watch Meek Mills and Nicki Minaj PERFORM at POWERHOUSE 2013!!!

#JayZ CONTINUES Collaboration with #BarneysNewYork DESPITE Racial CONTROVERSY! [details]

The SHOW MUST GO ON, well at least the CHECKS keep CASHING.  Despite recent racial controversy with Barneys New York and a PETITION for mogul Jay-Z to SEVER ties with the retail conglomreate, JAY-Z's LAUNCH will GO ON! Shawn Carter will continue his collaboration with the company.  GET his REASON after the JUMP


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