Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chris Brown gives a Lap Dance-Trey Songz brings out 'Unusual' guest!

Although SpringFest at Bicentennial Park in Miami was marked by some disorganization and confusion, there still manged to be a great show. During Chris Brown's set, he shows the world that he REALLY knows how to 'Dougie' and he brings a fan onstage for a hot & steamy Lap dance! Take a look.

During R&B crooner Trey Songz performance, he brings out special guest Drake to perform 'Unusual' and 'Successful' with him.

There's something about Kelly!

Kelly Rowland has been everywhere lately.  With the #1 'Motivation' track on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts, Kelly seems poised to make it really big this time around as a solo artist.  In case you did not also know, Kelly has been tapped to be one of the judges for Simon Cowell's 'X-Factor' UK!  That's a really good look for the young artist.  Speaking of a 'good look', just recently, Kelly gets uber-glam for a photoshoot for 'Wonderland Magazine'.    Check out a few shots:

Naomi and Alek may have some competition?  There's just something about Kelly!

Now & Then: Chris Brown & Keri Hilson

Since the annual SpringFest in Miami was so disorganized, causing Chris Brown to throw a tirade, and upsetting Keri Hilson and pre-empting part of her set, let's do a "Now & Then" for the pair.  Chris Brown and Keri Hilson have a 'history' with each other.  They have collaborated with each other on more than one occasion, so we are sure this weekend's mishap will be water under the proverbial bridge by Friday. 

NOW: 'One Night Stand'---> Keri Hilson feat. Chris Brown

THEN: 'Superhuman'-----> Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson

Chris Brown Throws a FIT (with good reason this time) ! Keri Hilson not too happy either!

Over the weekend Chris Brown and others were less than happy about the annual Springfest at Bicentennial Park in Miami for Memorial Day.
 Word from the curb, is that Chris Brown almost 'had a fit' over the disorganization of the event.  Here's the word: Chris, who was on time for his set, was left waiting in his trailer for over 3 hours because the set and the other artists that were to perform had gotten rearranged, and their was clearly no organization in the whole event.   Of course Chris Brown was not happy and is said to have a mini-tirade.  But this time its somewhat justifiable.  But in Team BREEZY style..the show must go on...eventually. LOL

 As a result of the disorganization, other artists' sets had to be shortened or delayed for the lack of organization.  Most noted, Keri Hilson tweeted that her show had to be abbreviated due the accommodations of other artists.  This is what the singer tweeted about the event:

Spring Fest Miami 2011

Hmmm, seems Keri got bumped for Chris?  Well if it were you, which artist would you have rather seen Chris or Keri? 
I think the people in charge of the concert knew just what they were doing.  I'm just saying....

Monday, May 30, 2011

'Basketball Wives' comes ROARING back tonight!

If you thought Tami and Evelyn's fight was TOO HOT FOR TV, get aload of what's to come in season 3 of
Vh1's 'Basketball Wives' Season !  New DIVAS,MORE DRAMA!

(Yeah, I know they could've photoshopped the picture a bit better-LOL- I didn't do it-VH1 did)

Never Forget.... Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day 2011 is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 30 in 2011). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War. It was extended after World War I to honor Americans who have died in all wars.

The Gamutt wishes everyone out there a Grand Memorial Day!

Get 'the skinny' on Vh1's 'Single Ladies'-FIRST LOOK!

VH1 will air it's first scripted series tonight, "Single Ladies", starring Stacey Dash, LisaRaye McCoy and Charity Shea.
The show is part soap-opera part reality show-like, but a whole lot better.
Let's take a sneak peek into what we can expect tonight.
Meet the 'Single Ladies':

Val (Stacey Dash) is a hot, talented stylist who has gambled all her resources on opening a trendy boutique, "V. She's scrambling to get some traction there at the same time she has split up with longtime boyfriend Quinn.
Quinn's a good guy, but when Val realizes she really wants him to put a ring on it, it turns out he's not that good a guy.
Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) has lived the kind of life a lot of teenage girls dream of living - dancing in videos, getting invites to party with the stars. But she's not quite a star herself, and now she's just old enough to be afraid of becoming a replaceable part in the world she loves.
She has a cat-and-mouse relationship with a 'player'.  She just isn't sure where she wants it to go.

