Monday, February 28, 2011

Look at him now! Chris Brown goes BLONDE!?

When you are riding on the success of a few hit singles, you have a bank account with a few zeros in it, an upcoming 'comeback' album in the works and an eased restraining order and time on your hands, why not pop open a nice bottle of hair color and DYE YOUR HAIR BLOND!  That's right, just do it for the sheer 'buzz' of it all.  Just Dye it, bleach it, whatever to make a splash on Twitter and the blogs.  This is what singer/actor Chris Brown recently decided to do. 
chris b12 e1298871558367 Hot Shot: Chris Brown Shows Off More Of Blonde Look
Brown just recently posted this pic of himself with his new blond coif on Twitter.  What do you guys think?  Of course he soon after became a trending topic.  Some people had some pretty harsh things to say about the new look.  If Beiber can cause an uproar over hair, why not Chris?  I don;t think it looks bad.  He can actually pull this look off.  'Hats' off to you Chris!  I actually like the new look!  Other notable adventures with the dye bottle include:

R. Kelly


Patty Mayonnaise (From 'Doug')

'Cat-fight' Rihanna v Ciara Twitter Beef?

Don't you hate it when people put words in your mouth?  Well apparently, Ciara let Joan Rivers put a few choice words in her mouth when the subject of Rihanna came up.  Cici recalled a recent meeting with RiRi where RiRi wasn't her usual 'charming', 'cordial' self. Rivers quickly chimes in, "BITCH!"  Take a gander after the jump---------------->

But it seems the ladies took the 'fight' to Twitter where they had a few choice words to say to each other, but quickly 'kissed' and made up.  Don't you hate girlfights?  They are always so quick to patch things up.  I say just get a tub of Jell-O and some bikinis and 'fight' it out that way and charge money.  That pay-per-view would make millions!  Check out the Twitter 'cat-fight.

A little 'fight' with the top chick in the game right now would do CiCi a bit of good.  Seeing that CiCi maybe searching for a new label and records haven't exactly flying off of the shelves.  I say do a 'Brandy & Monica' and duel it out in a duet!  At least everybody involved would pocket some cash! Hmmmm, call me.  I already got the video concept in mind, 678-555-5555.  Aren't all pretend numbers on tv '555' numbers?  I hope this isn't really someone's number.  But on the real.  When you guys are ready for the video.  Tell your people to call my people. LOL

Marsha Ambrosius : 'Far Away'

Marsha Ambrosius from the platinum-selling group Floetry has already been lauded for her work with the group and for her songwriting prowess.  But now, she steps out on her own releasing her debut album, 'Late Nights and Early Mornings'.
Hailing from Liverpool, England, fans first got a taste of Marsha’s talent as the singing half of the duo Floetry. Their 2000 debut Floetic produced signature singles like "Say Yes" and "Getting Late" as well as four Grammy nods. Following the 2005 release of their second studio album, Flo’Ology, the ladies veered creatively and personally. While the split was difficult, Marsha continued to build a name for herself as a songwriter and producer, creating "Butterflies" for the late Michael Jackson and other hits for artists such as Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx and Nas. She’s been nominated for a total of six Grammys and has been honored by BMI as their Songwriter of the Year.

Ambrosius has a unique sound all of her own.  When she first splashed onto the scene with Floetry, it was evident that she was indeed a powerful force to be reckoned with and would prove to flourish and grow onto bigger and better things as a solo artist.  Although her album has had many delays, listening to the completed work now was well worth the wait.  Her sound take you to a warm cozy place in the recesses of your heart, mind and soul and chills and thrills you into submission.  Marsha calls her sound "honest and consistent" and it was important for her to make an album with an overall cohesive sound. She explains, "I think with an album everything has to make sense, like ’Where is this story going?’'
Her 1st single 'Far Away' is haunting in its simplistic, lullaby-like tone, but speaks volumes with a message so poignant to today's social climate.  A message that the youth of today should take heed to.  It's clear that Marsha Ambrosius is a star that definitely getting brighter and brighter each day.  If you don;t have the disc, go get it. Itunes has it, your local stores has it.  A definite must have in the Ipod or Cd player.

BET's 'Rip the Runway' 1st look!

