Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Throwback: #Janet- 'What have you done for me lately'

The Icon, The innovator, there can only be one--JANET JACKSON.  In light of Madonna's recent exploits for attention by subliminally bringing up Janet's Super Bowl incident, I think we should let Madge know that Janet is unfazed.  What has Madonna done, lately? Hmmm, her movie 'W.E.' didn't do so well at the box office and was panned by critics.  Now she has to enlist the flavor of the month Minaj to help sell her latest single---seems like someone is REACHING.....  Madge, is dope, but JANET is the DOPEST!!!! Tell 'em why J.....

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#Madonna vs #Janet part 2- Madge SHADES Janet on #JayLeno!

Madge is busy in promo push for her upcoming SuperBowl Halftime show.  She stopped in on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about the show and the new album and her movie, but in Madge fashion, she had to throw that whole 'Nipple' thing back in play yet again.  It's funny, how many times has Madonna shown her vagina or breast or gotten banned for some reason, and now she has this MORAL COMPASS that guides her? PLEASE!!!! SIT DOWN.  Madonna is a great entertainer, but the constant shots at other people like Janet and GaGa make her look desperate and attention-starved.  Enough already.  By the way did anybody go see her movie, 'W.E.'?  I didn't think so.  It BOMBED from what I heard... At any rate.. take a look at her clip from Leno.

More #Xfactor eXits! #PaulaAbdul & #NicoleScherzinger AXED as well!

The shake-up continues for X-Factor USA.  With the reports of Steve Jones' exit, more heads are set to roll!  Word is that Nicole Scherzinger will not be returning and fan favorite Paula Abdul has been axed as well!  And the rub of it all is that Simon personally recruited Paula to the talent competition and did not call her to let her know her pink slip was on the way.  She had to learn from a lawyer connected with the show.  Ouch.  I knew changes were coming, but to ax Paula too?  Nicole and Steve, I can see, but 'Paula Purebread' Abdul?  At the very least, Simon could have called his good friend to soften the blow.

Word is that Simon has not found replacements for the booted X-Factor alums.  The only ones left are L.A. Reid and himself.  Any thoughts on who Simon may recruit next????

4 tears in a bucket......

Drake says he will not respond to Common's jabs!!

Actor, turned rapper Drake has decided to take the high road and claims that he will not respond to any jabs or 'beef' towards him.  This comes after conscious rapper Common issued a series of subliminal and not- so subliminal jabs at the hip hop star.  When 'Nah Right Nation' asked the Canadian the question of whether he's respond to the 'diss' from Common, he had this to say:

No. Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a “hip hop moment” or a “battle for the sake of musical integrity”…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album. More than anything it was just disappointing cause what kid isn’t a fan of what Common has done for our genre. A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story.

I was actually surprised that Common took the approach that he did, seeing that he is a pioneer in a rap game that didn't really take too his conscious rapping at first.  Songs like 'The Light', and 'Come Close' are songs in the vain of what Drake is doing now, so it was a surprise that he would attack Drake for something that he has done in his career as well. 

I am sure Drake grew up listening to Common's music and may have even idolized the rapper.  I am sure it was a surprise to Drake that a person he looked up to would attack him in that way.  But at the end of the day, it is what it is, I suppose.  I would feel a little let down if a director or blogger or media figure I looked up to didn't receive me well after we met.  Hmmm, things that make you think.  Either way, Drake still manages to come out smelling like a rose in this instance.  WINNING????

Do you HEAR what I Hear? Is Estelle channeling MJB & Sade on new single, 'Thank-You'??

U.K. Chanteuse, Estelle has hit the pavement running in promotion for her upcoming release 'All of me'.  She just released a hot new single, the Akon-produced, 'Thank-You'.  This is a lush song about a love affair gone wrong and the lessons learned from that failed relationship.  Estelle's voice is some clean and pure, and when I listened to it the 1st time , i thought, 'Hmm, this sounds familar'.  Estelle's voice and delivery is hauntingly reminiscent of vintage Mary J. Blige with a hint of Sade thrown in for good measures.  I know I can't be the only person to think this.  As a matter of fact, fellow blogger and good friend of mine Brillion-A-Million was having this same discussion.  Hmmm, take a listen and see is you hear what we hear.


Compare to these CLASSICS!

Mary J. Blige-'Love no limit'

Sade'-'Cherish the Day'

I am sure these two ladies inspired Estelle.  I am sure somewhere online there is a demo version of 'Thank-You' that was shopped to Mary J.

Patiently waiting--Former J Record's Diva, #Olivia weighing her options, and drops NEW SINGLE! [video]

Olivia.  You may remember her as the 1st female signed to Clive Davis' J Records.  She was also the lone female on the G-Unit imprint.  Fast forward to 2012, 2 record deals later and a successful reality show on VH1, 'Love & Hip-Hop', the R&B diva is still patiently waiting.  The question has come up lately, 'Why can't Olivia get a deal?'  I am sure it is not getting a deal that is the problem.  Olivia has more talent in her pinky than some successful female acts out today.  No names need to be called, we all know there are some out there with less  cal prowess, than sex appeal, etc.  The singer, turned reality star is weighing her options and waiting for the right deal.  Olivia spoke with Big Tigger on his 'Live in the Den' radio show and basically cleared it all up.  She said there have been numerous deals on the table for her, but she wants to make sure that she finds the RIGHT deal for her.  Having been on 2 successful labels in the past, Olivia is wiser now and knows her self worth and is not going to jump at the first deal that is thrown her way.  Olivia just released the video for her new single, 'Walk Away', and by the looks of this hit, the phones will be ringing again.  The talent is there.  Take a look!