Take a look-- we think you will like!

Inspirational Vibe: Mary Mary-'Walking'

Everybody needs a little pick me up every now and then.  So to put some inspiration into your day, let's hear the latest release from Grammy-nominated duo, Mary Mary, 'Walking'.

Kelly Rowland & Lonny Bereal shoot 'Favor' video!

Rowland is steadily burning up the charts with her # 1 single, 'Motivation'! Everybody who is everybody seems to be hopping on her track to offer their versions of 'remixes' to the hit record, Da Brat, Jeremih, and even R. Kelly. Kelly is busy finishing up her highly anticipated album, 'Here I Am', but she took time to help out a fellow artist by gracing his debut single. Grammy-nominated songwriter, Lonny Bereal is set to release his debut single,'Favor' where he teams up with the beautiful and talented Kelly Rowland. Bereal has worked with Kelly before as a vocal arranger and songwriter, but this will the first song that they've sang on together. Lonnie Bereal has written hits Chris Brown (I Can Transform Ya), Pleasure P (Under), Tank (Please Don’t Go), Jamie Foxx, Keri Hilson, and Keyshia Cole.
We caught up with Kelly on the set of their new video and Kelly talks what its like working with Lonnie, her new project and Beyonce.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Video: Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo & Nayer-'Give Me Everything'

Mix some reggaeton, Pop synths and a touch of R&B and you have Pitbull's latest single, 'Give me everything.'  'Everything' is steadily climbing up the Pop/Dance charts and appears to be fastly becoming one of the big dance/club songs of the Summer already.

Good collabo here, Ne-Yo is the perfect touch on the hook.... TAKE A LISTEN!!!!

New BEYONCE single due out THIS WEEK! And its not what you think!

The world just can't get enough of Beyonce!  Beyonce sets trends, then breaks them goes left and stars new trends.  Hot off the success of the video 'Run the World(Girls), and winning the Millineum Award at this year's Billboard Music Awards, Beyonce is not stopping.  Beyonce's camp is readying the 2nd official single from the album, '4'.  Although 'Until the End of Time' has been floating around the net.  And Bey gave an emotional and moving performance of '1+1' on the American Idol finale last week, neither of those are single #2.

So, what does Bey have up her sleeves now?
Sources are saying that the next official single will the the BabyFace-penned 'Best thing I ever Had'.

According to Concreteloop:
Song 2. The second song they played for us was another mid-tempo ballad. In the track Beyonce sings, “You don’t deserve my tears,” “Thank God you blew it,” “Sucks to be you right now” and more. Reminded us of “Irreplaceable” with the song content but overall the song was good. Beyonce said BabyFace wrote the track for her and told CL exclusively that she was“very emotional in the studio while recording”.

JustJared reports:
SONG #2(Best Thing I Never Had) ———- This mid-tempo song has lots of drums much like “Run The World.” “Babyface wrote the song,” Beyonce told JustJared.com. The track is about karma and revenge and kicks off with, “What goes around comes back around.” Some key phrases from the song include, “Best thing I’ve ever had” and “Best thing you’ve never had.” The best line in the song goes, “You showed your ass, baby I saw the real you.” The song closes with, “Sucks to be you right now.”

Hmm, sucks to be anybody else right now, once Beyonce's cd drops, all of the idle chatter is sure to cease and true talent, devoid of gimmicky costumes and outlandish acts to garner attention not needed.   True talent and vocal ability will stand alone at the top. You can't really ever be steered wrong with BabyFace at the helm. This is sure to be another smash!

Stacey Dash opens up about her character on VH1's 'Single Ladies!

VH1 is set to release a mini-series, 'Single Ladies' starring Stacey Dash and LisaRaye McCoy tomorrow.  The series chronicles the perils and fortunes of 3 women as they navigate the single life.  Queen Latifah serves as executive producer for what is sure to be a must see series.

VH1 spoke with Stacey Dash who portrays 'Val', a single woman that is seeking love, but gets her heart broken in the process.  The character is somewhat of a parallel to Dash's real-life status as she has been thrust back in the the 'single- life' after three failed marriages.  Let's see what she had to say about that parallel.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rihanna causes a 'riot' at Rockefeller Plaza!

