Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Nick & Mariah And Happy Birthday to the TWINS!!

And you guys had that office pool going that it would last.  Happy Anniversary to Mariah Carey and Nick (The Luckiest N*gga on The Planet) Cannon.  And what a great Anniversary gift but the arrival of your first born? 

The singer, 42, and her husband Nick Cannon welcomed their twin son and daughter today (Saturday); on  their fourth wedding anniversary! -- at an L.A. hospital at 12:07 p.m., her rep Cindi Berger confirms to THE GAMUTT.

According to Berger, the baby girl was born first, weighing 5 pounds, 3 ounces, measuring 8 inches long; her brother followed, weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces, and was 19 inches. Congratulations to the proud new parents.  Berger told the Associated Press, that first-time Dad was so nervous that he went to the wrong unit in the hospital, and had to be guided to the maternity ward by a nurse.

"It was right out of an I Love Lucy skit," Berger said. The couple had musical accompaniment as Carey delivered their kids to "We Belong Together," her smash #1 single from 2006.

Awww, how syrupy sweet, I need to see a dentist, I just got a cavity.  LOL.  But really, congrats to the new parents.  I for one am glad that they babies are here and healthy.  Now I don;t have to see anymore magazines covers with those two on the front posing almost nude.

Now comes the bid for the 1st baby pics!? Who do you think will get the exclusive??? 'People', 'Us Magazine'?  If they come out looking weird, maybe 'The Globe', or 'National Inquirer'?  At any rate, look to see even more mags with 'Carey & Cannon Plus 2' on the cover!

LOL: Why they set her up like THAT? LUNCH MENU FAIL!

The Fayetteville State University Cafeteria lady was a brave trooper and decided to flex her public speaking chops to record the menu of the day for the school. LOL. Bless her little heart! BUT SHE FAILED MISERABLY! Who set her up like that!!!??? LOL Dirty Dirty Dirty people pushed her to this?
Coming off of her last job being the speech writer for George Bush, this should've been a piece of cake!  Listen up---TOO FUNNY!!!!

Why didn't she just stop, take a deep breath and start over?? She got it together, (almost) at the end though
HBCU alumnus, you can bite me now! I don't care. LOL I went to a WHITE SCHOOL! lol

Bruno Mars is so 'LAZY' on 'American Idol'.

Pop star Bruno Mars, stopped by 'American Idol' the other night and gave the last remaining contestants and the audience a taste of what it's like to be 'Lazy.'  'The Lazy Song', is Mar's latest single.  Take a gander......>

21142824813 by yardie4lifever2

Pop Life: Britney nabs another Platinum Plaque!

  Oooops,she has done it again!
Britney Spears' 7th studio album ‘Femme Fatale’ has been certified platinum  by the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA).  The album, which was released March 29th, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart, becoming her record-breaking 6th #1 album .  It seem to take no time at all for POP SENSATION, Britney to nab yet another platinum plaque.  This is great momentum as she embarks on her World Tour with rap phenom, Nicki Minaj.  JUSTJARED was able to get some inside footage of Britney as she rehearsed for the upcoming tour.  TAKE A LOOK at what you can expect........

Friday, April 29, 2011

Style for Style: DKMS GALA 2011

DKMS, the world's largest bone marrow donor center, furthered its fight against leukemia with the organization's 5th Annual DKMS Gala on Thursday, April 28th at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC.

Pharrell Williams served as emcee for the black tie event which  included an emotional first time leukemia patient and donor meeting, a special Lion King performance in honor of Shannon Tavarez and a performance by Grammy Award winner, Mary J. Blige. All proceeds raised will go directly to registering life-saving bone marrow donors.

Pop Star Rihanna had this to say at the fete:

"Anyone can be affected by leukemia," said Rihanna. "It is the number one disease children in the U.S. die of and we can change that. I encourage people to become bone marrow donors with DKMS. If we have more donors, we can save more lives."

