Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday- @BustaRhymes feat. #Diddy & #Pharrell-'Pass the Courvoisier'

'Don't this SHIT make you wanna.....'  Well you know what time it is! It's FLASHBACK FRIDAY- BET HipHop Awards style!  This is a classic from BUSTA, of course with a few all-star cameos!  In the spirit of the BET HipHop Awards that's taping in Atlanta this weeekend, I thought it fitting to go back to this JOINT.  I am sure these guys will be invading the city like they always do.  Shout out to Diddy who will be throwing one of the BIGGEST PARTIES in the A this weekend at Club REIGN.  Thanks to DIDDY & Alex Gidewon for the invite!  If I get enough donations and if fairey god mother will grant my wish to get some new FITS, I will be in the building TONIGHT!!  But until later, lets jump into this THROWBACK!!!!

New Music: #JillScott-' So Gone-(That's what my mind says)-[TOUR VIDEO]

When I first heard this song, I was drawn to it.  'So Gone (That's what my mind says)' is a cut from Jill Scott's # 1 album, "The Light of the Sun".  It is so hauntingly rich that I often put it on repeat and ZONE OUT!!!

I hope she releases a video for this song soon.  But until then, enjoy this....

"The Light of the Sun" is IN STORES NOW!!!!!

'It was the winter of my discontent': Poetry Corner-'Gone'

I have not done this segment in quite some time, but I was moved to do so last week.  So i reached out to my very dear friend Kimmie to help me put our thoughts together to come up with something cohesive.  The two of us think so much alike sometimes, it's SCARY.  This is the SCARY BEAUTIFUL collaboration the two of us came up with.  LISTEN with your heart people.  CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DIG INTO IT...


By: Zam Zhinga & Kimmie

My mind wanders
So gone, so far, so cloudy so full, is what my mind says….
Looking at myself make the wrong moves each time
Outside of my body
Rigid walls confine me.
Ropes bind me….
I can’t move
Breath escapes me
Am I alive or dead
It is the words and thoughts leaving my head…
So gone
That’s what my mind says.
I turn the radio off
But the same song plays…
Is that an echo from yesterday?

Am I tripping
Stumbling over my own feet
As I run away
From myself
Or the being that used to be.
Gone, that’s what my mind says….. so gone, so gone….
Wrestling with the thin line between fantasy and reality
morphed imagery
contemplating giving into insanity
dancing to the rhythmic song that echos
So gone
My heart and mind no longer share the same sphere
I've fallen apart
with the hopes of gathering every particle of my being
questioning every move
not wanting to create the same mistakes
shoving myself through my many existences
So gone
I've ran as far as I can
now it's time to return to the supreme being
that I am
My soul is....
or is it really?
So gone, so least that's what my mind says

Don't try to STEAL this... LOL COPYRIGHTED

#DemiLovato conveys a message in new video '#Skyscraper'!

 Disney actress, turned singer Demi Lovato delivers a very personal tune about landing in a dark place, only to battle through and rise higher than ever.  In 'Skyscraper', Lovato said she didn't want this video to be (like so many others these days) all about hair and makeup or the glitz factor. Instead, she wanted to convey the song's message in as honest a way as possible.

Take a look at the powerful visual RIGHT HERE!!!  Demi definitely has PIPES!!

Demi to fans: "Thank you for standing beside me"

SEXY #KELLYROWLAND Teases & Titilates us again! BTS of 'Lay it on me'!!!! *NSFW*

Kelly Rowland is WHITE HOT these days!  Fresh off of her sultry performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kelly is back with a 'strip' TEASER for her next single, 'Lay it on me'!!!  Kelly gets down and dirty as she gets tossed and teased by a slew of male dancers and an ELEPHANT.  Yes, an elephant!  From the looks of this, KELLY has amped it up 100 degrees!  THIS CLIP is sure to entice the guys and the ladies too!!!!

