Monday, February 27, 2017

#Oscar MIX-UP! 'La La Land' MISTAKENLY announced 'Best Picture' !'Moonlight' NABS top honor! [vid]

The 89th Academy Awards was definitely one of the RECORD books in more ways than one.  In a SHOCKING TWIST, 'La La Land' was ANNOUNCED as the 'Best Picture' winner--as the cast and crew took the stage, It was REVEALED that presenter Warren Beatty had read the WRONG thing--'Moonlight' was indeed the WINNER!  Check out the MOMENT where everything went AWRY in a SHOCKING turn of events!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

WATCH: #MarthaAndSnoops Potluck Dinner Party season 1 ep 8 'High on the Hog' [full ep]

Fat Joe and Kelis join Martha and Snoop as they cook up ribs and a whole hog; Fat Joe and Remy Ma perform their hit single, “Cookin.” WATCH 'Martha & Snoop's Potluck DInner Party' season 1 episode 8 after the JUMP!

LOL MOMENT: @JustZik REACT to #RemyMa's 'shETHER'! [vid]

I just ran across these guys and they are FUNNY AS HELL!  Watch how they BREAK DOWN the Remy Ma DISS TRACK to Nicki!!

WATCH: #MarthaAndSnoops Potluck Dinner Party season 1 ep 7 'They Got Game' [full ep]

The Trap Kitchen chefs and players from Snoop’s Youth Football League and team, the Pomona Steelers, make some game day favorites with Martha and Snoop. WATCH 'Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party' season 1 ep 7 after the JUMP!

WATCH: The #Oscars red carpet LIVE! [livestream]

The biggest night in Hollywood has arrived: The 89th annual Academy Awards take place Sunday night live from Los Angeles with Jimmy Kimmel set as host. BEFORE the BIG SHOW, check out the RED CARPET arrivals LIVE here with COMMENTARY!

Check it out after the JUMP!

Sunday Energy Shot: #NickiMinaj 'Stupid Hoe' [vid]

We are STILL waiting.... WAITING to see if Nicki Minaj will RESPOND to Remy Ma's DIRECT 1-2-3- punch of 'shEther'.  I mean I guess you can't TECHNICALLY LOSE a rap battle if you don't participate??  Well let's go back to 2012 when Nicki DID try to throw some JABS at the FORMER 'Queen of Rap', Lil' Kim.... 'Stupid Hoe'  sounds about right TODAY, right???

WATCH: #MarthaAndSnoop's Potluck DInner Party season 1 ep 6 'Something Fishy' [full ep]

Kathy Griffin, Mike Epps, sushi chefs Abe Hiroki and Morimoto, and musical guest D.R.A.M. help Snoop and Martha roll sushi. WATCH, 'Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party season 1 episode 6, 'Something Fishy' after the JUMP!

STREAM #Thundercat's 'Drunk' HERE! [audio]

Bassist/producer/singer/ Thundercat has unleashed a new project that you just HAVE to get into! It's so eclectic and mellow that you immediately become ENGULFED....

“I’ve always tried to hold true to what Erykah Badu and Flying Lotus told me: It has to come from an honest place,” he told RBMA Daily in January. “I feel like it’s a place that I’ve been in different ways, seen different angles of and it’s been a bit inspirational – the drinking. It has its ups and downs and everything, but I felt like it showed the human side of what goes on behind things, something that I see with all of my friends… I felt like it was kind of interweaved in the music culture.”

'Drunk' boast cameos from Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell and Wiz Khalifa! Take a LISTEN:

NEW MUSIC: #CalvinHarris 'Slide' feat. #FrankOcean + #Migos [audio]

Now this is a GREAT collab, right--Calvin Harris, Migos and Frank Ocean!!  Check out the LATEST on this FEEL GOD, breezy collaboration!

#BillPaxton DEAD at 61! [details]

Sad news to report in the ENTERTAINMENT WORLD.  Actor, Bill Paxton has PASSED away at the age of 61!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

#KMart DROPS #NickiMinaj clothing line amidst #RemyMa Feud! [details]

After a SCATHING, visceral DISS from Remy Ma on WAX, it appears that another JAB was dished to Nicki Minaj.  It appears that retailer, K-Mart is DROPPING her CLOTHING LINE!!

Saturday Slingback #RemyMa 'Conceited' [vid]

Remember back when Remy Ma had that colorful BANG that she wouldn't let go and Scott Storch was recycling those SAME BEATS for different artists?  Well, let's go back to 2005's 'There Is Something About Remy' for the Saturday Slingback.  Since Remy is SPITTIN' FLAMES these days, let's just go back a bit before the 7 summers and 6 winters....

She was CONCEITED indeed....

#RemyMa DISSES #NickiMinaj- Nicki beefs with #TreySongz while #JoeBudden LAUGHS! [details]

By now EVERYONE has heard the NOT SUBTLE at all DISS track Remy Ma UNLEASHED upon Nicki Minaj.  Now Nicki has not RESPONDED YET on wax, but she had been on TWITTER ALL DAY dropping 'stats' about her ALBUM sales and Remy's LACK THEREOF and etc.

[In case you MISSED the DISS, LISTEN to it HERE!]

She also seemed to get ICY with Trey Songz, who's name was BROUGHT UP in the DISS.  Remy ALLEGES that Nicki SLEPT with Trey...  Trigga WEIGHED IN as well as aLOT of other people.

GET all the!

WATCH: #Married2Med season 4 ep 16 'Reunion Part 2' [full ep]

Andy Cohen welcomes the husbands to tell their sides of the story; Dr. Darren confronts the women about their vicious accusations concerning his rumored infidelity; For the LIFE of me, I am not SURE why these LADIES are so PRESSED about Lisa Nicole's marriage, and her husband's SEXUALITY. Dr. Darren and Quad go at it after some rather PETTY comments on her behalf. THe LADIES face off with Mariah to decipher if she is indeed wanting to REPAIR their BROKEN friendships. Lisa Nicole and Dr. Heavenly have a REAL moment.. Jackie shocks everyone when she drops a bomb about her relationship with Curtis. Will Jackie and Curtis make it to another REUNION show as a COUPLE? It remains to be seen on 'Married To Medicine' season 4 REUNION part 2!

NEW VIDEO: #TreySongz 'Playboy' [vid]

Trey Songz DROPS more new music from 'Tremaine the Playboy'.  Check out 'Playboy' after the JUMP!!


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