 It's almost Spring, so you know its time to put away those sweaters and jackets and show off the bodies we've been working on all winter, right? Well, at least Spring is sure to bring us another installment of BET's 'Rip the Runway'!  The 7 annual event was taped on this past Saturday eve, but doesn't blaze into your living rooms until late March.  Why does BET make us wait so long?  I asked myself that very same question, but you know how we do. Sexy duo Mehcad Brooks and Selita Ebanks will strut their stuff as the hosts of the most fashion forward night in style and sound on Saturday, February 26 in New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom. A celebration of music and fashion’s relationship, this year’s RIP THE RUNWAY will feature the collections of Rachel Roy, Tennille White, LaQuan Smith, Man vs. Machine, Lila Nikole, and Haitian designer WISB “Way It Should Be” Apparel, along with dynamic performances by musical heavyweights Wiz Khalifa, Keri Hilson, Fabolous, Lloyd, Melanie Fiona, Miguel and New Boyz.  Let's take a look at what we can expect on this year's "Rip the Runway'.

Labeled as the most fashionable night on television which pairs hip sounds with sexy style RIP THE RUNWAY premieres on Monday, March 21 at 10 PM*.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

83rd Academy Awards: Blacks shut out of Oscars this year

Not since 2001 has there been a complete shut-out of African-Americans being nominated for Oscars.  This year, there are none.  Its disappointing to see no people of color in the ranks.  When you look on the screen, it is always great to see reflections of people that look much like you, but this year, not the case.  But then on the otherside of the coin, the question arises, 'were there any roles for African-Americans worthy of being nominated this past year?"  There were a few supporting roles that could have been nominated.  And their were several lead roles in 'For Colored Girls', that were Oscar-worthy, but that movie was nowhere to be found on the Academy's short list.  Actors Anthony Mackie and Viola Davis argue that African-Americans in the industry must actually come together and create such roles for us.  We have to create and produce our own stuff so that we can be in the ranks of the others in the eyes of the Academy.  I agree.  We can not continue to just do comedies or comedic roles and then wonder why we are not mentioned when it comes to the Academy.  We have to do roles and movies of substance in order to reach the pinnacle that is an Oscar Award. CLICK LINK TO SEE THE VIDEO.

Check out this great MSN video: Blacks shut out of Oscars this year

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hot NEW MUSIC: Fabian Muzik

 Always keeping up with what's HOTT, FRESH & NEW in music. I bring to you new music from Artist, Producer, Songwriter Fabian Muzik.  The undeniable voice rings true and clear over the haunting track reminiscent of some old Motown, funk music.    Make sure you get to know this guy.  He definitely has the soundtrack to your wildest romantic escapades.

 Fabian is known for his catchy melodies, percussion-driven production and his strong work ethic.  For more music and info on this break-out artist, log onto

'Some people say'--
Some People Say (Radio Release) "Fabian Muzik" by FabianMuzik

Friday, February 25, 2011

World Premiere!! -Back from the brink--"I need a Doctor" Dr. Dre feat Eminem & Skylar Grey

Dr. Dre Is Back (From The Dead)

Pioneer producer, innovative controversial rapper, the one and only Dr. Dre seems to be back!  His often-delayed, highly anticipated album seems to be taking shape and may actually be hitting the racks really soon.  He offers us a glimpse into his greatness and how he became the man he is today in his latest video, 'I need a Doctor.'


I really like the visual.  I thought it was poignant, yet haunting.  Cinematic in its approach, it was like watching a mini-movie unfold before your eyes.  The new project from Dr Dre will definitely be on the top lost of 'must-have' discs for 2011.  With a track record like his, bonafide classic on arrival!

Lopez Tonight is where its at!!!

George Lopez's show is vastly becoming the place to be.  He manages to keep it light, funny and entertaining nightly and always pulls down the A-list celebs!  Lopez Tonight could have easily been overshadowed by 'Conan', whom George Lopez graciously gave up his sweet 11:00 time slot to, but Lopez Tonight still manages to hold his own.  Recently, Bobby V performed on the show and brought out a special guest to help him sing 'Rock Witcha'.  Interesting performance is all I am going to say on this one.

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Discover more webcam videos and video blogs.

Okay you seen the video.. what do you think??  Well, Bobby was sounding kinda raggedy.  Pick a 'Bobby' any one, the same will apply.  But the older Bobby sounded a bit hoarse or something.  Hmmm, seems he would know the song better than anybody, right? Hmmmm.  Randy, Jlo, & Steven probably wouldn't let either one advance to the next roundif they were on American Idol. LOL i'm just saying....