Check out the SAUCY CLIP after the JUMP!!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

SPRUNG the COOP! T.I. released from HALFWAY HOUSE this MORNING! *UPDATED* [video]

Bring em out, bring em out!  THE KING OF THE SOUTH has sprung the 'COOP'!  Rapper T.I. was released from halfway house this morning!  Let's see how long he stays out this time.  Hopefully Tiny picked him up in a 71 Pacer with a  faulty transmission, so the FEDS won't think that his mode of transpo was TOO FLASHY! 

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

T.I. is just in time for the BET HIP HOP Awards weekend too.  You know he always seems to either be going in or getting out around that fete.  The Hip Hop Awards maybe a bad omen for TIP, maybe he should steer away from the event this year.  Just saying.  But I am not superstitious or anything.  LOL.
--See Clip--
Zam Zhinga  Preview Reel

Nonetheless, T.I. is set to host and appear at a slew of parties around the city this weekend and his very own Brunch, 'King of Oneself'.  That's real subtle, right?  And modest!-  Well I wasn't invited-- so I got a bit of sour grapes syndrome going here.. LOL.

More on T.I's release after the JUMP!


You know how I do every THURSDAY!!!  Well most Thursdays!!!

the fembassy,throwback thursday

I feel like going back --way back..back into time.  Well maybe not that far back.  The posts today will spotlight some of my favorite throwback jams.  Back when the economy was good and music was even better!

LET's GO BACK TO 1992!!!



Pete Rock & CL Smooth:'T.R.OY'(They Reminisce Over You)

PETE ROCK CL SMOOTH - They Reminisce Ove by djweeltwo

MORE HITS from 1992 after the JUMP!!!!!

#TyraBanks BOOTS #AndreLeonTalley from America's Next Top Model!!!??

The next cycle of the CW's HIT SHOW 'America's Next Top Model' will look a little different.  That's right, famed fashion editor and editor-at large for Vogue Andre Leon Talley will no longer be on the judging panel!  Talley joined the show in early 2010, beginning with cycle 14, after many years of pleading from Tyra Banks.
Get the details after the JUMP!----->

Movie Trailer: 'New Year's Eve' boasts ALL-STAR Cast: #Halle Berry, #RobertDeniro, #AshtonKutcher,#HilarySwank,#ludacris, #Jonbonjovi & more!

It's not too early to think about your new year's eve plans.  That is the time of year when we can all resolve to start over with a clean slate.  Right? Well not exactly, it's not always that easy, but the journey is always fun.  The makers of the hit movie, 'Valentine's Day' are back with the follow-up to that with 'New Year's Eve'.  The movie follows the lives and trials of several NYC couples over the course of of all things, New Year's Eve.  This movie looks like it is going to be another box office HIT!  The all-star ensemble alone is enough to sell this movie.  The cast includes Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank, Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi, and Katherine Heigl to name a few!  Imagine the budget this film had!! That's a lot of STAR POWER in one place!


#MichaelJackson Manslaughter Trial Day 2: MJ's children and bodyguard saw it all-Bodyguard testifies!

(Source: TMZ)

Day of the Manslaughter trial against Dr. Conrad Murray kicked off today.  Michael Jackson's personal assistant took the stand today and the prosecutors played a 'pannicked' voicemail that Dr. Murray allegedly left for him:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Also Michael Jackson's head of security Faheem Muhammad took the stand today as well and claims Prince and Paris witnessed Conrad Murray desperately trying to resuscitate their father and had to be removed from the scene.

Muhammad testified Paris was "on the ground, balled up crying," and Prince "was shocked and slowly crying."
 Muhammad said he saw Murray's silver 645 BMW parked at MJ's house every night but did not know what Murray was treating him for.

 Muhammad was on his way to the bank when he got the call from Michael's assistant that he was having a bad reaction. He immediately called Derrick Cleveland, the security guard on duty -- to check up on MJ, then rushed back to the house.  When he walked in he saw bodyguard Alberto Alvarez in the room. He could see MJ's feet and Murray -- who appeared to be giving MJ CPR.