Shocker?!? Steve Jones OUT as #XFactor US host!!!

It may come as no surprise that Steve Jones is out as 'X-Factor' host!  Jones took to Twitter to announce that he would not be returning as the host for the talent competition's second season.

“I wont be hosting next seasons X Factor which is a shame but I cant complain as I’ve had a great time. Good luck to everyone on the show”

Jones did not say what reason led to his departure, but anyone that saw the 1st season can draw some conclusions.  Jones just didn't seem to fit the format of the show.  He appeared awkward at times and he lacked the panache say a Ryan Seacrest possesses to carry a show of that magnitude.  Some times his accent which in most instances can be endearing just came off as bland.  Needless to say, Jones is out of a job, which means the hosting gig s up for grabs.  Ahem, X-factor, call me.  I think I can free up some time on my schedule to fill those shoes. 
In related news, Ryan Seacrest's multi-million dollar contract is up with 'Idol' after season 11, so would'nt it be a power move is Simon Cowell snagged Ryan for 'X-Factor'?! That's be EPIC!  I mean he already snagged Paula.  Stranger things have happened....

While you guys are making needed changes, you can axe Nicole too.  Just saying....

Monday, January 30, 2012

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012- Winners and Red Hot Red Carpet Fashion!

The 18th annual SAG Awards was held over the weekend, and we have some exclusive pics of the winners and of course red carpet fashion at its best. 'The Help' won big as well as the Harry Potter franchise and 'Modern Family'.  Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis both won for their roles in 'The Help', Alec Baldwin for his role on '30 Rock', and Jean Dujardin won for his role in 'The Artist' as did Betty White for her role in the sitcom 'Hot in Cleveland'.  Check out the winners and the fashion:


Complete list of winners after the JUMP!!!!!

Mario Lopez STRIPS DOWN to his skivvies for ELLEN!!

Mario Lopez Strips Down To His Underwear For Ellen DeGeneres
Mario Lopez strips down to his skivvies on a recent appearance on "Ellen".  The 38 year old 'Extra' host was on 'The Ellen Degeneres' show promoting his new line of underwear called 'Rated M'.  When Ellen asked if he was wearing his line at the time.  Mario goes on to actually show her that he was and stripped down to his underwear!
Mario Lopez Strips Down To His Underwear For Ellen DeGeneres
 I guess that is one way to promote your line--MODEL IT YOURSELF!!!

RatedM, developed with the masterminds behind 2(x)ist, includes three styles: elementary, boxers and briefs made of a cotton/polyester/spandex blend; atelier, offering a “conversational waistband” and shirts with adjustable hems; and play, intimates made with a sleek combination of mesh and single-kit jersey.
“It’s smart, sexy and masculine,” Lopez says. “We like to say it goes from the boardroom to the bedroom and everywhere in between.”


(Pics: socialitelife.com)

Star Tracks- Happy Family: Will Smith and Jada "What Divorce Rumors?"

Even though divorce rumors have dogged celebrity couple Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.  The pair look very much the happy family in this recent picture. Will posed with his wife Jada and son Jaden, while visiting his home town to check out the Philadelphia and Charlotte basketball ball game on this past Friday.  Check out Jaden's new do!  He did away with the fro for a more grown-up look.  Guess all is well in the Smith house...for now......

One Happy Family

Seinfeld Fans! 'Elaine's boss on 'Seinfeld', Ian Abercrombie passes away!

Fans of the grounbreaking sitcom 'Seinfeld' are saddened as character actor Ian Abercrombie passed away from complications of kidney failure over the weekend. Abercrombie was the British actor that portrayed Elaine's boss, 'Mr. Pitt' on Seinfeld.

Having started his career as a dancer, Abercrombie spent four decades acting on the stage, screen and TV, before his seven episodes on Seinfeld changed his life.

"Incredibly so," he told CNN in 1998. "I mean, I have been around as an actor for 40-odd years, and this show knocked me out of the ballpark."

As Elaine's boss, he said, "I was a pain in the neck. I was a hypochondriac. I was many things, and I just made her life so miserable. She wouldn't take the salt off my pretzels, you know. She brought me white socks … she did a lot of things for me, but she could never do it right."

The actor was 77.


Mondays are such a DRAG! #RuPaul's DRAG RACE 4 premieres tonight!