Back on her BS! Foxy Brown to release double album 'Black Roses'.

Foxy Brown who recently was rumored to have 'shown her ass' at a post Fashion Week party is back on her BS again it seems.  Now don;t get me wrong, I love vintage Foxy.  But the post Riker's Foxy, post- nail shop incident Foxy, post deaf Foxy, makes one scratch their heads.  But again, with raw flow like she HAD, it's hard to believe that she is a done deal.  Foxy Brown is said to be gearing up for a new album to be released late summer.  This is what the Brooklyn -Don-Diva had to say:

"The new album! “Black Roses.” I’m in the studio every night, slaving. It’s going to be the first double CD from any female rapper in history, so it’s going to be really big. One side is going to be straight hip-hop and hardcore records, and a couple big radio joints, and then the other side is dancehall rock… I personally want it to drop around August or September."

She would be the 1st to do a double cd, but will it be worth buying?  After hearing her dis track she recently put out, I'm wondering.  But we can never count Inga out.  She might just surprise us all.  But wait.  Does Foxy even have a label?  Who's funding this project?  Who's going to give her tracks to rap to?  Well I am sure she has these things worked out and hopefully we will see this album come to life.  It would be a good look if she came back into the game CRUSHING like 1997!  Let's hope for the best.  Until then, lets remember what is was like when she really could flow like no other.


This deserves a repost: My new feature is called Kinetics and Potentialz. In this section, I will talk about an aspect be it person, place, or thing that's on the come-up, something that is hot like fire, on the rise and all that good stuff vs what aspect is just stagnant. There is potential for this particular thing to blow up, but for that moment at a stand-still.   So let's start it off:

Kinetics: Wiz Khalifa

Wiz broke onto the scene back in 2006. His infectious flow and his grind in the mixtape game has boosted him to the top of the charts in 2010 with his break-out hit 'Black & Yellow'. This Pittsburgh rapper is definitely on the 'come-up'.Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He released his debut album, Show and Prove, in 2006, and signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2007. His eurodance-influenced single, "Say Yeah", received urban radio airplay, charting on the Rhythmic Top 40 and Hot Rap Tracks charts in 2008. Khalifa parted with Warner Bros. and released his second album, Deal or No Deal, in November 2009. He released the mixtape Kush and Orange Juice as a free download in April 2010; he then signed with Atlantic Records.He is also well-known for his debut single for Atlantic, "Black and Yellow", which peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. His debut album for the label, Rolling Papers, is expected to be released on March 29, 2011.

 Look for big things from this cat in 2011.

Potentialz: Currency

Currency was originally signed to Master P's No Limit label in 2003. He then signed to Cash Money up until 2007. Due to several push backs and lack of promotion from his camp, the New Orleans rapper decided to part ways with Cash Money to pursue his own thing. The skill is there, but as of right now, Currency seems to be in limbo. Hopefully we will see big things happen to this talented rapper in 2011.

New Music: Timothy Bloom 'Until the End of Time' feat. V. Bozeman

I heard this song awhile back, and instantly took a liking to it.  But unfortunatley, the radio station just played the song and did not offer who sang it.  So this same ATL radio station that claims to update their website instantly with the 'last song played' feature had no mention of who this guy was. So, I finally looked in my inbox and a fan of the blog was gracious enough to give me the info on this artist.  Thanks!

Timothy Bloom is steadily establishing himself as a breakthrough artist with his undeniable talent, killer pipes, and live instrumentation in his music.  Bloom fuses an eclectic mix of soul, rock, and R&B, reminiscent of the sounds of the 70's. Bloom is not only a powerhouse vocalist, he also writes and produces.  

Bloom is set to release an EP, The Budding Rose, on March 8. Bloom worked with Polow da Don and Timbaland for his debut full-length, In Full Bloom, due later this year. In Full Bloom marks only the second time the two producers have collaborated.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nelly & Kelly- 'Gone' On the Set

More pics from Nelly's latest single 'Gone', with the beautiful Kelly Rowland are circulating.  From the looks of the visual. there is some chemistry on the set.  What do you guys think?

