Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NEW VIDEO: @MajorGirl #TinyTamekaHarris releases #WTHFYGD video!

T.I. and Tiny's MARRIAGE has been a FRONT BURNING story for MONTHS now, with allegations of infedility on BOTH SIDES, tabloid and blog fodder and the like.  NOW, Tiny STRIKES back with some NEW MUSIC that appears to ADDRESS the current state of her marriage.  We often forget Tiny was a mmber of the CHART-TOPPING group, Xscape, right.  Check out Tiny's latest effort, 'What the f*ck you Gon Do'!



WATCH: #Tinashe performs '2 On' on #TheWendyWilliamsShow! [video]

Did you miss POP rising star, Tinashe on 'Wendy'?  Check her out performing her smash hit, '2 On' from the upcoming 'Aquarius' project' dropping in September!


Ex-#DestinysChild member #FarrahFranklin addresses ARREST on social media with cryptic message!

By now you've heard that over the weekend, ex-Destiny's Child member, Farrah Franklin was ARRESTED for disorderly conduct.  Farrah was found wondering around in the woods of SC after she had left a club. Alcohol was DEFINITELY involved.  Franklin took to social media to address her latest struggle.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#WendyWilliams SLAMS #NeNeLeakes' 'Customized' #Birkin bag! NeNe Claps back with 'Threat' to take Wendy's job!'

We ALL know that Wendy Williams DISHES the HARD TRUTHS and GOSSIP on her 'HOT TOPICS' segment of her show.  NO CELEB is SAFE and Wendy and her 'co-hosts' (studio audience) GAB about what's HOT in entertainment news for the DAY.  Today, Wendy set her sights on NeNe Leakes' 'customized' Birkin bag.  NeNe chose to either doodle on her bag or have some one write all her  catchphrases on the EXPENSIVE designer purse.  Wendy WENT IN on NeNe's purse saying that she DEFACED the bag and that her idea to customize the purse was neither SMART or ORIGINAL.  She went on to cite that Kim Kardashian and Lady GaGa had already done that motif and Kim's was BETTER because she comes from a CERTAIN TYPE of MONEY that NeNe may or MAY NOT have, so she gets a 'pass' to deface the purse.  See what she said HERE!

Well APPARENTLY, NeNe Leakes was NOT AMUSED by Wendy's antics, so she decided to 'COME FOR' Wendy in a LETTER!

Here it goes...

WATCH: #HitTheFloor Season 2 Episode 9 'DownLow LOVE and SEX in SHOWERS!' [full ep]

It APPEARS that 'Hit The Floor' is HEATING UP like NEVER before.  Make up to BREAK UP SEX in the showers, Men Kissing MEN and LIKING IT?  What on EARTH is going on here?  Check out EPISODE 9 RIGHT HERE for yourself!

WATCH: #LHHATL Season 3 Ep: 13 [full ep]

The DRAMA is BUILDING to the EXPLOSIVE REUNION we;ve been hearing so much about.  It appears that Mimi Faust is a BONAFIDE 'celebrity' now that the SEX-TAPE has dropped, but her FRIENDS don't seem to think it's all GOOD.  Kalenna and TOny have a MOLD problem? *SIDE-EYE*  But the BIGGER ISSUE is HOW CAN YOU take care of a NEW baby, when you not taking care of the one you already got? Hmmm??? And it appears that LOVE is in the air for SCRAPPY and 'The Bambi'.  We'll talk on that later, for now, let's just JUMP RIGHT INTO the 'SOAP OPERA' that is 'Love & Hip Hop ATL'....

Monday, July 21, 2014

#HitTheFloor #Derek & #Terrence GO NUDE for a photoshoot [pics]

Ladies, do you need a REASON to TUNE into 'Hit The Floor' on MONDAYS!  The DEVIL GIRLS are already INSPIRATION enough for the GUYS. So 'Terrence' and 'Derek' may just be that INSPIRATION for the LADIES!!  The TWO STRIPPED DOWN  for a magazine shoot on TONIGHT's episode of the hit VH1 SHOW!


Mag Tag: #MimiFaust covers #HipHopWeekly! [pic]

It's called FREEDOM OF PRESS.  Mimi Faust THOUGHT she had the upper hand, but Benzino did not NEED her permission to place her on the cover of 'Hip Hop Weekly'!

I'm mad that JOSELINE got a little side piece of the cover too. Coincidence? LOL.

Zino, that's the BEST PIC YOU COULD FIND?

Why not THIS ONE?

WATCH: #LilMo dishes about #RBDIVASLA Season 2 Ep 1 on #AfterBuzzTV show with #BammEricsen

Did you MISS all the DISH from Lil' MO on 'AfterBuzz TV' with Bamm Ericsen !? On this AFTER SHOW devoted to R&B Divas L.A. season 2 Episode one, we get all the DIRT from the show from the SOURCE, Lil' Mo who was watching it for the first time with all of US! SO you KNOW she had some DIRT and OPINIONS to SHARE!!

Check it OUT!!

#LHHATL News: #JoselineHernandez SPEAKS OUT about REUNION BRAWL! CALLS OUT #MonaScott! [video]

We've heard ALL TYPES of CONFLICTING news about the fights that broke out at last week's taping of LHHATL Season 3 reunion.  We posted a video clip of some of the 'shenanigans' that went down and in the clip we can see and HEAR Joseline calling out the PRODUCERS for inciting the RIOT!  Now TODAY, Joseline is speaking out again and even takes a JAB at executive producer, Mona Scott for her part in INCITING the BRAWL!! See what Joseline had to say...


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