Thursday, March 5, 2015

MOODS & MOMENTS- #TracieSpencer 'All About You (And Not About Me)


You mislead me
Make me feel GUILTY
For my past transgressions

Everytime you make a promise
You go back on your word
And make me feel
I am at fault
And not you

Sitting in your fears
Not moving forward
Only looking back
But it's a new day
A new start

Once in the center of my heart
But now
It's all bout ME
And not about U

Running away from the drama
Starting off new
I can't live for U
And not me

I can't wallow in fear and regret
What's done is done and the past we can not
U gotta make your own way now.
I don't want it
Don't need it
Can't deal
Won't relive the pain

Even in the brightest of days
There will be some RAIN
But everyday living in fear
I can't
U can
But I won't
I refuse
It's all about
And not about me
So far that
I bid you fairwell

Will we cross paths again
Time will tell

-Zam Zhinga

Sometimes relationships are one-sided and as soon as you realize U lover harder than you are LOVED, it's time to let it GO....

The MOODS and MOMENTS Jam goes to Tracie Spencer, 'All about you.'

WATCH: #Catfish The Tv Show Season 4 Ep 2 [full ep]

People are STILL getting 'CATFISHED'!  Check out Episode 2 of the POPULAR MTV show!

More BIG NAMES added to the #EssenceFestival 2015! GUESS WHO! [details]

The Essence Festival 2015 i getting BIGGER by the day!  It was already revealed that Mary J. Blige would HEADLINE this year, but TWO MORE BIG names were announced and one of these artist have never GRACED the Essence stage before in her LIFE!  Get the DETAILS after the JUMP!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WATCH: #HAHN 'The Haves and the Have Nots' Season 3 Ep 9 [full ep]

'The Haves and the Have Nots' is getting TWISTED!!! Check out EPISODE 9 RIGHT HERE!

WATCH: #Empire Ep 9 'Unto the Breach' [Full Ep & Recap]

LORD  did you guys get a load of EMPIRE tonight!!!??? WOW! EXPLOSIVE!
So Anika is working for the ENEMY and Cookie CATCHES HER in the ACT! WOW.  Cookie REALLY threw this ladie's clothes off the balcony!  I hope she got them BRAS and PANTIES she left in the DRYER!  Now its a RACE for the FAMILY to keep their ARTISTS.  The LYONS come together to keep the 'EMPIRE' together!

Jamal makes a POWER MOVE and FINALLY gets some RESPECT from Lucious.  Cookie does what she does and TAKES CONTROL--EVEN DRINKING an artist undet the TABLE to make him STAY!  Sipping on SIZZURP, DRUNK as a SKUNK! #TAKETHESECOOKIES NOW!

Andre goes off his MEDS and gets COMMITTED--but not before he goes all SOLANGE on his BROTHERS in the ELEVATOR and ALMOST ATTACKS his FATHER!  He must've FORGOTTEN his DAD ain't WELL either!  It was just TOO MUCH going on! Empire still got me like this...

So let's just jump into EPISODE 9!

#BigSean DEBUTS at #1 on #Billboard! [details]

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the homie BIG SEAN!!!

Big Sean has claimed the top spot on the Billboard 200 album chart with the release of his third album, Dark Sky Paradise. This is the rapper’s first time topping the chart, and he beat out Kid Rock’s First Kiss, which debuted on the chart in the Number 2 position this week. Dark Sky Paradise moved 173,000 copies, besting Sean’s previous sales record for the sale of his debut album, Finally Famous, by more than 80,000 units. Finally Famous peaked at Number 3 on the Billboard 200, as did his 2013 follow-up, Hall Of Fame.

The album also features appearances from Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Big Sean’s girlfriend, Ariana Grande, who appears on “Research,” a bonus track on the Beautiful Dark Sky Deluxe Edition. [Source:]

The disc is a MUST-HAVE indeed. I think it's his most cohesive project to date, so make SURE you and COP THAT DISC!

Guess how much #RobinThicke made from stealing 'Blurred Lines' from #MarvinGaye!? [details]

The music business is a SHADY BUSINESS INDEED!! The Marvin Gaye estate trial against Robin Thicke et all is exposing some DIRTY TRUTHS!!

Marvin Gaye‘s estate trial against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams is expected to reach a verdict by the end of this week. “Blurred Lines” is accused of having the same vocal melodies, chorus, bass melody, keyboard, and percussion elements of Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.” While the sound elements’ claim is still under dispute, the Gaye’s other claim that Thicke and Williams’ “Blurred Lines” made over 40 million dollars has been proven wrong.

