Monday, September 16, 2013

Shirtless in #NYC! Critics REACT to the RISE of SHIRTLESS MEN in PUBLIC in New York! [details

It must've been a HOT Summer in NYC, because there has been a RISE in the amount of SHIRTLESS MEN that parade around the streets DAILY.  AND the PUBLIC has taken NOTICE!! Check this out!!

"It doesn't feel right," trainer Rob Morea told The New York Times. "It's like going to a business meeting in your underwear." He's talking about the recent proliferation of men walking the streets of Manhattan (and riding the subways) without a shirt on. These half-naked men have taken the heat of the city as an excuse to forget social decorum, as part of the "dressing down of America" that's sweeping across the country.

The Times calls out actor Orlando Bloom as a conspirator in this whole thing, as he was recently spotted walking in TriBeCa in shorts, shower shoes and not much else. The article points to a general loss of surprise, awe and titlation when it comes to male nudity in our society, with billboards, TV shows and now, strangers on the street, making it as common place as oh, say, female cleavage.

Oh and there's MORE!! <-------------click details="" for="" here="" p="">
Guy Trebay/The New York Timesy
Chest-baring men, includes Jean-Luc  Constant, a model.

If you have it, why not SHOW IT OFF?  Why is AMERICA so UPTIGHT when it comes to the HUMAN BODY!!??


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