Pop diva, Rihanna kicks off the summer by causing a 'riot' at Rockefeller Plaza yesterday!  Well maybe not a riot, but her fans would beg to differ.  Rihanna took to the streets of New York to kick off 'The Today Show's Summer Concert Series singing #1 hits from her 'Loud' disc.

Rihanna cooed and slinked down the streets of Rockefeller Plaza singing her #1 smash, 'S&M', as sexy dancers followed her to the main stage.
Take a look:


What a way to kick off summer!?!?
Rihanna's 'Loud' tour kicks off in a few weeks.

Throwback Video: DMX-"What these B*tches Want"

Ruff Ryder, and bad boy DMX has had his fair share of 'run-ins' with the law, but what's undeniable is that 'DARK MAN X' also had his fair-share of hit records too.
On November 19, 2010, DMX was arrested(again) in Maricopa County, Arizona for allegedly violating his parole by using drugs. He is now serving a full year term for the crime. On December 20, 2010, DMX was moved to the Mental Health Unit of the Arizona State Prison.

DMX will be a free man soon. After being sentenced to nearly a year behind bars for violating his probation, the embattled MC will be released on July 1. Once a free man, X -- born Earl Simmons -- will be under supervised watch until August 12.

We hope 'X' can get it together when he gets out of jail this time and stage a comeback, but until then, let's take a look at a classic, 'What these b*tches want' featuring Dru Hill frontman, Sisqo.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nicki goes VIRAL! New Video: 'Did it on em'

Nicki Minaj is BACK!!!!!
And this time the wigged-beauty has gone VIRAL!!! Nicki hot off the release of 'SuperBass' feat Ester Dean comes back for all the Haters with a clip/concert footage viral video from her hotly-anticipated single 'Did it on Em'.  I wonder who she actually 'did it on'.  You know another once upon a time 'Wigged Beauty' is somewhere ROLLING HER EYES... LOL....Check out 'Darling Nicki' in her latest visual


Thoughts of the VID???

Week of the Woman: 'Portraits' of 'Sisterhood'--THROWBACK-DC3

Wrapping up my 'Week of the Woman' Series is none other than a 'portrait' of sisterhood. What better way to display this than by highlighting a quintessential group that personifies just that. Destiny's Child has endured their fair share of ups and downs and bumps in the road, but once that perfect TRIO was reached, there was no stopping the ladies. With hit after chart-topping hits and successful solo ventures by all 3 ladies, this group embodies what I think 'Sisterhood' means. Through it all, they have remained each other's BIGGEST FANS. SO in praise of Beyonce's whirlwind week of accolades and praise at this year's Billboard Awards, Kelly's chart-topping # 1 single 'Motivation', and Michelle's successful run as 'Roxie' in Broadway's 'Aida', let's praise the girls for their successes.

Take a look at some Throwback moments with the 'sisters', friends and stars that collectively form 'Destiny's Child'.

GaGa makes one HELL OF AN ENTRANCE on Good Morning America!!

PHOTO: Lady Gaga Kicks Off Summer Concert Series

How can Lady GaGa top Lady GaGa?? Well this will show you!

Lady GaGa ziplines her way onto stage at the GMA Summer Concert series.

GaGa's 'Born this Way' disc which is out this week, is reported to sell a million copies!!

Week of The Woman: "Portraits of a comeback"

Monica, the R&B diva with the big voice and bigger heart.  Lately, Monica has been everywhere.  A successful comeback album, 'Still Standing', and a happy marriage and family, what more can an artist ask for these days.  Monica has uprooted her deep Atlanta ties and took her family to Los Angeles, where she still is a big part of the industry.  Monica is a mentor for the up and coming talent on NBC's 'The Voice',and there are talks about another album coming up later this year.  One thing I admire about Monica is that she comes off as a 'real' person.  No facade, no putting on airs--Just Mo. I've met Monica a few times and she always acts the same. She is a grounded individual and a very pleasant person on and off the stage.  Keep doing your thing Monica and we look for more new music soon!

Monica and Sons by Derek Blanks


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