Thursday, October 8, 2015

NEW MUSIC: #Omarion UNLEASHES new sound on 'Sweet Anita' [audio]

Omarion is coming out the GATE STRONG in support of his upcoming album, 'Reasons' due out October 23rd!  O unleashes a brand new sound on his latest track, 'Sweet Anita'.  Omarion croons and swoons in a HAUNTING FALSETTO over a tantric, stripped down track with baby sounds in the background.  Could that be his son Mega???  Simple and scaled back, Omarion could just be onto something here..... TAKE A LISTEN!

1st Look: #MissyElliot shoots a NEW music video! [vid]

We don't know what song it is, or when it's dropping but it's happening!  That's right, after 10 years, Missy Elliot is BACK with a NEW VIDEO!!!

TMZ caught wind of the shoot and managed to get a SNEAK PEEK of what's to come!!!

Check the VIDEO after the JUMP!

#Rihanna REVEALS Name and ALBUM artwork for the 'R8' project! [video]

After releasing the polarizing video for 'BBHMM'  Rihanna has been tight-lipped about her 8th studio album--until NOW!

In grand style, RiRi held and event in Los Angeles to unveil the album artwork and the title!  Are you ready??

WATCH: #Empire Season 2 Ep 3 'Fires of Heaven' [full]

'Empire' was full of SURPRISES as usual!  'Lyon Dynasty' emerged, with Hakeem leading the cause, but with Lucious' release from PRISON, 'Empire' is BACK and better than ever.  Cookie and her fledgling cohorts don't stand a chance, or do they?  Anika and Cookie working together again!?  Cookie upstages Lucious' coming home party, but TURN AROUND is FAIR play, right?  Lucious triumphs again.  Rhonda and Andre have BIG NEWS to share with Lucious, but it only brings up fears from the past that may BLEED into the future for the 'Empire'.  Check out 'Empire' season 2 ep 3... 'Fires of Heaven'.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#Empire Music: #Yazz 'Dynasty' feat. #Timbaland [audio]

It's WEDNESDAY!!! So you know it's 'EMPIRE NIGHT'!! What a way to jump into the MOVEMENT than with some 'EMPIRE MUSIC'!?  'Hakeem' AKA Yazz teams up with the show's music director, Timbaland for a HOT NEW TRACK, 'Dynasty'!  Wanna hear it, here it GOES!!!

Happy Birthday #ToniBraxton!!!!!! [vids]

The DIVA, the legendary Toni Braxton turns 48 today!!! Let's all WISH her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we THANK YOU for all the HITS, all the GREAT FAMILY MOMENTS and wish you MANY MORE!!!!

So of course we have to go back a bit and Check out some of those COUNTLESS hits Toni has graced us over her ILLUSTRIOUS career!!

WATCH: #BGC14 'Bad Girls Club' Ep 8 [full]

Let's see who will FIGHT and GO HOME this week! Check out 'Bad Girls Club 14' ep 8 right here!!

WAKE UP JAM: #EllaHenderson 'Ghost' [vid]

WAKE UP!!! Make it a GREAT DAY!

Sometimes you have to GIVE UP THE GHOST to get past yesterday!  UK X-Factor standout Ella Henderson knows a thing or two about that.  Get into the WAKE UP JAM of the day....

WATCH: #RHOH Real Husbands of Hollywood Season 4 Ep 8 [full]

DID THAT really just HAPPEN!  Check out the MIDSEASON finale of 'Real Husbands of Hollywood'!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#GerodRoth-FIRED for #HisNameIsCayden FB Post SPEAKS! Claims HE is 'The Victim'! [video]

Now we have all seen the many MEMES and funny social media posts that CLUTTER our timelines daily.  We've SHARED and reposted and laughed, but when does one go too far.

Gerod Roth found out the HARD WAY when he posted a photo of him and a black child--his co-worker's child Cayden.  The post on FACEBOOK garnered a number of RACIST and demeaning comments, and one vile comment that Roth left himself!  But now he is SPEAKING OUT and claims that he TOO is a VICTIM!  Really?  Take a look at how he tried to SPIN THIS ONE....

WATCH: #BBWLA Season 4 Reunion SNEAK PEEK! #BrandiMaxiel vs #TamiRoman! [vid]

By now we have all seen or heard "Thank You for your services" from Shaunie O'neal to Brandi Maxiel. It APPEARED that Shaunie 'FIRED' Brandi right before our eyes... *sideeye*. Now we know she is an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the show, but then there are several EP's on the show. I am not sure HOW much POWER, or PERCEIVED POWER Shaunie has, but Brandi didn't and WON'T BACK DOWN it seems. In the season 4 REUNION, BRandi is still filled with FIRE, and claps back at Tami Roman and the FIREWORKS GO OFF for real!! Take a LOOK at what we can expect on Sunday's REUNION part 1!!!!

WATCH: #BlackInkCrew season 3 ep 19 [full]

ALL's fair in LOVE and TATTOOS, right? WRONG!  Check out the DRAMA of 'Black Ink Crew' Season 3 ep 19!!

WATCH: #LHHH 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Season 2 ep 5 [full]

The DRAMA continues....MORE new faces on 'Love and Hip Hop Hollywood' season 2 ep 5!

WATCH: #Married2Med Season 3 Reunion Part 2 [full]

The DRAMA CONTINUES! Watch 'Married To Medicine' season 3 reunion part 2!

WATCH: #ShesGotGame Episode 8 [full]

There are not MANY LADIES left! The Game let's his Mom and Grandma size up the remaining women!  Let's see of they know what's best for The Game!  Check out episode 8 right here!


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