Thursday, September 13, 2012

#Sears in HOT WATER over lingerie AD!!!

It appears that retail giant Sears is in a bit of hot water after a racy revealing pictures from their website goes public.
A racy image showing a woman in a purple lingerie slip with her nipple exposed on the Sears website has been republished by amused Internet forum users, adding to a growing backlash against the retail giant.
The embarrassed department store quickly removed the product, which was filed under its Exotic Apparel, and Lingerie and Sets sections for $25.99,

While reactions from users swayed from nostalgic amusement over old Sears catalogues, to outraged consumers who found the 'inappropriate' material offensive, the nudity slip-up comes just months after the American Family Association accused the retail giant of 'selling smut.'

Peep the RACY PIC here!!!! AFTER THE JUMP!!

See, it wasn't as bad as you thought.  I've seen worse during daytime television.  The U.S. is TOO uptight when it comes to nudity in my opinion.

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