Song profits are usually kept under wraps, but the profits from “Blurred Lines” were revealed in court yesterday. According to documents, “Blurred Lines” made over $16 million dollars. Thicke and Williams received over $5 million dollars each, and T.I.‘s rap solo earned him a little over $700,000 dollars. The rest of the money was divided amongst the record labels.

The Gaye family may have lost the battle regarding the song’s profits, but their copyright claim still stands firm. In order to support their accusations, the Gaye family believes the R&B singer has an obsession with Marvin Gaye’s music. During the trial, the estate mentioned that Thicke publicly stated his music is inspired by Marvin Gaye. Aside from “Got to Give It Up,” the family also believes Thicke’s “Love After War” was stolen from Gaye’s “After the Dance” record. The Gaye’s hope to prove that Thicke has a history of copying the R&B legend’s music. [Source:]


Wayback Wednesday- #JaRule made his DEBUT with 'Holla Holla' 16 years ago TODAY![video]

Can you believe that it was 16 years ago TODAY that Ja-Rule's 'Holla Holla' made it's debut on MTV!!??

"Holla Holla" is the debut single by American rapper Ja Rule from his debut studio album Venni Vetti Vecci. It was produced by Irv Gotti and Ty Fyffe and is the only single released from the album. The music video was directed by Hype Williams and Irv Gotti.

CHECK IT OUT and go back a bit with us!!!

BABY MAMA DRAMA for #ChrisBrown!? Baby mom is a VIDEO VIXEN! #KarruecheTran says DEUCES!

It seems that there is already some DRAMA surrounding Chris Brown's 9-month old baby and the baby's mother!  Come to FIND OUT, Nia who is the mother to Chris' child is a VIDEO VIXEN and Karrueche Tran KNOWS HER.  Last year, the two even HUNG OUT TOGETHER at a SOIREE for Breezy!

#HappyBirthday #BobbiKristina! #BobbyBrown plans BDAY VIGIL!

Today is Bobbi Kristina Brown's 22nd birthday as she remains in a COMA at an Atlanta area hospital.  Let's say a PRAYER for her and the family and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY....

Bobby Brown is planning a BDAY VIGIL for his daughter and BOTH SIDES of the family are invited.  Brown wants peace and wants the family togther for BKB's sake--at least for today.


#Empire Music: 'You're So Beautiful' -#Jamal comes OUT! [video]

The MUSIC from the hit show 'Empire' is UNMATCHED!  Check out Jamal's REMIX to his father's HIT, 'You're So Beautiful', with a 'TWIST'.  That TWIST almost sent Lucious into a COMA!

Can you VIBE to this!!?

Pick up the SOUNDTRACK NOW on iTunes!

WAKE UP JAM- #JayZ #Rihanna #KanyeWest 'Run This Town' [video]

WAKE UP and CONQUER THE DAY!!!  Let them know ho RUNS THIS TOWN.  Make it a great day and remember that whatever obstacle falls in your PATH, with DETERMINATION, you can GET OVER IT!

WAKE UP to this ANTHEM from Jay-Z, Kanye and Rihanna...'Run This Town'....

#KeyshiaCole & #DanielGibson EXCHANGE 'Bad Parenting' JABS at each other on IG!

Keyco and her estranged husband Daniel Gibsin are at it again.  Keyshia BLASTED Daniel earlier this week for some TEXT MESSAGES she found in his phone to another woman.  Reports were saying that the two were trying to work things out, but it appears that is no linger on the table.

Now the two have taken to Instagram to call the other a BAD PARENT!  Here is some of the NASTY JABS exhanged here.

Man CHARGED with MURDER of #NickiMinaj's Tour Manager #DeVonPickett! [details]

Police believe they have the man who fatally stabbed a member of Nicki Minaj's tour crew to death and seriously wounded another roadie.

Pierce Boykin, 31, was charged with murder Tuesday in the death of 29-year-old De'Von Pickett, who was killed during a bar fight on Feb. 18 in Philadelphia's East Germantown neighborhood, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. One of Pickett's fellow roadies was seriously injured and Boykin has also been charged with attempted murder.

Police have not announced any motive or what started the fight that begin inside the Che Bar and Grill and spilled outside near the highway.

WATCH: #BeingMaryJane Season 2 Ep 5 [full ep]

Watch the latest episode of 'Being Mary Jane' here.  What new DRAMA has she found herself in this week?


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