Monday, April 30, 2012

New Music: #Usher- 'Lemme See' feat. #RickRoss

Usher is in full push for his upcoming album, 'Looking for Myself'.  The Pop/R&B crooner releases yet more new music in the form of 'Lemme See' which features MMG's Lieutenant, Rick Ross.  This time around, Mr. Raymond returns to his R&B roots.  We all know he can rule the international dance floor, but we always love when he gets back to R&B!  Take a listen:

Alternate link:

#KellyRowland officially OUT at #XfactorUK!!!!

The ink on the paper has dried and the deal has been pulled off the table.  Kelly Rowland has decided NOT to rejoin the judging panel for X-Factor UK.  It was said that Simon Cowell really wanted Rowland to stay, but the scheduling and the travel was not congruent with Kelly's plans for her upcoming album this fall.  The official statement has been released:

After much speculation, we can officially confirm today that Kelly Rowland has decided not to return as a judge again for this year’s UK X Factor. Global commitments coupled with the show’s increasing demands this year mean that, despite weeks of deliberation with the show, Kelly has not been able to agree a deal that fits into her autumn/winter schedule, so sadly cannot accept a place on the 2012 panel.

Kelly thoroughly enjoyed her role as a judge on the show, but felt that if there couldn’t be a workable solution to scheduling issues, so that she could effectively juggle her other commitments then she couldn’t wholeheartedly commit to the show this year. Kelly says, "I love the UK and being part of the show last year. Mentoring the girls was such an incredible experience I will never forget. I would like to thank Simon for the great opportunity and asking me to be a judge last season."

#JayZ unveils the #BrooklynNets NEW LOGO!!!

Jay-Z finally unveils the new logo for his Brooklyn Nets.  Sean Carter designed the logo himself and he kept it really simple.  But here it goes!!!  Take a look at the design after the JUMP!

LOL: #MartinLawrence as 'Sheneneh'

Martin Lawrence in my eyes is a comedic genius.  Not only was the 'Martin' show groundbreaking, but it was roll on the floor funny in its heyday.  I know I am not the only one that is looking forward to 'Martin' reunion.  Speaking of, has Martin & Tisha Campbell-Martin 'kissed and made up' yet?  I hope so. because there just HAS to be a reunion of this fine ensemble of comedic actors.

One of the break-out characters Martin Lawrence played has to be the cantakerous next-door neighbor 'Sheneneh'.
Martin is definitely up there in the ranks of Flip Wilson and Eddie Murphy.

And the votes are in! RuPaul's DRAG RACE winner ANNOUNCED!!!

RuPaul left the fans and the DRAG-testants tongues wagging last week when the WINNER was withheld for another week.  The votes are in and teh winner will be announced TONIGHT on the RuPaul Drag Race REUNION SPECIAL!  So did you cast YOUR vote?

Are you Team Chad
Team Sharon or Team Phi Phi???

Best Choreography in a Music Video! via #Michaeljackson,#Ciara, #Usher, #Janet & MORE!

What makes a great music video?
Location? Check.  Great song? Check.  and of course the CHOREOGRAPHY.  There have been some great artists that always manage to deliver killer moves onstage and in their visuals.  Let's visit some of the best to ever do it, shall we?

Who else can serve up a HOT song and SULTRY dance moves at the same time:


Paula Abdul-'Straight Up'


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Energy Shot- #TheFamilyStand- 'Ghetto Heaven'

Don't you just miss the 90's!!!?? This was a time when music was really about MUSIC and not about gimmick.  Sometimes you just need a slice of GHETTO HEAVEN-SEGUE.  And with that being said, let's dig back into the crates and groove to The Family Stand's 90's hit, 'Ghetto Heaven'. The Family Stand comprises of Peter Lord, Jefferey Smith, and the amazing
Sandra St. Victor. The song Ghetto Heaven was huge hit on the R&B
charts back in 1990 and the hook was later used by Common in 2001 for
a song of the same title.

Dig IN!!!

#PresidentObama SHINES at White House Correspondent's Dinner! Shouts out #YoungJeezy!?[video]


Anybody who was anybody was in attendance at the White House Correspondent's Dinner in Washington D.C. over the weekend.  And as usual, our President showed once again why he is one of the COOLEST CATS around.
 President Barack Obama poked fun at the Secret Service scandal in Colombia at Saturday night's celebrity-studded White House Correspondents' Dinner.
"I have to get the Secret Service home in time for their new curfew," Obama said.
Obama also chided his secretary of state for her behavior in Colombia during trip to the Summit of the Americas.
"She can't stop drunk texting me from Cartagena," Obama jokingly said of Hillary Clinton, who was photographed drinking a beer and dancing in Cartagena.

