Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hot97 #SummerJam News: #KendrickLamar #ChrisBrown and MORE to hit STADIUM Stage!

The line-up for this year's Summer Jam by Hot 97.5 is getting more serious by the day.  We already gave you the HOT ARTIST hitting the festival stage.  Now on the STADIUM STAGE we have 'King Kunta' rapper Kendrick Lamar headlining aling with Chris Brown,  Big Sean, Meek Mill and Fabolous!!  Check the ANNOUNCEMENT!

#OneDirection''s #ZaynMalik releases SOLO project! [audio]

Can former 'One Direction' member, Zayn Malik be the 'Justin Timberlake' of his boy band??

Just one week after leaving One Direction, new music from Malik has been posted online. Malik has been working with producer Naughty Boy, and a demo version of the song “I Won’t Mind” was posted on Soundcloud (the song has been removed) by the UK producer. The ballad received tons of plays on Soundcloud before it was removed, but it has since been added on YouTube.
LISTEN after the JUMP!

#Ciara STRIPS DOWN for 'Jackie' Album Cover! [pic]

Ciara is BACK in fighting form after the birth of her son.  In the artwork for her 6th studio album, Ciara is TOPLESS with some frayed jeans on for her upcoming album, 'Jackie'.

The photo was shot by Francesco Carrozzini and creative directed by Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani--simple but chic. CiCi can be shown sitting with her hand covering her breast. But you can see a little side boob though. Ciara's new project is named after her mother.

“I can now see the world through her eyes and I know what it’s like to be a mom,” she told “Extra.” “I am a mini Jackie and it’s that simple.”

I wonder if Jackie approves of this revaling 'Jackie' cover? No word on a release date just yet, but 'I Bet' is racing up the R&B Charts as we speak.


#LHHNY 1st Look! NEW HOST!! Guess Who!?! [details]

The 2-part 'Love and Hip Hop' Reunion show has been TAPED and will air NEXT MONDAY!  Out is Mona Scott-Young!  She will NOT be the MODERATOR this time around, and THAT'S GOOD.  She maybe too busy crafting these RATCHET SHOWS, and that's a WIN for US!  SHe just didn;t have it to HOST.  But guess who's sitting in the moderator's chair??

WAKE UP JAM: #TheJacksons 'Show You The Way To Go' [video]

WAKE UP!! Get into the NEW DAY and MAKE THE BEST of it.  We are BLESSED to be on this SIDE of the EARTH, so THANK HIM.  Let's get into one of The Jacksons my brother Russell put me on to...and I LOVE IT.  TRUST in your faith and abilities to get you through and let THE JACKSONS 'SHOW YOU THE WAY TO GO'.


WATCH: #BieberRoast with #KevinHart #MarthaStewart #SnoopDogg & MORE! [full]

The ROAST of Justin Bieber went don last night and YES, it was BRUTAL, YES it was FUNNY and of COURSE very very LEWD---and we LOVE IT!!!!

Kevin Hart was the host and there were JABS flying LEFT AND RIGHT at BIEBS and all the PEOPLE on the PANEL!  Didn't know you could say DICK so many times on TELEVISION!  If you missed--CHECK IT OUT.  Justin took it all in STRIDE.  I am not sure he did it, but he was a GOOD SPORT about all the DIGS at him and so was everybody else.  He even got a FEW DIGS in about his ROASTERS TOO!  WHO KNEW Biebs was a COMEDIAN.  If you can't LAUGH AT YOURSELF, what FUN is LIFE!?  DIG IN!

WATCH #BlackInkCrew Season 3 Ep 10 [full ep]

What's NEW with the 'Black Ink Crew'?? WELL, O SH*T maybe going to jail!  The TRIAL is ON! Sky gets HASSLED in PRISON! AND Of course there is MORE Ceasar and Puma DRAMA!

MOODS & MOMENTS: #Wale 'The Matrimony' feat. #Usher [audio]

Plan Me

I want to smile again
Youth is fading
Words degrading
Don't question my love
Complete my sentence
Time for Plan ME.

I want to smile again
Complete me
Vow to be there
When the room gets dark
I knew
Since the 1st time
On Instagram
Like me
Like you back

Post it
I Like it
You're are my fave.
This love is something
About nothing
Time for Plan ME.

Dearly beloved
Gathered here today
To reclaim my heart
Erase the page
Go back to the start
I've been making plans.
Time for Plan ME.