Nelly & Kelly Rowland were spotted on the set of Nelly's new video for his single 'Gone'.  Nelly's latest single is making strides on both the Urban and Pop charts since it's release.  The visual for the single was shot in Cancun, Mexico and should be hitting the airwaves really soon.  Stay tuned for that.

They actually look really nice together everytime they collaborate.  They'd make a nice couple if Ashanti wasn't in the picture.  They look like a lower tax-bracket version of Beyonce' & Jay-Z.  These two always make beautiful music together.

Visuals from the set

'I got bored'-Celebrity Alter-Egos

Have you ever gotten bored with your everyday existence, so you decided to create an alternative life in your head?  Well celebrities are no different.  Sometimes, celebs get bored with their public personas, so they create an alter-ego.  An alter-ego can be a totally different personality that enables the star to tap into different aspects of their personality that their fans may not have seen before.  Or it may give the celeb an excuse to delve into darker sides of their personality.  Let's get into some celeb alter-egos and see if we can figure out where they derived from?

1. Eminem v Slim Shady:  Eminem is the caustic rapper that came from the cypher-circuit in Detroit.  'Slim Shady' is the darker side of Em. When asked once how the character came to be Eminem had this to say, "I was takin' a shit. I swear to God. And the fuckin' name just popped into my head. Then I started thinkin' of twenty million things that rhymed with it".  Slim Shady seems to be more aggressive than Eminem.  "Slim Shady is just the evil thoughts that come into my head. Things I shouldn't be thinking about. Not to be gimmicky, but people should be able to determine when I'm serious and when I'm fuckin around. That's why a lot of my songs are funny. I got a warped sense of humor I guess"

2.  Nicki Minaj v Roman Zolanski:  Nicki Minaj has been known to have several alter-ego's, but the most notable one is 'Roman Zolanski' who Minaj says is her gay twin brother.  Nicki says Roman is lazy and cranky and likes to stay out all night.  He is quick to pick a fight with someone and is the author of a track off of 'Pink Friday' called 'Roman's Revenge'.  On this track, Roman goes in on a has-been female rapper that he says, has been causing problems for his sister Nicki.

3.  T.I. v T.I:  T.I. is a well known rapper, businessman, and father.  But TIP is his torublemaking alter-ego, that most likely the one that keeps getting the rapper mixed up in criminal activity. 

4.  Beyonce v Sasha Fierce:  One of the most famous celeb alter-egos is Beyonce's 'Sasha Fierce'.  As the name implies, this is the fierce part of Beyonce that allows her to break out of her shell and give one electrifying stage show after another when she's on tour.  Beyonce when lounging, likes to relax in sweats and tee's and be with her high-power beau Jay-Z, but Sasha Fierce is into the skimpy costumes, big hair and raw emotion that surges through her powerhouse vocals and performances.

Alter-ego's are just another way for artist to express themselves and also a means to reach even more fans.  I am sure we all have parts of our personalities that are dying to come out as an alter-ego.  Just let go and get in touch with that dark side.

'Make Me'-Janet Jackson

Just because!  Well my girl Janet has been on a media frenzy as of late promoting her new book and her 'Up Close and Personal' World Tour, so it's only fitting we showcase some visuals of Janet's recent videos.  The 1st one to come to mind was one that the pop icon says pays homage to her duet with brother Michael.  This video is reminiscent of the 'Scream' video.  Enjoy!

Chris Brown restraining order eased.

Chris Brown and his camp have another thing to be happy about.  Not only is his single 'Look at me now' rising on the charts, and there is great anticipation about his upcoming album, now the restraining order against him has been eased.

Los Angeles County judge lifted the terms of the protective order against Chris Brown on Tuesday        (Feb. 21), allowing him to be in the vicinity of RIhanna. Brown's restraining order was reduced to a Level One order, granting him the right to have contact with the Rihanna so long as he does not "harass, annoy or molest her."  This comes as good news because now both singers can be at the same events, ie award shows, venues, etc.

Brown, his lawyer Mark Geragos, and Rihanna's attorney Donald Etra, all appeared at the hearing Tuesday afternoon. "I would not have considered this unless and until Mr. Brown had completed the 52-week domestic violence program, and he did," Judge Patricia Schnegg noted during the hearing.

Seems that all parties involved are set to move on from the ordeal and allow both artists to continue to coexist and propel their perspective careers forward.

