Thursday, January 19, 2017

WATCH: #VivicasBlackMagic season 1 ep 3 'Fifty Shades of Chocolate' [full ep]

After a near disaster on stage and a blow up between the dancers, Black Magic pulls off their first public performance. Later, Vivica gets a shocking phone call from Darrin, who tells her he’s quitting the show after a fight with Eurika. Eurika hires a new choreographer, who creates more friction with the dancers as they get ready to entertain at an exclusive birthday party for celebrity and comedian, Luenelle. WATCH 'Vivica's Black Magic' season 1 episode 3 'Fifty Shades of Chocolate' after the JUMP!

WATCH: #BlackInkCrew season 5 ep 2 'Teddy's Playhouse' [full ep]

O’Sh*t returns to Harlem with a new name and a new flame. Is he a CHANGED MAN for good or will eh SLIDE back into his OLD WAYS!? Ted transforms Ceaser’s old office into a Boom Boom Room and hires a new tattoo artist that STIRS the POT--Asian STYLE!. Ceaser’s brand ambassador Kitty incites a brawl when she insults the 113th shop. WATCH 'Black Ink Crew' season 5 episode 2, 'Teddy's Playhouse' after the JUMP!!

WATCH: #Star season 1 ep 4 'Code of Silence' [full ep]

Carlotta continues to pursue the truth about Simone and Star’s past; a familiar face seeks Jahil’s help; Miss Bruce prepares the salon for an upcoming hair show, and Gladys Knight is arranged to introduce their showcase. WATCH 'Star' season 1 episode 4 'Code of Silence' after the JUMP!!

WATCH: #BlackInkCrew season 5 ep 1 'Hail Ceasar' [full ep]

Ceaser ushers in a new era of Black Ink with a grand opening party at his new shop. Teddy takes the reins of 113th as the new executive manager. Tempers flare when Donna finds out that Max is still involved with his ex! WATCH 'Black Ink Crew' season 5 episode 1 after the JUMP!!

WAKE UP JAM: #US3 'Cataloop (Flip Fantasia) [vid]

WAKE IT UP!!  Time to FLIP the SCRIPT and make it DO WHAT IT DO!!  Let's go back to 1993 with US3's BREAKOUT HIT, 'Cataloop (Flip Fantasia).

NEW MUSIC: @Osheaxi '6Teen' [audio]

Oshea is KICKING OFF the NEW YEAR with NEW MUSIC!  The SYNTH-heavy romp can be heard on his SOUNDCLOUD page and of course we have it HERE for your LISTENING PLEASURE!  WORD from the CURB there are BIG THINGS on the HORIZON for the R&B crooner and the Reign Check Entertainment crew.  TAKE a LISTEN after the JUMP!!

#BrysonTiller ANNOUNCES new album 'True To Self'! [details]

2016's BREAK-OUT new R&B star Bryson Tiller announces the FOLLOW-UP to 'Trap Soul'!

“Im working on this album called True to Self, non-stop until it’s finished,” he tweeted Tuesday (Jan. 17). “then it’s yours.”

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WATCH: #TooCloseToHome season 2 ep 2 'A Family Affair' [full ep]

Mack has upsetting news about Rebel. WATCH 'Too Close To Home' season 2 episode 2, 'A Family Affair' after the JUMP!!

WATCH: #ANTM Cycle 23 ep 6 'Out For The Count' [full ep]

An unexpected romance arises between two of the models but this fatal attraction could cost one of them the competition. The models go head to head with Supermodel Chanel Iman for a fierce, body-in-motion challenge. WATCH 'America's Next Top Model' cycle 23 episode 6, 'Out For The Count' after the JUMP!!

WATCH: #VivicasBlackMagic season 1 ep 2 'Locals vs Out of Towners' [full ep]

Vivica and her team feel the pressure as they prepare for Black Magic’s first ever public performance. Darrin returns and is shocked to find out about Alvester’s changes to his choreography. Meanwhile a tense rivalry builds between the local and out of town dancers, exploding into a fight that threatens to ruin their group dance — and Vivica’s dreams. WATCH 'Vivica's Black Magic' episode 2 after the JUMP!!

#FifthHarmony to perform as a QUARTET tonight at #PeoplesChoiceAwards! [details]

Fifth Harmony  are MOVING ON as a QUARTET after Camila Cabello UNEXPECTANTLY left the group late last year!

The GROUP is should be hitting the stage RIGHT NOW at the 43rd Annual People's Choice Awards on CBS!!  This is their 1st time with the NEW CONFIGURATION on a televised broadcast!

#Beyonce PROMOTES #WomensMarch protest to FOLLOW Trump Inauguration! [details]

Beyonce is promoting a Women's March initiative taking place this Saturday (Jan. 21) at the Capitol in what seems a protest to Donald Trump!  Said march will take place one day after the President-elect is sworn in at the inauguration ceremony. DETAILS....

#ChrisetteMichele to PERFORM at #DonaldTrump's Inauguration! [details]

Many have been asked and many have DECLINED, but ONE BRAVE SOUL has taken the CHECK, I mean CHALLENGE!  R&B star, Chrisette Michele WILL be performing at Donald Trump's INAUGURATION on January 20th!!!

NEW VIDEO: #MikeTyson debuts #SouljaBoy DISS track 'If You Show Up' [vid]

Not QUITE sure why Mike Tyson  took Chris Brown's SIDE in the Breezy/Soulja Boy 'beef' but he has and he is coming out SWINGING and not just in the TRAINING ring with Chris.  Tyson 'UNLEASHES' a 'diss track' to Soulja Boy in the Tonio Skits-directed video for 'If You Show Up'.

Tyson gets a BEVY of SOCIAL MEDIA stars to perform the track in the video as he makes a SMALL cameo at the end....

Did you know Iron MIKE was a RAPPER?  I don't think he KNEW EITHER...still doesn't but at any rate, here it is... LOL....

#WillandGrace REBOOT set to RETURN to #NBC! [details]

The RUMORS have been RUMBLING for weeks now, but now it's official! 'Will & Grace' is set to return to NBC!!!


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