Take a look!!!

#Justinbieber 'Believe' Album Cover REVEALED!!!!

'Beliebers' are you ready for the unveiling of Justin Bieber's eagerly awaited album, 'Beleive'? Well the disc drops on June 19 with production from Diplo, Pharrell, Danja, & to name a few.  But we have the 1st look at the album cover!  Are you ready?  Here is goes:



'Boyfriend' the video debuts next week as well!

Star Tracks: Wardrobe Malfunction!? #Kanye loses his pants for Kim K!!!!

While out dining in NYC on last night, the new 'IT COUPLE' Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were spotted going to 'Lion', when that bloke Yeezy appeared to have a wee bit of trouble with his trousers!  Take a look!

We wonder what was going on in the back of the limo??? Hmmmm???
Someone get Kanye a Louis Vuitton belt, STAT!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Star Tracks: #GaboureySidibe shows off her 'JOLIE LEG'!!!!

Ever since Angelina Jolie showed her gams in the revealing Academy Awards dress, ladies in Hollywood have been giving their best 'Jolie Leg' as well.  Now months later, we see 'The Big C' star, Gabourey Sidibe puts her best foot, err, leg forward to show off her luscious leg.  What do you think????

Gabourey Sidibe doing the Jolie


Saturday Slingback: #Usher -'Love in this Club' feat. #YoungJeezy

The weekend is shaping up nicely, the weather is GREAT and you have a few dollars in your pocket.  So now it's time to hit the CLUBS!  Buy a few drinks, acquire a few numbers and maybe even get some LOVE UP IN THE CLUB--SEGUE.  And with that being said, the Saturday Slingback takes us back to 2008 with Usher's 'Love in this Club', which features ATL's Young Jeezy!

#DMX EMOTIONAL REUNION with his estranged Mother!!!!

DMX has been featured on Vh1's hit reality show 'Couples Therapy', where he has been baring his soul in attempts to repair his broken marriage.  On the latest episode, DMX is coming to grips with abandonment issues he held against his mother.  This has been a sore spot for X all of his life, and he is finally facing the root of his problem.  He reunites with his estranged mother and the tearful reunion exposes a side of DMX we seldom see.  Take a look!

Get More: Couples Therapy

Friday, April 27, 2012

Romance BACK ON! Coupled Up- #Ashanti & #Nelly hit the DKMS Red Carpet together!!

On again off again couple Ashanti and Nelly have baffled us for years on whether they are actually an item or not.  When asked separately, the two often times avoid the question, or have a really clever return response.  Well if our eyes serve us right, the two must be 'back on' right now.  Nelly and Ashanti were seen on the red carpet at the 6th Annual DKMS Gala benefiting cancer research last night in New York.
The 'non-couple' looked SMASHING in black and burgundy, don't you think?
Both are busy respectively.  Ashanti is charting her comeback to the music scene and Nelly is also working on new music to be released this summer.

Move over OCTOMOM- NONOMOM is about to POP! Woman carrying 9 babies makes HEADLINES!

Our very own 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman has been in the news alot lately for her welfare bid, her safety, and the welfare of her children that was in question, but all this media focus may shift down below the border. There is a new 'oddity' on the horizon--NONOMOM!!!!

A Mexican woman is pregnant with nine babies - six girls and three boys - the country's main broadcaster Televisa reported on Thursday night.

The woman was identified as Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila, which borders Texas. She is currently being treated at a hospital in the state capital Saltillo, the broadcaster said in the report.

Perez, whose age was not given, had fertility treatment leading to the multiple pregnancy, it said.

State-owned news agency Notimex also reported the pregnancy, saying Perez was due to give birth on May 20.

"It's very early to think of names for the babies," Perez told Notimex. "First I hope that everything goes well."

The successful delivery of nonuplets would be one of the highest multiple births ever recorded.

SIDEBAR: Perez already has a set of triplets---hmmm sounds familiar!  Hope she has GREAT insurance coverage!!!

Hot (or Not) Shots- #HalleBerry

One might quickly ask the question, "How can raging beauty, Halle Berry's beauty ever be questioned?"  Well, the ones who've asked this have not seen this latest picture of Berry.  Take a look and then you will see why she is in the 'Hot (or Not) Shots' of the day.

This was snapped earlier this week in L.A. where Berry is trying to get a judge to let her take her daughter to France to get away from the paparazzi.

