Thursday, July 27, 2017

#JeffBezos WAS the world's richest man alive for a LITTLE WHILE! [details]


#AmberRose APOLOGIZES for comments about Philly women not being PRETTY! [vid]

Well that was FAST right!?  After getting SLAMMED for her comments disparaging the BEAUTY of Philadelphia women, Amber has had a CHANGE of HEART.  SHE APOLOGIZES and says her words did not come out right.  In case you missed what she it is.  I MEAN did SAY it...but maybe we didn't HEAR it right.... at any rate here is her APOLOGY.

#Amazon CEO #JeffBezos OVERTAKES #BillGates as RICHEST MAN ALIVE! [details]

Move over Bill Gates, say hello to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos!  Bezos has DETHRONED Bill Gates as the RICHEST MAN ALIVE!!

#AmberRose says women from Philly aren't pretty..EXCEPT HER! [vid]

Amber Rose has come under fire for some RECENT comments about PHILADELPHIA women.  She went on an INTERVIEW for Revolt TV and EXCLAIMED that women from Philly are not 'TRADITIONALLY' pretty!  Yes, she said that.... SEE for yourself!

WATCH: #Signed season 1 ep 1 'Shoot Your Shot' [full ep]

In the series premiere, music moguls Rick Ross, the-Dream and Lenny S bring the hottest up-and-coming hip-hop and R&B artists to Atlanta. Those who stay hot will be signed to a major record label. Those who don’t, go home. WATCH 'Signed' season 1 episode 1 after the JUMP!

WATCH: #Will season 1 ep 5 'The Marriage of True Minds' [full ep]

An unexpected arrival from out of town sends Will's world spinning. A transcendental experience leads Marlowe to deal with his past. Topcliffe deciphers a code that throws Will into a life and death situation. WATCH 'Will' season 1 episode 5 after the JUMP!!

WATCH: #Catfish The TV Show season 6 ep 17 'Robin + Wayne' [full ep]

After three long years, Robin is desperate to finally meet her elusive, hunky, long-distance love in person. Nev and Max agree to help her hunt him down, but what they uncover turns out to be much more than Robin bargained for! WATCH 'Catfish' season 6 episode 17 after the JUMP!

WATCH: #RHONY season 9 ep 17 'Tequila-Thon' [full ep]

It's a new day in Mexico and the drama continues as Bethenny confronts Ramona about attending the Tequila trip. Tinsley readdresses the press article with Sonja, while some of the other ladies try their hand at surfing. The ladies all go shopping together and Ramona tries to buy her way back into Bethenny's good graces. Tinsley and Sonja's tension resurfaces at dinner. Bethenny takes the ladies on an educational day-drinking trip to the agave fields in Tequila. The ladies ride the drunk train back to the villa where Sonja puts Ramona in the hot seat.
WATCH RHONY season 9 episode 17 after the JUMP!

WATCH: #Snowfall season 1 episode 4 'Trauma' [full ep]

Franklin and Leon deal with the thief. Teddy goes to extreme measures to protect the CIA. Lucia and Gustavo connect in the aftermath of the previous night.
WATCH 'Snowfall' season 1 episode 4 after the JUMP!

MAG TAG: #IssaRae channels #NinaSimone #MissyElliott and MORE for #HannahMagazine! [pics]

'Insecure' star, Issa Rae got to play DRESS UP for 'Hannah Magazine'. For the spread, Rae channelled Nina Simone, Solange, Missy and of course she was a VISION as herself! Take a LOOK at the STUNNING pics!

#JustinBieber nearly RUNS paparazzi over with his truck! [vid]

The PAPARAZZI will one day learn that you can't CHASE CELEBS down and not suffer some circumstances.

Justin Bieber was leaving a church service in Beverly Hills when he was bombarded by the papz!  Justin quickly got into his TRUCK and tried to get away when he accidentally hit a photog in the knee!  Of COURSE the TMZ camera's were there and captured it all on tape!

#DiddyDirtyMoney 'Angels' feat. #RickRoss [vid]


Are the ANGELS watching over you?? For some reason Diddy-Dirty Money's 'Angels' popped into my head, so here is what you get this A.M.

WATCH: #BlackInkChi season 3 ep 2 'You Need Jesus' [full ep]

Ryan makes a move to assert his authority; Ashley wants Don to control his anger; Danielle confronts Kat about being a bad friend; Van gets locked out of the shop and takes measures into his own hands! WATCH 'Black Ink Crew Chicago' season 3 episode 2 after the JUMP!

WATCH: #QueenSugar season 2 ep 7 'I Know My Soul' [full ep]

Ralph Angel's confession continues to cause unrest, and his appeal to Darla for emotional support conflicts with Charley's wishes; Nova learns something surprising about Violet. WATCH 'Queen Sugar' season 2 episode 7 after the JUMP!

WATCH: #TheCarmichaelShow season 3 ep 10 'Maxine's Sister' [full ep]

When Maxine brings her sister to meet the Carmichaels, Bobby reveals that they've previously met under unexpected circumstances, inspiring an exploration on judgment, hypocrisy and what it means to be family. WATCH 'The Carmichael Show' season 3 episode 10 after the JUMP!


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