* Once Muhammad walked around the bed he could see Micheal Jackson who appeared to be dead.
 He then noticed Paris and Prince at the doorway. He said "Paris was on the ground balled up crying" and "Prince was shocked slowly crying."

 Muhammad quickly moved the kids away.  Murray says that's when he heard Murray asking if anyone knew CPR.  Once they arrived at the hospital, Prince, Paris and Blanket were put into a room. Once MJ was pronounced dead, MJ's assistant relayed Murray's request to go back and retrieve the "cream."

For more UP TO THE MINUTE details on the trial, log onto

Milan Fashion Week: When is 'model THIN' TOO THIN?? Catwalker raises eyebrows over FRAIL FRAME!

Milan Fashion Week has kicked off and it has spurred off quite a bit of controversy already!!  It was at the Gianfranco Ferrè show on Monday when one mocel turned heads and it wasn't the fashion.  Model Alana Zimmer had heads and eyes rolling with her frail frame.

Zimmer wore a barely-there black dress--and the catwalker herself was barely there.  Her bones were actually protruding.  The uproar in Milan stems from the 2006 ban imposed on models deemed overly thin. The runway models were required to have a body mass index of 18.5, and if they didn't meet requirements, they couldn't walk.

No word on whether Zimmer met this criteria.  Her reps could not be reached to confirm.  This display begs the question, how thin is TOO thin??


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#NickiMinaj & Roman Polanksi talk follow-up to 'Pink Friday' & #TaylorSwift! #iHeartradio

YoungMoney femcee, Nicki Minaj is still riding high off of her wacky performance at this past weekend's iHeartRadio Music Festival, Minaj talks about her performance with Taylor Swift to Billboard Magazine.  Nicki was also 'joined' by Roman to give us a little TIDBIT of info about the follow up to the chart-topping, 'Pink Friday'.

Don't you just love how Nicki & Roman appear so quickly! LOL. Nicki is a NUTT!!! AND WE LOVE IT!!!

 If you missed Taylor Swift & Nicki's performance, check it out here!!! AFTER THE JUMP of COURSE!!!!

'Jockin #JayZ '- Mogul Shawn Carter introduces #THEBROOKLYNNETS !!!

Rap MAGNATE, Jay-Z took to MYFOX NY to make a HUGE announcemenet!!!!  See what Jigga had to say about some of his upcoming ventures and pending FATHERHOOD!

Kelly does Kimmel! #KellyRowland performs on #JimmyKimmel LIVE!

 Kelly Rowland FINALLY performs her next single from 'Here I Am' on 'The Jimmy Kimmel Show'!  With a little help from Big Sean, the television debut of 'Lay it On Me'!!!

Check out the HOT PERFORMANCE after the JUMP----->

'TWIT PIC'n (Yo Nose): #Mariah & #JD REUNITED!!!

Mariah is not stranger to the studio nor is she a stranger to her 'partner in crime', producer, dj, rapper Jermaine Dupri.  The two made history with hit from 'The Emancipation of Mimi'.  Well it appears that MC took a break from motherhood and went back to what she knows best--SINGING.  The two collaborators are seen here back in the studio working on Carey's next album!

The sexy siren Tweeted:

“So happy to be back in the studio with the one & only @Mr_Dupri aka Jermash!” wrote MC, while JD added, “We are back together.”

No word on when the new album will DROP, but with these two together, there is sure to be a few hits in the making!!  Hmmm funny JD can make SMASHES for MC, but couldn't garner any for JANET!? Hmmm??? No wonder she DROPPED HIM like a HOT POTATO! LOL!

WTF Moment: Frankie Lons-'Keyshia , Neffie, Elite come get your MOM!!!


Does anyone want to even ATTEMPT to learn the FRANKIE LEG??  Keyshia Cole's BIO Mom is seen here with children (Is she allowed with children?) filming a video for he BRAND SPANKING NEW DANCE--'The Frankie Leg'.  This new 'craze' is sure to take the slums and alleys of ATLANTA by STORM!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial: Prosecuters come out SWINGING with SHOCKING DEATH PIC & AUDIO!!

