Sunday, September 21, 2014

WATCH: #SWVReunited Season 2 Episode 6- FINALE All HELL Breaks Lose! [full ep]

The TENSIONS come to a head with the LADIES as Taj's voice issues, OLD SECRETS and the SAME OLD 'SWV DRAMA' comes back to haunt the group.  THIS TIME it leads to BLOWS!!!


NEW MUSIC: #JazmineSullivan 'Forever Don't Last' [audio]

Jazmine Sullivan is NOT PLAYING with this 'COMEBACK'!  Again, she delivers a POWERFUL stripped down BALLAD for us to enjoy that SHOWCASES her UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL voice!

"I guess forever doesn't last too long these days/ And I tried to believe that we can make it/ But trying don't work/ So I just had to face that forever doesn't last too long these days," she belts on the hook.

Sullivan recently says that 'Forever' was her most PERSONAL SONG to date!

"I'm basically crying on that song. It's a ballad, and that's classic Jazmine. It's a letting-go song which is why it's so personal. I feel like I came to a point in my relationship where [I needed] to let go and move on. I just had to do it."

 Listen and you'll see why!



The HACKER is on a ROLL.  Kim Kardashian's NUDE PICS have leaked as well.  But this is not TOO shocking.. I mean, we've seen just about as much of Kimmy's cakes as her OB/GYN has, so... IJS, we have.  Kim Kardashian has built her BILLION DOLLAR brand of of NUDITY beginning with the Ray/J-Kim K SEX TAPE, so this little snafu is just a BONUS... Check out the PICS after the JUMP!

WATCH: #BFV 'Braxton Family Values' Season 4 Episode 6 [full ep]

Sister drama CONTINUES on 'Braxton Family Values' season 4 Epsiode 6!  Are they EVER going to lay down a TRACK for this ALBUM? From the looks of it... well you see for yourself..  WATCH it HERE!

WATCH: #BlackJesus Episode 7 [full ep]

The 'Black Jesus' gang ARE BACK!  CHeck out EPISODE 7!

#GabrielleUnion NUDE PICS LEAK! [NSFW]

Gabrielle Union is the LATEST celeb targeted by the CELBRITY HACKER!  'Being Mary Jane' INDEED, Gabby's pics have leaked as well!

We can say this, SHE LOOKS GOOD!

Check the NSFW pics after the JUMP!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

SHOCKER! #ANTM All-Stars CAST-OFF #AngeleaPreston FINALLY REVEALS why TITLE was STRIPPED from her!

REMEMBER back in 2011 when Tyra Banks offered the 1st 'America's Top Model ALL_STARS' edition?  Well long story short, the FINAL 3 came down to Angelea Preston,  Lisa D'Amato and  Allison Harvard.  UNCEREMONIOUSLY at the end, Preston was disqualified and Lisa D'Amato was deemed the WINNER of CYCLE 17, when Preston was CLEARLY the FRONTRUNNER and RUMORED REAL WINNER of the cycle.  There was LIMITED discussion on what really happened behind the scenes that lead to the SUDDEN CHANGE of plans and scenery on cycle 17's finale.  Well NOW after all this time Preston reveals the REAL REASON she was DQed and stripped of the TITLE that she claims was indeed HERS!

Comedy Clash! #SherylUnderwood EXPOSES #QueensofComedy! The ladies and #RickeySmiley CLAP BACK! [video]

Just this past week on 'The Talk' co-host and comedian Sheryl Underwood revealed a NEVER HEARD BEFORE secret about WHY she was never included in the widely SUCCESSFUL 'Queens of Comedy' franchise.  She went on to REVEAL that initially after TURNING DOWN the chance to be on the 1st instalment she was asked to join the 2nd film. But the LADIES involved had MISGIVINGS about her look, her ability and her contributions to the project much to the CHAGRIN on Sheryl who was listening in on the conference call without the ladies' knowledge!  This is Underwood's recollection of the events!

Friday, September 19, 2014

One of the 1st #iPhone6 consumers #JackCooksey DROPS it on LIVE TV as soon as he opened it!! [video]

iPhone 6 MANIA is in FULL SWING all around the WORLD!!!!  Have you gotten yours or are you still standing in line!?   Well I'm still waiting for Apple to send one to THE GAMUTT for us to use and BLOG ABOUT...*Crickets Chirping*   Until that arrives, I will have to just live vicariously through other iPhone ENTHUSIASTS.

One customer , actually the 1st person to get his iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia may have to get back in line.

The first person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia, immediately dropped it onto a concrete floor on live TV.

Early adopter Jack Cooksey was being interviewed outside Perth's Apple Store by a morning television reporter, eager to show the world one of the first of the new iPhones in the wild.

But such was his excitement, he opened the box a little too vigorously, and the costly device slipped out and onto the pavement.


It didn't seem to be damaged, and Jack said "It's all good" - but it hit the ground with such force it's hard to imagine it escaping without a scratch, at least.

Jack told the Perth Sunday Times, "I dropped it in a panic to get it open, luckily it's covered in plastic, so it's fine."

He also said he was looking forward to sitting down and playing with the new phone.

He said: "I just can't wait to open it again - and not drop it."

I would've WALKED MY ASS right back in there and got another one. But that's JUST ME. LOL.
Perth was one of the first cities in the world to have the iPhone 6 on sale at 11pm last night, which is 8am local time.

Apple's new device hit shelves at 8am--some people have been waiting in line all week!!!


INSTA-GRAMMIN- 'GREY' is the new BLACK? #GreysAnatomy cast pose as #OITNB cast! [pic]

How funny is this?  'Grey's Anatomy' star Ellen Pompeo posts a pic on Instagram of her and her cast members posing as 'Orange Is The New Black' characters!!

Fans familiar with BOTH HIT SHOWS will recognize IMMEDIATELY who's playing whom, right!?? LOL.
Get the CAST COMPARISONS after the JUMP!

NEW VIDEO: #JenniferLopez 'Booty' feat. #IggyAzalea [video]

It's FINALLY HERE!!! Jennifer Lopez drops the LATINA counterpoart to 'Anaconda'--an ode to ASS--'Booty' featuring Iggy Azalea! This is one HOT video directed by the LEGENDARY Hype Willians!!  Watch all the ASS-TASTIC action right here!!  T



Thursday, September 18, 2014

NEW VIDEO- #Meelah 'Give It To You' feat. #MusiqSoulchild [video]

We maybe all into 'R&B Divas L.A' but new 'Diva' from ATL Meelah is making major waves with her SOLO DEBUT!!!!  This song is silky and smooth as Meelah's cholocaty skin.  We think Meelah has a bonafide HIT on her HANDS!!!  CHECK IT OUT!!!

I wonder if Latavia sang some BACKGROUND VOCALS....probably not.  Meelah, we like this!!!

At least KeKe and Meelah holding it down for the ATL Divas... i guess the rest waiting on that TvOne Check.... 



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