Checkered flag ready, set GO!!! Let the backstabbing and wigs fly.  RuPaul assembles a new cast of characters for his 4th installment of the hit reality show 'RuPaul's Drag Race' premiering on Logo tonight at 9pm.  Ru pits the 13 aspiring drag queens against each other in challenges to test their 'dragatude levels' in hopes of becoming the next Top Drag Superstar!  Sometimes campy, sometimes crass, this show pushes the limits of the reality show genre into fits of gender bending frenzy.  Always classy, always sassy, RuPaul dishes up laughs and a healthy dose of sanity to the insanity that ensues in this new season.  Take a look a a sneak PEEK!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

'TWIT Pic'n (Yo Nose)'- @Drake on set OF NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!!!

Drake is busy on his grind, getting as much face time as he possibly can.  Drake was spotted over the 'weekend' on set filming another NEW VIDEO!!!! Fresh off of 'The Motto', Drizzy is still busy getting his visual in check.  For what song you ask?  

WELL>>>>>>> It's not what you think.  Although Drake tweeted a few weeks ago that he wants to make the video for the much anticipated, 'Take Care' epic, he wasn't filming that video......YET.  Drake was spotted on the set of The Weeknd's video for 'The Zone'.  The Weeknd  worked with Drake on 'Take Care', so now Drake is making sure he returns the favor.  'The Zone' is from 'The Weeknd's 2nd mixtape--'Thursday' and serves as it's 1st single.  

Don't fret, the 'Take Care' video is coming soon.

Star Tracks: #BBD, #MaryJBlige, #ToniBraxton,#LadyGaGa, #TamarBraxton at #VinceHerbert Bday Party! [video]

Now this is what I call a PARTY.  It went down in HOLLYWOOD on last night, the birthday celebration for producer and reality star Vince Herbert--who just happens to be the hubby to none other than Tamar Braxton.

Vince celebrated his birthday with his wife of course, and his former clients Lady Gaga and sister-in law Toni Braxton.  BBD was the entertainment for the eve and they got the party started with one of their HITS, 'Poison' which of course prompted Mary J. Blige and Toni Braxton to 'bust a few moves' on the floor proving that you can indeed trust big butts and smiles.  Take a look!
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Check out PICS from the Party!

(Video: TMZ)

Sunday Energy Shot- #BeenieMan 'Girls Dem Sugar' feat. #Mya

Some days you just want to go back to when music was actually GOOD.  Back in the days when all artists were'nt churning out copycat synth , dance tracks in hopes to appealing to the pop audience.  BeenieMan has always managed to stay true to his dancehall roots while still appealing to all audiences.  Let's go back just a bit to a hit from the year 2000.  Beenie Man teamed up with Mya and produced the hit, 'Girls Dem Sugar'

Beenie Man feat. Mya - Girls Dem Sugar by Dante35

New Video-VIPeak- @Liltunechi- 'Mirrors' feat. # BrunoMars

YoungMoney Captain, Lil' Wayne is not done with 'Tha Carter IV' just yet.  The rapper and young mogul is gearing up for the release of another single from the platinum plus 'Carter' disc in the form of 'Mirrors', which features Bruno Mars.  This is a good move, seeing that Mars is white hot right now, and this single is sure to make a huge splash on the pop charts as well.  Take a look and a sneak peek of the new visual....

Win a Trip to the 2012 Grammy Awards!! Find out HOW!!!!

The countdown to the Grammy's has begun, and Fuse wants to send 1 lucky winner and a friend to the 2012 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California on February 12th! Not only will you go to the Grammy's, you will get to walk the red carpet and attend the official Grammy after party! If that's not good enough, every week we're giving away a Grammy Nominee Music Pack! 

In order to do this Fuse has introduced Grammy Takeover Monday's.  Tune in to Fuse every Monday to see an all-day takeover for a 2012 Grammy nominated artist. Takeovers will feature artists from Hip Hop legends Lil Wayne and Eminem to R&B goddesses Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. While watching look for the special code at the bottom of the screen, once the code is presented go to http://Insider.Fuse.tv to enter that code for your chance to win! 

The next "Grammy Takeover" will air this Monday, January 30th starting at 6AM on Fuse TV!  With artist Eminem  as this weeks focus, this is one takeover you won't want to miss! Enter every week to increase your chances of winning! 

Check out the VIDEO!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

'Survivor: One World' SEXY NEW CAST Revealed!!!!!

CBS' venerable reality show, 'Survivor: One World' kicks off its 24th season on February 15 with one of the sexiest group of castaways on some time!  Let the backstabbing BEGIN as 18 new castaways set up camp in the Samoan Islands.  There is a twist to this season, gone is Redemption Island.  So once your torch is snuffed, you are out of the game FOR GOOD!  But the twist is that both tribes will live at the same camp and the tribes are divided by gender!  It will be a true battle of the sexes this time around.  I am not sure how this is a fair shake for the ladies, but I am sure the Survivor team has thought about how they can level the playing field.  Take a look at the sexy new cast RIGHT HERE!!!

BowWow boasts of BEDDING Kim Kardashian, Angela Simmons & Superhead!

BowWow went on 'The Breakfast Club' show recently and boasts about bedding the likes of Kim Kardashian, Angela Simmons and Superhead! He also hints to the fact that his 'sex game' is VICIOUS!!! Hmmmm, anybody believing this??? Well listen to LIL Bow Wow brag and boast about his sexual exploits......


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