*Keri Hilson*

Keri must have thought she was at The Royal Wedding.  She had a porter hold her train as she entered.
Every woman can dream, right?  Celebs do the darndest things..... LOL


*Leighton Meester*


WTF Moment: Akon

Why? For what reason?  Akon felt the new to show off at a recent concert.  Don't quite know why.  He looks like a Tootsie roll sprayed with Armour Oil. LOL.  I'm just saying.... People do the DARNDEST things...

akon3 Freeze Frame: Akon Wants To Show You Something
Thank for this 'gem'.

WTF Moment: Shaq & Hoopz

Somebody help me caption this????

I mean what is it? What's going on? How odd?  Is she trying out for cheerleader or something and is Shaq 'spotting' for her?  This is an odd couple.  VH1, We, Bravo, please get a camera crew here STAT.  This is a reality show waiting to be born!

Somebody please tell me how do they have sex?  I mean the proportions are all off.  Physically, how do they manage?  It's probably like a Great Dane trying to hump a Yorkie? Not a good visual..... *shivers*


Atlanta Hawks send the MAGIC packing..bye bye Gilbert & Dwight...!

While everybody was all geeked up over 'some dude's 'wedding overseas, the Hawks were taking care of business here at home!  Our Atlanta Hawks sent Dwight, Gilbert and the Magic home...and out of the 1st round of the Playoffs last night with a 84-81 victory!  Congrats to The Hawks!

This marks the end of a troubled season for Gilbert Arenas; traded from the town that made him a star, deal with some personal and professional strife, and fall well short of his task of helping Dwight Howard get back to the NBA Finals. On a brighter note, The Hawks move on to round 2.

Joe Johnson led the Hawks with 23 points and 10 rebounds (seven offensive), and he was joined in the double-double category by Al Horford's 10 points and 12 rebounds. Crawford and Williams added 19 points and 10 points, respectively.

The Hawks won the series, 4-2, and will now face the Chicago Bulls in the second round.

Prince Harry BORED at his brother's Wedding!

See. I am not the only one.  Even Prince Harry was bored at this long drawn out process.  Or maybe he's thinking. "What about me DAMMIT!!!!! LOL"

JUST JOKES Y'all.. Stop sending me HATE MAIL to my's already FULL! LOL


Lil' Mama @ The Royal Wedding!

Wouldn't it be FUNNY AS HELL, if LIL'Mama popped at the alter of THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!!

All the glamour and the ambiance is surely enough for Lil'Mama to get up out her seat and rush the alter.  "It's just adrenaline!"


Do it Lil' Mama! Bum Rush the scene!!


I'm just saying....

Royal blues..... The Royal Wedding 2011

Congrats to the Prince William &Kate.  The Royal Wedding Day is finally here! Come inside...

Royal Wedding Coverage Live

Royal Wedding Home
Guests at the wedding

OOOHH, Awwww, beautiful.  Glad the day is here! As part of the media I felt I had to post for the fans.  But I'm full...
Weddings are great and all, and the grandeur, and romance of a royal wedding is even greater, but I am not going to be glued to the media coverage of the event.  So here yo go....


Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011: Will you be there?

This is what you would've gotten IF YOU WERE INVITED! LOL  But like myself, you were not. So you will have to just watch it on television like everybody else.  LOL

The Royal Wedding is just a few hours away.  It is expected to be the most watched event this year and for quite some time.  Will you be watching?

Is Nick Cannon the 'black' Ryan Seacrest now?

Nick Cannon, is 'the man' right now!  This guy is definitely 'winning'.  Married to one of the most successful solo female artists of all time, Mariah Carey, he is expecting two bundles of joy really soon and is the host of NBC's 'America's Got Talent.  The former Nickelodeon star, rapper, actor, deejay, video director and MTV Networks personality is now the Chairman of TeenNick and the development and creative consultant of the network.  All of this under his belt and Cannon is only 30 years old!

