Friday, March 24, 2017

#KendrickLamar DROPS surprise single, 'The Heart Part 4'! [audio]

After a cryptic Roman numeral IV posted on social media, Kendrick Lamar SURPRISES the fans with a new single, 'The Heart Part 4'!! Take a LISTEN!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

WATCH: #Catfish: The TV Show season 6 ep 4 [full ep]

SURPRISED that PEOPLE are STILL getting CATFISHED in 2017 with all the TECHNOLOGY we have at hand. At any rate, WATCH 'Catfish: The TV SHOW' season 6 ep 4 after the JUMP!

NEW MUSIC: #MariahCarey 'I Don't' feat. #RemyMa + #YG [audio]

Mariah Carey is back...well. We guess.  Being PETTY as ever.  Two months and some change after we FORGOT all about her latest single with YG entitled 'I Don't', MC drops a REMIX.  And of COURSE she had to tap Remy Ma to add some BARS.  Remy Ma and Nicki were SPARRING on WAX--Nicki and MC SPARRED in real life on 'American Idol'--now you see the CONNECTION.  At any rate--take a LISTEN!

#TheQuadBET season 1 ep 7 'Their Eyes Were Watching God' [full ep]

Cedric gets a visitor from Chicago that shakes his whole world; BoJohn and Junior take a class experiment too far; Cecil Diamond comes face to face with the reality of his health; Eva brings Sydney back to GAMU. WATCH 'The Quad; season 1 episode 7 'Their Eyes Were Watching God' after the JUMP!

WATCH: #ShotsFired Hour 1 'Pilot' [full ep]

An African-American cop shoots an unarmed white man, shaking a North Carolina town; the situation becomes more tense when the neglected murder of an African-American teen is brought to light. WATCH 'Shots Fired' season 1 episode 1 after the JUMP!

WATCH: #BGC17 'Bad Girls Club' East Meets West ep 5 'Blond Sided' [full ep]

Keyaira's temper is put to the test when Kiyanna hits below the belt. A new girl arrives and makes quick enemies when she chooses a side. Seven and Deshayla focus on their career goals. WATCH 'BGC 17 episode 5 after the JUMP!!

WAKE UP JAM: #LilWayne 'Got Money' feat. #TPain [vid]


Do like Weezy says and 'GET MONEY'!   2008 was a GOOD year for Lil' Wayne!! WEEZY come back to the WORLD!!!

WATCH: #Greenleaf season 2 ep 2 [full ep]

Grace and Charity oppose Lady Mae's reaction to demands from the Deacon Board; the Bishop visits his father-in-law and runs into Mac; Kerissa and Jacob prepare to move out; Grace goes out with Darius Nash, a journalist following Calvary. WATCH 'Greenleaf' season 2 episode 2 'Strange Bedfellows' after the JUMP

WATCH: #Empire season 3 episode 10 'Sound & Fury' [full ep]

When Lucious announces his new project, Cookie vows to dethrone him, igniting an epic battle; Jamal befriends a fellow musician in rehab; Hakeem and Tiana fight Nessa for a spot in the music showcase. Andre plots to kill Lucious and Cookie & Lucious have a FIERY showdown!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#Drake gets a TATTOO of #Sade! [pics]

Drake has been getting a LOT of INK these days.  He showed us his HIBISCUS tat, then he got the DRAKKAR NOIR bottle tat, now he has the 'SOLDIER OF LOVE' singer, Sade on his SIDE!!

WATCH: #Greenleaf season 2 ep 1 'A House Divided' [full ep]

The Greenleaf family struggles in the aftermath of Mac's release; Lady Mae makes a last-ditch attempt to save the Bishop; Basie's announcement opens a rift between the Bishop and Jacob. WATCH 'Greenleaf' season 2 episode 1, A House Divided after the JUMP!!

WATCH: #BeingMaryJane season 4 ep 10 'Getting It' [full ep]

Mary Jane joins forces with Justin, setting forth a plan that could oust Ronda from the anchor chair, but Kara gets caught in the crossfire. WATCH 'Being Mary Jane' season 4 episode 10, 'Getting It' after the JUMP!

WAKE UP JAM: #Playa 'Don't Stop The Music' [vid]

WAKE IT UP!  Time to put on some MUSIC and KICK it into HIGH GEAR, right?  Let's go back to 1997!  Y'all remember Playa---down with Timbaland and Missy's CAMP!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

STAR TRACKS: #Drake gets a visit from his MOM & #Sade in London! [pic]

It's always NICE to have your MOM by your side and one of the GREATEST SINGERS in the world too, right?  Drake had BOTH at his London show on Monday.

Sade DROPPED in on Drake at his London show along with his mother Sandi Graham!

Drizzy captioned the SNAP:

“Two very important ladies in my life."


Wouldn't a SADE/DRAKE collab be EPIC!???

NEW MUSIC: #Raekwon 'This Is What It Comes To' (remix) feat. #GhostfaceKillah

WU-TANG again!!!  The CHEF, Raekwon and GHostface Killah reunite on 'This Is What It Comes To (remix) from Raekwon's upcoming album, 'The Wild'!  TAKE A LISTEN!


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