Hmmm, in this picture, Berry looks like somebody's auntie that is at all the PTA meetings with a cigarette in her mouth complaining about why all 6 of her children aren't doing well in school.
This is not a flattering picture of Halle.  The way too curly wig, the drab outfit and the no-make-up face all spell DISASTER.  And that's the perfect time for the PAPS to snap a photo.
The 'NOT' Shot of the day goes to HALLE BERRY.  Sorry people, I am an equal-opportunity

Now if she gives me a little of this:
She INSTANTLY goes back to 'HOT' Status!!!

SMOKING HOT that is!

#KatyPerry gets BOO'D on 'Idol'!!


Pop Tart, Katy Perry has broken so many records on the music charts this year and is loved by millions so what what make her fans suddenly turn on her?  Yes, Katy Perry's fans boo-ed her last night on the results show of 'American Idol'.  Why, you might ask.  Well it was billed that Perry would appear on the show.  But what wasn't readily known to the fans was the she wasn't actually going to APPEAR.  What went down was a pre-taped performance and that Perry was no where in the building.  The fans did not take well to this 'SURPRISE', and were very VOCAL about their disapproval.

Twit Pic'n (Yo Nose) #Mariah & #RickRoss TOGETHER!

Songbird, Mariah Carey was spotted hauled up in a Miami studio with none other than 'Mr. Miami', Rick Ross!!

The two paired up to do some work on Mariah's highly anticipated comeback album.  Jermaine Dupri is behind the boards as well as a number of other A-list producers.  We know Mariah and J.D. make magic together when they work.  And MC always get the hottest MC's at the moment to guest on her singles, so new music from this team should be FIRE!!!

#Lil'Wayne SCRAPS joint album with #JuelzSantana!!!

Remember last year when Liltunechi and Juelz Santana toyed around with the idea of doing a joint album called, 'I Can't Feel My Face'.  Well, the disc was actually in the works, but legal issues from both parties delayed the project, now Lil' Wayne has decided to scrap the idea completely.  He explains why:

"I actually got at [Juelz when I got out [of jail] and told him, 'Man, I think it's time we really capitalize on that,'" he explained. "[Now], he can't work how he wants to work because they shut down his studio. I sent him some music and he didn't send them back in the time-fashion that I work. I started putting extra verses on those songs and I've moved on."

So if you can't move when Wayne moves, you get dropped-- just like that. Weezy says he'll be using much of the music recorded for I Can't Feel Face for his upcoming album 'I Am Not a Human Being II'.

You can't blame the guy though. When you are in a creative space and someone or something is holding you up, you erase and replace and keep it moving! You have to RESPECT that WORK ETHIC!!! Too bad for Juelz thought. But GREAT for Lil' Wayne fans!!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Video: #NickiMinaj 'Starships' *UPDATED*

The premiere for Nicki Minaj's,' Starships' was just a few minutes ago!!! Are you ready for the HYPERDRIVE, futuristic BIKINI BEACH PARTY?????

DIVE in!! Look at Nicki's LADY LUMPS!! WOW!

1st Listen- #Brandy 'Put it Down' feat. #ChrisBrown

Brandy fresh off her her moving and revealing 'Behind the Music' special last night is hitting the ground running in reclaiming her place among the R&B royalty.  Brandy graces her with the 1st single from her upcoming album 'Two-Eleven', in the form of the Chris Brown assisted 'Put it Down'.
 New Song: Brandy & Chris Brown   Put It Down (Full)

Brandy builds her latest single around a cheeky little refrain, "Imma put it down/You gon' fall in love," before showcasing her dearly missed, still potent pipes. Ms. Norwood leaves the rapping to Breezy, who takes over at the 2:30 mark and tosses out an inspired "sippin' on that brandy" double entendre. Most importantly, the production (courtesy of Bangladesh) showcases the classic Brandy sound, but doesn't overpower which let's Brandy smoothly transition into an updated, 2012 sound. Take a listen!


*Updated* #HulkHogan TAPE does EXIST!!!? VIDEO LEAKS! [NSFW Video]

Weeks ago, rumors begin to swirl that Hulk Hogan had a sex tape that was making its rounds around the Net.  Hogan acknowledged that he had 'tons of sex' right after his split from his then wife, Linda, so he didn't discount the fact that a tape may be in existence.  Now it appears that some stills from said sex tape have leaked.  TAKE A LOOK!!!
Hulkamaniacs BRACE YOURSELF!! NSFW pics after the JUMP!!!!


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