Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#LHHH News: #MilanChristopher SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT about split from Miles with #TheBreakfastClub! [vid]

Now this was an INFORMATIVE interview!  After 'Love and Hip Hop Hollywood's Miles Brock was on and gave his SIDE of the story about the show and his FAILED relationship with Milan, Milan Christopher drops by The Breakfast Club to set the RECORD all the WAY STRAIGHT.  Milan clears the air and gives us some INSIGHT on some of the HALF TRUTHS that we were FED on this past season of 'LHHH'.

Now at first Charlamagne was trying to get his usual 'one liners' and 'jabs' in, but Milan shut that down quickly and actually spoke his side and it appears that there maybe more TRUTH in his side of things than Miles' and what 'LHHH' the show wanted us to believe. For starters, all the histrionics and contrived backstory that Miles and Amber had was BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER when Milan REVEALED that Miles' side of things was FAKE and STAGED.  We pretty much saw through the SMOKE and MIRRORS that the show was trying to shove down our throats.  Milan REVEALED that Miles was GAY WAYYYYYY before the show and that his whole PERSONA and was MADE UP and that Amber and Mile's family were ALL IN ON the GAG!! Check out the INTERVIEW after the JUMP!!

Rihanna ANNOUNCES #ANTI World Tour with #TravisScott #BigSean + #TheWeeknd! [details]

Rihanna haas ANNOUNCED her ANTI World Tour dates and she has an IMPRESSIVE cast of characters taking the road trek with her.  The Weeknd, Big Sean and her rumored new beau, Travis $cott.

The TOUR kicks off in San Diego in February and travels to arenas in cities including Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, wrapping May 7 in Oakland.

She will then head to Europe in June for shows in the U.K., Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, and more. Now it's been SOME TIME since I've seen RiRi on tour. The last time was in Atlanta, and she was touring with Kanye West. And to be HONEST, she was QUITE BORING, but that was some time ago, and I'm sure she has GROWN as an ARTIST, so this should be a pretty decent trek. Check out the TOUR STOPS and see when RiRi and her GUYS are coming to a TOWN NEAR you...after the JUMP!!

Trailer- #Barbershop3 trailer is HERE! [vid]

The OLD GANG and some NEW FACES are back on the SOUTHSIDE of Chicago for the 3rd installment of the 'Barbeshop' franchise.  Now from the TRAILER, it appears that THIS film has LEGS.  This time around the plot centers around VIOLENCE in the community and what we can do to STOP IT.  NOW in this climate that is DEFINITELY a TOPIC that we all need to REVISIT and with Malcolm D. Lee and Ice Cube involved, we KNOW that it;s going to be FUNNY with a LESSON to be LEARNED along the way.  Check out the trailer with Eve, Nicki Minaj, Anthony Anderson, Cedric the Entertainer and MORE!!!

WATCH: #BlackInkCrewChi Season 1 Ep 5 [full ep]

THE DRAMA escalates at 9Mag!  Check out 'Black Ink Crew Chicago' episode 5 RIGHT HERE!!

WAKE UP JAM: #ChanteMoore 'Straight Up' feat. #JermaineDupri [vid]

WAKE UP!!! Make it a good day.. Get up and at 'em and put your BEST FOOT FORWARD...  DO the BEST you can do and just be the BEST YOU, you can possibly be!  In the meanwhile, let's go back to 2000 with a JAM from R&B Divas' star Chante Moore.  Chante still has that BANGING body and back in 2000 she teamed with Jermaine Dupri for her hit, 'Straight Up'!  Check it out...


#PattiLabelle TALKS PIES, her career and #FettyWap with #TheBreakfastClub

Patti Labelle is a HOT TOPIC of the moment with her pies SELLING OUT the stores and supporters and CRITICS chiming in he new found success in a TOTALLY different arena than we are used to.  SO OF COURSE, Patti has to talk about the PHENOMENA that is her confections and also she talks about her illustrious career and possibly doing a song with Fetty Wap!?  'The Breakfast Club' gets all the INFO on what's good with Patti and what's coming down the pipeline for her.  With all the success of her pies, wouldn't it be a GREAT TIME for SOME NEW music from her?  Let's see what she had to say about that... Check out the FULL INTERVIEW after the JUMP!