This is quite an amazing feat for an artist so young in the came.  Some people may say that Cannon is 'corny', or a 'sell-out, but you have to respect his business savvy.  He has amassed quite an impressive resume and he only 30 years old!  It seems things are only looking up for the young mogul.  Is Nick Cannon the black 'Ryan Seacrest'.  This guy is everywhere and he's about to get even BIGGER.  Nick already hosts the morning show (6-10AM) with co-hosts Nikki and Southern Sarah Lee at 92.3 NOW FM (WXRK-FM) in New York, and starting April 23, Cannon will launch his own weekly chart program "Cannon's Countdown" syndicated by CBS Radio .  So you will be hearing even more from Cannon.  He will have an R&B/Hip Hop format of the countdown as well as a Pop Top 40 countdown. 
If you don't respect anything else, you must respect that HUSTLE!  I wish i was Nick right about now....
Much success to Nick Cannon and his growing family!

WTF Moment: "Soulja boi & Diamond sittin' in a tree......??"

Well, I was not going to say anything about this 'news', because I tag that this as ATL NEWS, meaning, not too many people checking for this... just local.  But since everybody, and when I say everybody, I mean ATL media has been talking about it, I am going to just give it a little bit of attention.  Anyone from or affiliated with Atlanta knows that rapper Lil' Scrappy and former 'Crime Mob' femcee, Diamond have been an 'item' on and off for years.  At one point I do believe they were even engaged.

Okay, fast forward to 2011, it appears that the two or on the outs again.  SO recently at any ATL event. Diamond & Soulja Boi were seen canoodling.  The two looked like quite taken with each other.

So apparently, Diamond has moved on.  But that's just the tip of the iceberg.
 Lil' Scrappy's mom obviously  didn't take the break-up too well and took to the radio to voice her level of discontent:

"Okay, the b***h done got breast implants and booty shots, the b***h ain’t real first of all. Secondly, Soulja boy is gonna come behind him anyway.

So at the end of the day Scrappy is chilling, he’s fine, he’s the Prince of the South and he got it good. He’s living good and he ain’t thinking about that b***h…dirty low down b***h.

She [Diamond] lied like a motherf*cker! Called Scrappy back, talmbout ‘I was just hanging out with him’.
Whoooo! I wanna put my hand round that b*tch throat."

But then, just a few days later, it seems that 'Momma D' had a change of heart, and had this to say:

This is what 'Momma D'  had to say when she called into an Atlanta radio station.
"Hello, this Mama D. Hi… as far as I know, I just found out the the indication about Diamond may not be true and I wanted to call and apologize for venting. I was just trying to protect my son and Diamond knows I love her like a daughter…"

Wow, what a difference a day makes.  I can understand the instinct of most mothers is to protect the well being of their child, first and foremost.  So she may have reacted on that instinct.  But lately, it seems like celebs mothers are getting extra 'gangsta' these days.  Waka Flocka's mom, Deb, is known to get quite involved in her son's 'affairs' as well as Lebron James' mom.  Maybe the mothers need to just chill out, reap the success of their offspring,shop and enjoy the fame?
Lil' Scrappy seemed to take the 'high road' as if the whole incident didn't really phase him.

Scrappy went on the radio to discuss his side of things:

"Y’all just gotta chill out…. at the end of the day when two people like each other, it ain’t nothing you can do about it.
I’ve been kickin it with her for a minute and we both been openly dating.
Shawty gotta get her money! Ya feel me. And however Shawty gotta get her money she gotta get it. And Shawty is Young. She gotta get it. The world can’t judge her, just like they can’t judge me.
But when he kissed her…in those pictures you saw on the web. Well… I don’t know what to say.
But from what I heard it wasn’t nothing…"

My take on the matter.  Although this is local NON-NEWS, I think that if Diamond wanted to 'hang' out with Soulja Boi, she probably should've not been so obvious and blatant about it.  Whether we like it or not, females are held to a different standard than men.  That's just how it is.  If a man did the same thing, it'd be accepted.  He'd be looked as as a 'player' or a 'gee'.  But females just can't have too many suitors, or engage in certain acts because they will be looked at as a 'groupie' or 'ho'. 
Although if you fall out of love and want to move on, that's fine.  Everybody has that right.  But it's not like Soulja nor Scrappy or burning up the Top 100 Billboard charts or making major noise in mainstream media, so going from Scrappy to Soulja Boi was just a lateral move.  She didn't 'up her game', so to speak, she just got some un-do attention that she probably didn't bargain on.  At the end of the day, WHO CARES!? lol
Do what works for you.  The whole ordeal seems comical, even, but hey, that's Atlanta for ya....  I'm just saying.....

