Friday, July 31, 2015

#WWE wrestler 'Rowdy' #RoddyPiper has DIED at 61! [details]

Professional wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has died at the age of 61.

His agent Jay Schacter confirmed the news to Variety.

“Rod passed peacefully in his sleep last night,” Schacter said in an email. “I am shocked and beyond devastated.”

Flashback Friday #MeekMill 'Amen' feat. #Drake [vid]

WELL... IT WAS ALL GOOD just a week ago??? Well, maybe NOT, but at one point, Meek Mill and Drake were cool...  Well COOL enough to record this track together!  Let's go back with a little 'AMEN'.  After the 'BEEF' we need a little CHURCH in here!

WATCH: #BFV 'Braxton Family Values' season 4 ep 21 [full ep]

I did not get a chance to WATCH, but I am SURE that it was GOOD as USUAL.  The SISTER DRAMA never ends!  Check out 'BFV' season 4 ep 21, RIGHT HERE!!!

NEW MUSIC: #MeekMill 'Wanna Know' (Drake Diss) [audio]

Well, It took some time, but Meek Mill found the time between Nicki Minaj's tour stops to CLAP back at Drake's PAIR of diss tracks aimed at him.  So after all the WAIT, did Meek Mill deliver?  We are going to reply with a RESOUNDING 'NO'.

Meek made references to info only a few people would know, like the incident at T.I.'s  'Taker's premiere where allegedly someone from Tip's camp PEED on Drake in a drunken stupor.  ALSO another MISSSTEP that was made was that Meek brought up old news..STUFF we could find on any BLOG from LAST YEAR.  In my opinion it just MISSED THE MARK.  And not by a little, by a LONG SHOT!  Now a few people in his CAMP may get the references, but for a BEEF to successful, you have to LITERALLY take the OPPONENTS JUGULAR out, put it in a BLENDER, mix some PROTEIN POWDER with it, a little yogurt, some fresh berries and FEED IT TO you opponent as they BEG you to STOP.  We did not get that.  Perhaps, Meek should;ve revisited such tracks as Nas' 'Ether' or Jay Z's 'Takeover' or Biggie's 'Who Shot Ya' to get a BETTER UNDERSTANDING of how a BEEF really works. I mean he got a few 'jabs' in there:

“Real ni**as back in style / This shit is lit / This that Ja Rule shit and 50 Cent,” he exclaims.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

#PuffDaddy TEASES 'Finna Get Loose' video with #Pharrell! [vid]

Puff Daddy & Hype Williams REUNITE for the HIGHLY-ANTICIAPTED visual for 'Finna Get Loose' with Pharrell!  YOU know this is going to be EPIC!!  Check out the TEASER here!!

WATCH: #SisterhoodOfHipHop Season 2 ep 8 [full ep]

The DRAMA is ESCALATING with the femcees!  Check out 'Sisterhood of Hip Hop' season 2 ep 8 RIGHT HERE!!!

WATCH: #TheGameBET Season 9 ep 9 [full ep]

The end is NEAR, but the DRAMA continues!! CHECK OUT 'The Game' season 9 episode 9, RIGHT HERE!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#JaneBirkin distances herself from croc #Hermes bag after #PETA animal cruelty claims! [vid]

You've heard of them, but few outside of the A-list celebrity circles can afford them--the COVETED Birkin Bag!  This COVETED bag from Hermes can run up to 100k!  Jane Birkin the famed actress that the bags are named for now wants to DISTANCE herself from the product in light of PETA's animal cruelty probe!

What does it take to create one, polished handbag? According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, it requires the belly skin of three young crocodiles who have been slaughtered in a factory where they lived their short, aimless lives until the moments of their deaths.

Last month, the organization released an investigation featuring undercover video recorded at a crocodile factory in Zimbabwe, where PETA says Herm├Ęs sources some of its crocodile skin. A second farm in Texas that supplied crocodile skin for watchbands was also shown in the video.

Check the NSFW video here!

WATCH: #Nellyville ep 19 [full ep]

Let's see what Nelly and his COLORFUL BROOD are up to THIS WEEK!  Check out EPISODE 19!

WATCH: #TylerPerry's #HAHN season 3 ep 17 [full ep]

Did you miss Tyler Perry's 'The Have and Have Nots'?  Check out what you missed HERE!
Season 3 ep 17!

#Drake drops 2nd #MeekMill 'DISS' track, 'Back To Back'! FIRE or NAH? [audio]

The Drake/Meek Mill, beef is getting a LITTLE DEEPER.  Drake released a lukewarm 'diss track' on Saturday 'Charged up' in response to Meek's allegations that he had a GHOSTWRITER pen his verse on his [Meek's] track, 'R.I.C.O.'.

Meek did not issue a REPLY on record, but did take to SOCIAL MEDIA to literally SCREAM a response..and that was it.

Drake has sense dropped ANOTHER track , and this time out he was not so SUBLIMINAL with his JABS--he goes RIGHT TO THE JUGULAR this time.  Just to understand where I'm coming from, this is what Drake said about Meek:

“You love her then you gotta get a world tour/ Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?/ I know that you gotta be a thug for her/ This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.”


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WATCH: #LHHATL season 4 ep 14 [full ep]

THE DRAMA is THICK on 'Love & Hip Hop ATL' as always!  Check out the AFTERMATH of Sina and Khadiyah and Karlie and MUCH MORE!!

NEW VIDEO: #MeekMill 'All Eyes On You' feat. #NickiMinaj & #ChrisBrown [vid]

Meek & Nicki turn up the ON & Off camera chemistry for Meek's LATEST, "All Eyes On You".  Chris Brown KILLS the HOOK, right?  Check out the Benny Boom-directed visual HERE!

WATCH: #LHHAfterparty Episode 14 w/ #LisaWu & #Bambi! [full Ep]

Big Tigger KEEPS the 'AFTERPARTY' LIVE with friends, "Hollywood Diva", Lisa Wu & Bambi!

Check it out!

WAKE UP JAM-#Nas 'You Owe Me' feat. #Ginuwine [video]


Pass the MIRROR, before you head out, TAKE ONE MORE LOOK to make sure yo are looking FLY and are ready for the DAY.  Tell yourself, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to make it a GREAT DAY, and it will be.And for the people that OWE U is a good day to
  Let's go back to 1999! That was a GOOD YEAR for some, right?  1999 was the year Nas teamed up with Timbaland and Ginuwine to make this CLASSIC!

Jump into
'You Owe Me'....

Nas feat. Ginuwine - You Owe Me by mattmarti


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