WATCH: #LHHH Season 2 Ep 12 FINALE [full ep]

CAN YOU BELIEVE we sat through 12 EPISODES of 'LHHH'?? But the FINALE aired and it seemed that MOST of the storylines wrapped up NICELY.  Moniece and Rich Dollaz 'BROKE UP'..we think? Nikki Baby had her hand in that by RUNNING to Rich and telling him that Moniece had a MOMENT OF WEAKNESS and remembered the  LOVE she had for the father of her son!

Ray-J and Princess seem to be making moves to a better relationship...AT the time of filming.  WE ALL KNOW that they are ENGAGED at present.  Miles introduced Milan to his FAMILY--THEY HAVE mixed reviews, as do us...SEEING that the pair had since BROKEN UP.

And some other stuff happened, but the REAL FIREWORKS take place at the REUNION...so tune in for that NEXT WEEK!

Now Hazel E and Soulja Boy were M.I.A. on the finale, but who cares... HOPEFULLY they will stay missing next season two.  WHO WANTS TO BE, Milan and Miles will be MISSING next season as well.  I think they've MILKED all the SENSATION out of that storyline....UNLESS they go from the ANGLE of them being BROKEN up and all the DRAMA that SURROUNDED that... At any rate...check out the FINALE here!!

Put A Ring On It! #SofiaVergara & #JoeManganiello TIE THE KNOT! [vid]

They JUMPED the BROOM FINALLY!  On Sunday, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello TIED the knot on Sunday and word from the curb is that the SWANKY SHINDIG had a PRICE TAG upwards of 4 million!!!!!

So who was there????  Well... the likes of Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ariel Winter, Eric Stonestreet, Channing Tatum, Sarah Hyland, Reese Witherspoon, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Ed O'Neill to name a few. But check out some of the best MOMENTS from the SOIREE!!

1st DANCE!


Let's see how long they can make a go of it!


NEW MUSIC: @Osheaxi 'Xclusive' [audio]

THE FUTURE of R&B continues to CHURN out HIT after HIT, and 'Xclusive' will not disappoint!  Oshea from the 'D'....not DETROIT, but Douglasville, GEORGIA if you don't know right down the road from ATLANTA....   If you don't know YET,YOU WILL SOON ENOUGH..just  RIDE THE WAVE....

Take a listen at a TASTE of what's to come... NEW MUSIC that I KNOW you are going to LOVE...after the JUMP!

GUESS WHO!? Guess which POP STAR has joined the #EGGPLANT CLUB! [pics]

Rapper Game has celebs jumping on the EGGPLANT bandwagon it seems!! Check out the latest MEMBER who's FLEXIN and showing off on SOCIAL MEDIA!  GUESS WHO!!!!!?

Check out the FULL PIC after the JUMP!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

#Adele sells 2.3 MILLION in 3 days! SMASHES #NSync's record!

Adele is SHATTERING sales records left and RIGHT!  Her latest album '25' has sold a WHOPPING 2.3 MILLION copies in the US since it's release on Friday!!

POPPIN or FLOPPIN? #JLo's DANCE Medley at 2015 #AMAs! [vid]

SO, Jennifer Lopez OPENED the 2015 American Music Awards in grand style with a LITTLE BIT of her song, 'Waiting For Tonight', and then a DANCE MEDLEY of 2015's HOTTEST HITS from Nicki Minaj, Fetty Wap, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd and more!!

NOW, MANY people are saying 'JLO SLAYED!' Jennifer KILLED IT!!! Now it's time to voice YOUR OPINION... POPPIN or FLOPPIN???

Take a LOOK again!

Movie Watch: #Barbershop3 gets a RELEASE DATE early 2016! Check the poster! [pics]

'Barbershop 3' is set to IMPACT theaters on April 15, 2016 and MOST of the original cast are along for the ride and quite a few NEW FACES.  Nicki Minaj takes up shop in the new installment as well as Anthony Anderson!  Take a LOOK at the 1st POSTER from the upcoming comedy!!!

WATCH: #TheWalkingDead Season 6 ep 7 'Heads Up' [full ep]

Did you miss 'The Walking Dead'? Here is what you MISSED! Check out season 6 episode 7, 'Heads Up' right here!!!

WAKE UP JAM: #RuffRyders 'What Ya Want' feat. #Eve + #Nokio [vid]

WHAT YA'LL WANT?? A throwback from Ruff Ryders, RIGHT?? Remember when EVE first hit the scene..A 'PITBULL IN A SKIRT'!  Well let's take it back to that ERA!



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