"The VOICE" destined to STAND OUT in the crowd!

Did everyone catch the debut of 'The Voice' on NBC this past Tuesday?  It is a new reality singing competition show.  The twist is that initially the 'coaches' who just so happen to be some of the biggest stars in the music industry can not see the performers.  They have to rely on 'the voice' alone to see who has what it takes to make it in the 'business' of music.  The coaches are Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine, Goodie Mob stand-out and 1/2 of Gnarls Barkley, Cee-Lo Green, Grammy-Award winner Christina Aguilera and 2010's CMA country vocalist of the year, Blake Shelton.

Promos for the show have been circulating since November 2010, and I initially thought the show was going to be hokey.  "Just another 'American Idol' rip-off.", I thought.  But watching the debut, I was pleasantly surprised.  The show has a lot of character and it the back stories of the contestants is heart warming.  The premise that it doesn't matter what you look like, but what you 'sound' like is ever-present and it means so much to the contestants.  Some that have true talent, but because of their age, or disposition, may not get a fair chance in the music game.
You really have to use your ears and heart to determine true talent and not your eyes.  Vocal coach, Cee-Lo Green mentioned on the premiere episode that it is about the "Journey" and not about judging.  The coaches are there to provide guidance and assistance, not to critique and ridicule.  This is a refreshing take on the music business which is so fixated on the look.  While 'Idol' relies on pre-packaged 'artists' that 'look the part' of what America sees as a pop star, 'The Voice' takes the other avenue.  It's all about 'the voice' first and foremost.  The other variables are not as important.  You can primp & preen anyone into looking like a star, but 'the voice' makes you a star!
The vocal coaches each have to pick a team of 8 contestants to compete, which in time will be narrowed down to 4 contestants each until they find that one VOICE!
I for see this show doing really well and producing some true bonafide singers.

'The Voice' airs Tuesdays on NBC and is hosted by the likable veteran in the game, Carson Daley.

Obama tells Trump to 'SUCK IT'!!!

Well not really, but wouldn't it be COOL if he did.  Mogul/tycoon/reality star Donald Trump has been running around making a lot of noise about nothing.  Recently Trump recently brought up the issue of President Obama's birth certificate while on 'The View' back in March.  He explained that he thought there was something on the certificate that he [The President] didn't want people to see.
"It's inconceivable that, after four years of questioning, the President still hasn't produced his birth certificate."
Trump said, it only took him one hour to receive his.

Well, The White House has released the full version of The President's birth certificate.

The President's intent is to finally squash the legitimacy of his eligibility to hold office.
President Obama declared that, “We do not have time for this kind of silliness.”

The certificate says Obama was born to an American mother and Kenyan father, in Hawaii, which makes him constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president.
Donald Trump reacted to the release of President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate by the White House on Wednesday morning.

Speaking at a press conference in New Hampshire, the potential presidential contender said that he's "proud" in light of the disclosure. He added, however, "it is rather amazing that all of the sudden" the document surfaces. He suggested it should be inspected to ensure its authenticity.

The president's personal counsel, Judith Corley, traveled to Hawaii to pick up the documents and carried them back to Washington on a plane. The documents arrived at the White House around 5pm Tuesday.

While White House officials avoided mentioning Trump by name, they said they released the birth certificate partially because the issue had moved from a fringe discussion and into the mainstream media.

Is Donald Trump serious, or does he just like to hear himself talk?  Sounds like a bunch of HOT AIR to me.  There are far more pressing matters and issue our government needs to tackle.  Dealing with the ramblings of a reality star, although a rather wealthy reality star, is so inconsequential.


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