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Friday, April 18, 2014

The #Carters are COMING to ATL!? The Mr. & Mrs Carter Stadium Tour TAKES OVER ATL On.....

Let's HOPE this is TRUE....

I searched Ticketmaster and I didn't see this DEFINITIVELY, but let's HOPE this is INDEED TRUTH and not FICTION....


WATCH: #MaryMary Season 3 Ep 8 [full episode]

Did you miss The Marys last night!  Well get caught up on all the drama RIGHT HERE! WATCH EPISODE 8 of season 3 HERE!

#LHHATL Season 3 Ep:1 1st Look: Mimi & Nikko get INTIMATE with PILLOW TALK! “You know my body inside and out,”

Well this is how it all began, right?  We've seen the teaser for the 'SEX-TAPE', now we get a GLIMPSE at its origins.

“You’re really good at what you do. F—ing me,” Mimi Faust tells her boyfriend Nikko in this exclusive clip from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s first episode. Which must be how and why she agreed to film a sex tape with him. “You know my body inside and out,” she continues. “Whether it’s your fingers, your mouth, however you touch me, it’s perfect every time. It’s crazy.”

Watch the clip now to see the pair in bed discussing their most intimate moments, and brace yourself for more when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season three premieres Monday, May 5th at 8PM ET/PT.


This SEASON of 'Love & Hip Hop ATL' looks like its going to be SEX-DRENCHED already!


1st Look: #Beyonce & #JayZ shoot 'Part II (On the Run) video in ATL! [pics]

Is there anything Beyonce and Jay-Z can't do?  Whatever it is, they EXCEL and command ATTENTION doing it.  The two were spotted in ATLANTA this week filming the visual for 'Part II (On the Run) from Jay-Z's 'MCHG' project!  Check out a few SNAPS!

#KandiBurruss talks #MommaJoyce issues, #RHOA BRAWL & more on #Bethenny! [video]

RHOA's Kandi Burruss stopped by 'Bethenny' to dish about her "AWESOME WEDDING" her WILD Bachelorette party courtesy of Phaedra Parks and the bridesmaids and of course the FIGHT at the RHOA reunion taping.  Yes, 'Bethenny' is still on... for the rest of the season then it's a wrap.  But enough of that.. get into Kandi's interview.  She reveals even though she and Todd or MARRIED, there are STILL MOMMA JOYCE issues... Check the CLIPS!

Kandi Talks 'Coming to America' themed-wedding

Now what we all want to hear.. Kandi talks Porsha and Kenya FIGHT!..after the JUMP!

Don't Believe the HYPE! This is how much #MimiFaust REALLY got paid for her PORN TAPE! [details]

Don't believe the HYPE!!!  It was RUMORED, that Mimi Faust got paid upwards of 5 million dollar for her sexual EXPLOITS with boyfriend, Nikko Smith.  I admit that I was a bit SKEOTICAL of such a figure seeing that the two were NOT THAT BIG of stars to command a payday like that.  SO... we did a little more digging and got the REAL VALUE of Mimi's vagina.  And trust a believe it's not 5 milli..not even CLOSE!

Get the DETAILS after the JUMP!

#FunkyDineva DISHES on the EXPLOSIVE #Scandal FINALE! [video]

The EXPLOSIVE 'SCANDAL' season finale is STILL the TALK of everybody's BREAK ROOM, FACEBOOK/IG conversations NOW!  What will the 'GLADIATORS' do until the hit show returns in the FALL!?  Well there was just TOO MUCH drama to be summed up by a person that does not FOLLOW the show.  But Ms. FunkyvDineva Ross, a friend and follower of the hit show can give you the RUNDOWN like only 'SHE' can!



Flashback Friday- Watch #MimiFaust discuss what's #RATCHET and what's NOT! [video]

It was all good just a season week ago!  In light of Mimi Faust's NEW PORN STAR FAME, (which some may deem RATCHET), this clip from LAST SEASON of 'LHHATL'  seems quite, INTERESTING.  Intersting in the fact that Mimi thoughts on what is considered RATCHET seems somewhat HYPOCRITICAL in light of her CURTAIN-RODDING escapades with boy toy Nikko Smith now, right.  Check out this Friday Flashback that shows Mimi's 'Ms Prim & Proper' demeanor may have just been a FACADE.

I bet some would deem her PORN TAPE 'RATCHET' but oh well.  She's the one the stands to BANK upwards of 5 million.. so in this instance, RATCHETNESS PAYS in SPADES!


RUMOR HAS IT.. GUESS how much #MimiFaust's VAGINA & SEX TAPE is WORTH!?

Pull out some Keith Sweat, bolt your shower curtain rods to the wall and grab your digital camcorders because you just MAY want to try this at home. You won't BELIEVE how much Mimi Faust is getting paid for her PORNO!!  She is LAUGHING and CRYING and GRUNTING and MOANING and PANTING all the way the the BANK...and then some...  Get the FINANCIAL DETAILS after the JUMP!

WATCH: #Scandal Season 3 Ep: 18 Finale- [full episode]

Everybody will be TALKING ABOUT IT TODAY.  Another FUNERAL, Drunk Mellie and Papa POPE and his ANTICS.... WHO CAME OUT ALIVE!!?  Check out the EXPLOSIVE 'Scandal' Season 3 FINALE right here!


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