(Source: TMZ)

The prosecuters came out swinging today as Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial unfolds!!!

They showed a picture that appeared to be Michael Jackson's dead body, and playing an audio recording... of MJ drugged up and rambling.


All The Real Housewives of Atlanta

We still have a few more weeks to wait until we get to see what the 'GEORGIA PEACHES' have been up to since last we saw them.  From the Sneak Peek, it seems that a lot has transpired since Cynthia's wedding, and NeNe's pending 'divorce.  And there appears to be a new 'PEACH' o the block, that may cause some tension with resident 'bully' NeNe Leakes.
The 'househusbands' Apollo and Peter will have some 'BEEF', and it seems that after wig pulling, neck choking and name-calling, NeNe has a new 'TARGET'--Sheree!  But of course to that Sheree can say, "Who gon' check me BOO?!" 
And has Kandi gone Kuntry?  Can we expect to see some Kandi-Koated Kuntry Line dancing next?  Well it remains to be seen.  Check out the SNEAK PEEK!!!!!!!---->

#Dappy of N-Dubz shows off his BODY to 'out do' #ChrisBrown!!!??

Just like celebs on this side of the pond get caught up sexting naked pics to their groupies, jump-offs, BLOKES, so do the BRITS. Dappy born Dino Contostavlos of British pop band N-Dubz is another celeb 'caught with his pants down! This time there is an interesting twist. The pop star ADMITS that he LEAKED his OWN pics. No stories about a disgruntled groupie showing off his good to the highest bidder. No lost or stolen phone, the DAPSTER has confessed to leaking a naked picture of himself in a bid to prove his manhood is bigger than Chris Brown's.

The N-Dubz star - who is on track to score his first solo UK No.1 single with 'No Regrets' - admitted to The Mirror that after seeing Chris Brown's 'leaked' pic, he released his own nude image to out do Chris!!

This is what Dappy had to say:
"Man, I've got loads of women fans now. I have to tell 'em, 'Ease up, women, ease up.'"

I saw Chris Brown had done a naked picture and he has a teeny-weeny little thing. So I thought to myself, 'I can do that too, man and mine ain't tiny'."

He continued: "But listen (my girlfriend) Kaye knows I love her to death and she also knows there's an image to all this.
"I've done mistakes to her (sic) and she's been strong enough to take me back. And to show her my love back, I've just bought her a big massive diamond ring. She's been loyal to me - that's why I don't ever wanna let her go."

Okay... at least he admitted to the publicity ploy.  If you want to see how Dappy MEASURES UP to Chris Brown... Check out the NSFW Graphic Image after the JUMP------>

#Janet 'UP CLOSE & PERSONAL' performing 'If', 'Scream' & 'Rhythm Nation'

Does there have to be a reason to post some JANET FOOTAGE? Not on MY blog!  Janet Up Close & very personal performing not one, not two, but 3 of her NUMBER 1's!!!!!!!!!! Concert was live from London's Royal Albert Hall earlier this summer.  Shout out to Andre Deveaux !!!

Gets no better... roll the clip Thad!

Monday, September 26, 2011

More #iHeartRadio Music Festival performances: #JayZ & #AliciaKeys and #Lady GaGa!

In case you missed the BIGGEST MUSIC FESTIVAL of its kind this past weekend, catch up on ALL the HOT performances right here!

Get into Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

Lady GaGa-'Bad Romance'

#iHeartRadio Music Fest SHUTS VEGAS DOWN!!! (Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj, JLo & More..)

One of the biggest music festivals to impact the airwaves in quite some time took over Las Vegas this weekend. Check out the sights and sounds for those that missed out!

Lady GaGa-'Edge of Glory'

Nicki Minaj-'Fly' & 'Roman's Revenge'

More IHEARTRADIO Music Festival Performances after the JUMP!!!!---->


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