Friday, August 26, 2016

NEW MUSIC: @MyiahLynnae drops 'Ethereal' EP! [audio]

LUSH... is what comes to mind.  The VOICE will take you on a ride.  The STORIES will make the RIDE worth your WILD.  Myiah Lynnae finally has dropped the 'Ethereal' EP.  The 6-piece set includes the songs 'Love Like (remix)', and 'Hypno' and more.  This is the NEXT BIG THING, the next huge star on the HORIZON.  Get familiar, singer, songwriter Myiah Lynnae is in a LANE of her own and ready to take on the GAME FULL FORCE!  Take a listen...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

WATCH: #Greenleaf Season 1 Ep 12 'Veni Vidi Vici' [full ep]

Mavis has problems with her club; Grace, Ray and Sophia attend a custody hearing; Charity and Kevin talk about his feelings. Deacon Sykes discusses women’s day with Lady Mae and wants Grace to preach!  Watch 'Greenleaf' season 1 episode 12, 'Veni, Vidi, Vici' after the JUMP!!

One in a million! Remembering #Aaliyah! [vids]

Although you are gone, you are not forgotten.  On this day, we remember Aaliyah!

'If your girl only knew/Marvin's Room' Mashup

'4-Page Letter' Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter by klmbaby 'Miss You'

WATCH: #HollywoodDivas Season 3 Ep 8-Reunion part 2 [full ep]

The DIVAS return for PART 2 of their POW-WOW about the past season!  Check out 'Hollywood Divas' season 3 Reunion part 2!

WAKE UP JAM: #ChristinaAguilera 'Come On Over' [vid]

WAKE IT UP!!! Time to get it started again! You can do it! Keep telling yourself that you are NUMBER 1 and no one can take that power away.

Let's go way back with Christina Aguilera's hit, 'Come on Over'!

@Osheaxi TEASES 'OsheanView' project AGAIN! [vid teaser]

Singer, songwriter Oshea has been putting the FINISHING TOUCHES on his upcoming project 'Oshean View' and from what I hear it's coming sooner than LATER....

Just RECENTLY Oshea offers another TEASE of the upcoming project and it's EPIC!!!

It's a MOVEMENT coming down the PIPELINE...RIDE the WAVE... Take a LOOK for yourself!

WATCH: T.I. & Tiny: #FamilyHustle Season 5 Ep 17 [full ep]

Tiny TRIES to tap into the GREAT BEYOND to talk to LOVED ONES that have passed on, while T.I. leaves the BOYS in charge of  Major and they LOSE him! Check out 'Family Hustle' season 5 episode 17 after the JUMP!!

MAG TAG: Supermodel #TaylorHill STRADDLES #TroyeSivan NAKED on #VMag! [pics]

Now isn't this PROVACATIVE! Up and coming supermodel Taylor Hill is causing quite a SCENE as she STRADDLES Troye Sivan with NO PANTIES ON for the latest edition of V Magazine!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#TamarBraxton & Vince 911 call RELEASED! [audio]

We have HEARD that Tamar Braxton and Vince had some type pf DOMESTIC incident at the Ritz Carlton on Atlanta earlier this week.  Now we have the 911 call from the HOTEL about the incident!  Take a LISTEN!

WATCH: #TooCloseToHome episode 1 'Dangerously Close, Alabama [full ep]

Anna finds herself in a deadly predicament that reveals her deeply guarded secret. Then Anna searches for a safe-haven after her secret is revealed.  Watch 'Too Close To Home' season 1 episode 1, 'Dangerously Close, Alabama' after the JUMP!!!

WATCH: #50Cent's Hilarious 50-Cent STORE promo on #JimmyKimmel! [vid]

If we know anything about 50 Cent, we KNOW he has a very strong COMEDIC side to him and his is NOT afraid to poke fun at other people and MOSTLY HIMSELF.  In a HILARIOUS 'Back to School' promo for his new '50-cent store' 50 shows us that he could actually take a STAB at a side job in COMEDY.  Check it out!

#LeslieJones WEBSITE HACKED! Nudes and personal info EXPOSED! [pics]

For whatever reason, HATERS just won't let SNL star Leslie Jones be GREAT! Just weeks after HATERS caused her to LEAVE Twitter, with their RACIST and disparaging comments, a HACKER has gotten into her WEBSITE, and revealed personal info about her, her passport her driver's lisence and NUDE PHOTOS of the star! Check out the PICS after the JUMP if you care to SEE!!

WAKE UP JAM: #Usher 'My Way' [vid]

WAKE IT UP!  Time to get it moving in the right direction! Take on the world and do it YOUR WAY!
Let's go back with some classic Usher, 'My Way'!

WATCH: #HAHN Season 4 Ep 21 'The Fugitive' [full ep]

There is a fever pitch search for the fugitive that has shady ties to Katheryn!  Check out 'The Haves and the Have Nots' season 4 episode 21 after the jump!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

NEW MUSIC: #LHHH's #MasikaKalysha releases 'Andale' feat. #FettyWap [lyric vid]

There was a DEBATE that 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Masika Kalysha's new song with Fetty Wap was TRASH!  But after listening to it, it's not HALF BAD.  Take a listen to 'Andale' featuring her baby daddy, Fetty Wap!


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