Is it a question of my heart
Or a declaration of my love
An exclamation of my emotions
Coming down from the high
I remember the commotion
The day the lie broke
The trust gone
My life stopped
The clock TICK and then TOCKED
Moving in slow motion
Floating through the fog

A shell of what it used to be
Years go by and we still here
But now it's time for
Plan Me.
-Zam Zhinga-

Just a little SEGUE into the MOODS & Moment JAM of the night.  A new song from Wale with a little help from Usher.  A song about LOVE from the ALBUM ABOUT NOTHING, 'The Matrimony'.  Marry yourself....


#Rihanna EYES #SamSmith COLLABORATION! [details]

Sam Smith has collaborated with some of the GREATS in music far.  From Disclosure to Mary J. Blige, Sam has lended his vocal to HUGE RECORDS to date.  Another A-LIST artist has set her sight on the UK crooner--Rihanna.

Rihanna recently revealed she wants to work with Sam Smith. “He is so talented. It would be amazing to work with him. No matter how busy we are, when two artists want to work together they make it happen,” the pop singer told The Sun. She added, “He is such a beautiful songwriter, but more important than that, he is absolutely a beautiful person. That comes across in his songs.”

#ChrisBrown #VegasBound! Inks Las Vegas Residency! [details]

Vegas residencies are NOT just for OLDER, almost at the END of their career artists anymore.  Chris Brown still has a HUGE career, but he is taking a little time out to stop in SIN CITY!!!

Chris Brown just wrapped his Between The Sheets Tour, and the singer is showing no signs of slowing down. According to reports, Brown just signed on for a Las Vegas residency. His reported deal will launch the weekend of May 2nd, which is the same weekend Floyd “Money” Mayweather will fight Manny Pacquiao. The R&B singer will perform at Drai BeachClub &Nightclub. The only two dates that have been reported so far is his first date in May, and the singer’s second date on July 4th. More show times will be announced at a later date.


WATCH: #LHHNY 'Love & Hip Hop' Season 5 Ep 15 [full ep]

ALL the DRAMA has come to an end in New York!  The season finale of LHHNY is upon her.  It didn't end like we thought, but CHECK IT!

#LHHATL 1st Look Part 2: #KirkFrost back to his CHEATING WAYS? #Rasheeda ain't HAVING IT!

We are WAITING for it!  'Love & Hip Hop Atl' IMPACTS April 20th and we are just PATIENTLY for all the drama!

We got ANOTHER CLIP.  It seems that Kirk Frost may be back to his CHEATING WAYS, but Rasheeda AIN'T HAVING IT again!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

GUESS what WENT DOWN at the #RHOAReunion! No Sceptors but ALOT of SHADE & SURPRISES!

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' REUNION went DOWN on Friday, and BOY OH BOY was there DRAMA and SURPRISES!  Want to know what went DOWN inside the ASIAN-THEMED affair?  You won't believe some of the DISCOVERIES that were made on FRIDAY.  This is what went down.

Say What!? #TPain says #Aaliyah's DEATH OVER-HYPED her LEGACY! [video]

Let the DRAGGING begin.  T-Pain maybe NEXT UP to be DRAGGED on SOCIAL MEDIA for his rather HARSH comments about the LATE, Aaliyah.

T-Pain was promoting his new mixtape (google it if you care) and he talked about the CRITICSIM he reaceived for using Aaliyah's vocal on one of his songs.  Some CRITICS felt he was WORTHY enough to use them!

I'm still tryin to figure out how ppl feel I dissed Aaliyah. I was talkin bout how ppl turn into WBC anytime somebody mentions her name

#JayZ's #TidalForAll LAUNCH brings all he stars OUT! #Beyonce, #Rihanna #Madonna #NickiMinaj & MORE!

Entertainment MOGUL, Jay-Z is again CHANGING the GAME and creating his OWN rules in the BUSINESS of music.  Mr. Carter brought all the stars for the LAUNCH for TIDAL, the first of it's kind, artist-owned global music entertainment platform, during a star-studded press conference in New York on Monday.

An impressive lineup of artists came together on one stage including Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, Jack White, Jason Aldean, Chris Martin, Calvin Harris, J. Cole, Jay Z, Kanye West, deadmau5, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna,Usher and of course, Beyonce. Each is considered a founding member and has an equity stake in the streaming company.


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