Brown is poised to reclaim his position in the R&B game with the release of 'F.A.M.E.' next month. And the Grammy-Award winning Rihanna's disc 'Loud' is platinum and she is about to embark on a tour for the album.  So much success wished to both artists.

Red Hair Rihanna

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"All of the lights"--Stolen video concept?

kanye lights e1298158184946 New Video: Kanye West   All of the Lights (ft. Rihanna)

Video by

More on Kanye West
 Director, Hype Williams

Recently it seems that video directors have been running out of uique concepts for videos, so they go and steal ideas taht have already been done.  The 'S&M' video concept was allegedly stolen from photos by acclaimed photographer LaChappelle.  Now it seems that Kanye West's 'All of the lights' visual directed by Hype Williams is the latest to come under fire.  Some are claiming that Hype Williams ripped the idea for his video from the 2009 French Film 'Enter the Void'.  Hmm, let's see about that.  Hype is one of my favorite video directors.  He has always been cutting edge and innovative, so I am certain he doesn't have 'bite' ideas from other people.  Williams has brought us "The Rain" video with Missy Elliot, the movie "Belly", Busta Rhyme's, "Put your hand where my eyes can see", and countless other breakthrough videos.  Lifting ideas from other people does not seem to be in his repetoire.  But you be the judge.
Images from the 'Enter the void'

'Enter the Void'

Hot Topic: Rihanna talks 'Loud' tour, and her 'hate' for Gwyneth Paltrow.

'Rihanna' seems to be on everybody's tongue's these days.  The Pop artist has been on a roll lately, Grammy's, Brit Awards, and a energetic All-Star Halftime show that brought Drake and Kanye West out the woodworks.  There seems to be no slowing down for the diva.  She speaks about her upcoming tour and a special guest that she will be bringing along with Cee-Lo.  She also speaks about Gwyneth Paltrow.  Watch here!!!


SO it's official.  Carmello Anthony formerly of the Denver Nuggets will join Amar'e Stoudemire and the NY Knicks.  The trade was a tricky one to pull off-- four rotation players, all of them 26 or younger, three draft picks and $6 million in cash — to acquire Anthony.  But I am sure the gamble will pay off in the long run.

“We know that we want to win a championship,” Coach Mike D’Antoni said Tuesday. “And the way to do it, you got to get some star players in here. And you can’t say, ‘Well, what if, what if.’ We could be here forever. And what-ifs never happen. But we know we have two of the best players in the league.”

Congrats to Anthony and the NY Knicks!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'America's Next Top Model' Returns!


Meet the 14 model hopefuls competing for a contract with IMG Models, a fashion spread in Vogue Italia and an additional spread and cover of Beauty in Vogue; and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics.

Tyra Banks is back leading the panel of judges, comprised of fashion editor AndrĂ© Leon Talley and photographer Nigel Barker. Jay Manuel serves as the photo shoot creative director while Miss J Alexander returns as the runway trainer. Hopefully now that Tyra does not have to split her time between taping her talk show and ANTM, that she will add something fresh and new to this season.  I think the people over at ANTM need to ramp things up to make it more interesting.  There is room for 1 more judge at judges table.  I wonder just who will fill that vacant seat this time around?

The CW's hit series "America's Next Top Model" returns to the world of high fashion when Cycle 16 premiering on Wednesday, February 23 at 8 p.m

'America's Next Top Model 10': Tyra Banks - Creator/Executive Producer

Martin Lawrence as 'Sheneneh' -Revisited-

Since MTV2 has decided to air episodes of the ground-breaking sitcom 'Martin' from 9-12pm, I thought i fitting to honor Martin with another post. This was posted back in January, but I felt it deserved one more go around the Mulberry bush!

Martin Lawrence in my eyes is a comedic genius.  Not only was the 'Martin' show groundbreaking, but it was roll on the floor funny in its heyday.  I know I am not the only one that is looking forward to 'Martin' reunion.  Speaking of, has Martin & Tisha Campbell-Martin 'kissed and made up' yet?  I hope so. because there just HAS to be a reunion of this fine ensemble of comedic actors.

One of the break-out characters Martin Lawrence played has to be the cantakerous next-door neighbor 'Sheneneh'.
Martin is definitely up there in the ranks of Flip Wilson and Eddie Murphy.


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