Friday, May 22, 2015

GET THAT LOOK: #Beyonce rocks 'Queen Bee' sweatshirt to remind us who calls the shots!

Beyonce has been FEELING HERSELF all week, with one JAW DROPPING killer outfit after another.  Oh and did we forget Nicki Minaj's 'Feeling Myself'' video!?  Well Bey closes out the week with a little reminder of WHO CALLS the shots in the GAME!  Releases on her OFFICIAL website, Beyonce rocks a 'QUEEN BEE' sweatshirt!

The sweatshirt reads: “queen bee (kwi:n bi:). noun. I call the shots.”

The BEEHIVE is sure to COPY this look for the WEEKEND~~~!!!

WATCH: #BFV Season 5 Ep 1 'Trina's SECRET REVEALED!' [full ep]

Our FAVORITE CELBRITY SISTERS came ROARING back and we couldn't be more THRILLED. The BRAXTONS are BACK and BETTER than ever. Did you see episode 1?? ALL the ladies look FAB and this season seems to be SHAPING up to be the most EXPLOSIVE to date! Momma Evelyn, even with a slipped disc in her NECK STILL looks just as FAB as the 5 fab sisters she BIRTHED. The ladies did not waste any time getting to the DRAMA! There is still some TURMOIL in the BRAXTON family, but one thing is UNDENIABLE is the fact that they LOVE and CARE for one another DEEPLY! That being said, just because you LOVE your SIBLING don't mean you WON'T GO OFF on them every now and again!

Traci, the WILD CARD, out doing her thing, a hit ALBUM now we LOVE to see that! ANd her family life is back on TRACK, with a little HICCUP--her son seems to have less time for MOM and more time for his GIRLFRIEND. It could be worse Traci...hang in there. The 'PARTY GIRL' Trina does not appear to be in a PARTYING MOOD as she wrestles with a HUGE secret that she does not want to share with her sisters. But she's going to need each and every one of them to handle CRAZY GABE! Momma E. is dealing with an ailment that puts the ladies on the rails. No one wants to see their mother in PAIN... but she still manages to dish out those GEMS of advice she's KNOWN FOR! Towanda is back with Andre, kinda? Let's hope he GETS IT RIGHT this time... and Toni, of course the DIVA can just sit and DRINK TEA and we will hang on her EVERY WORD. AS for TAMAR? Tamar is TAMAR and LOOKING extra FAB. Her WIG GAME on FLEEK already!! Let's just JUMP RIGHT into EP 1!!!

#BritneySpears REUNITES with 'Toxic' co-star, #TysonBeckford in VEGAS! Puts him on a LEASH! [vid]

Well when in VEGAS do as they do in SIN CITY, right?  Britney Spears closed out her 'Piece of Me' residency by REUNITING with her 'Toxic' co-star Tyson Beckford!  And she QUICKLY puts him in his place--with a LEASH!

Beckford sported a leash as he was walked across the stage by the'Pretty Girls' singer before jumping up to show off his washboard abs with a quick dance for the audience.

MOODS & MOMENTS 'Lloyd' 'Naked' [audio]

Fasten your seatbelt 1st.
This could get rough
And hard to hang onto

Just us two
Inhibitions to the wind
Tell me where to go
Show me what you like

Forever in a SILENCE..
Just the beating
The pounding of our hearts
Did they hear us?
Thrills for the CHASE

Pills for the RACE
Move in closer
Erase the SPACE

Drop the clothes at the door
Let them fall
Let them hit the floor
Just skin
Flesh to flesh
Let's make a sexy mess
All over your face
Erase the space.
With time
On our hands
-Zam Zhinga

Time to MELT INTO THE NIGHT and get 'Naked'!  The Moods & Moments' jam comes from Lloyd.

MAG TAG- #HarryPotter's #MatthewLewis' sexy TRANSFORMATION! STRIPS DOWN for #Attitude mag!

Wow, have things changed!

Remember 'Harry Potter's 'Neville Longbottom' played by actor Matthew Lewis!??

WELL, he has CHANGED a bit and ready to BARE ALL for 'Attitude' magazine!!

NEW VIDEO: #SageTheGemini 'Good Thing' feat. #NickJonas [vid]

Sage the Gemini is BACK with a visual for his new single, 'Good Thing'.  This time he teams up with heartthrob, Nick Jonas!!!! GOOD MOVE Sage. Can we say CROSS-OVER APPEAL!?  Check out the tropical, Hannah Lux-Davis-directed visual after the JUMP!

HOT SHOT of the DAY: #TysonBeckford half-NAKED mirror SELFIES! [vid]

For the FANS that follow supermodel and PART-TIME Chippendale's dancer, Tyson Beckford, THEY KNOW he likes to interact with his LEGIONS of followers.  Just RECENTLY Beckford shared some POST SHOWER PICS for the fans and lets just say he lets it all HANG OUT!! Check out Tyson's HALF NEEKID mirror SELFIES!!!

#WhoopiGoldberg ANNOUNCES the 2 NEW CO-Hosts for #TheView..kinda. [video]

So you know it's been a WHOLE lot of casting around and MUSICAL CHAIR-LIKE ANTICS over at 'The View' since Barbara Walters 'retired' and Rosie left for personal reasons and such.  But it seems that those VACANT seats maybe filled REALLY SOON...according to Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi KINDA SORTA announced the 2 NEW co-hosts...KINDA....ISH...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

RUMOR PATROL- #Ciara wants us to kno she still HANGING ON TO #RussellWilson! [pics]

It was a FAIRYTALE worldwind affair.  After Ciara never made it down the aisle with HIP HOP star Future.  But in return was left to be another of his BABY MOMMAS, Ciara found herself in the arms of a BALLER-a Super Bowl BALLER, Russell Wilson. Though CRITICS didn't think the 'relationship' was real, we still crossed our fingers and hoped it was.  BUT ALAS, reports surfaced yesterday that the new powercouple had ALREADY hit a ROUGH PATCH and were taking 'TIME APART'.

Well Ciara wants us to know that she is STILL HANGIN ON TO HER MAN..for the moment.  Check out her #TBT pic that silences (kinda) the haters......

#TayeDiggs talks #ASSPLAY & Homosexuality phase to PHOTOG for upcoming ROLE! [video]

When actor Taye Diggs was asked about his UPCOMING role as the homosexual ‘Hedwig’ in Broadway’s Hedwig and the Angry Itch.

The photog asked Diggs about his preparation for the role, and Taye replied with a straight face:

“There’s a lot of glitter. I mean, I went through a stage where I was a drag queen in high school in tenth and eleventh grade, and I experimented with homosexuality, ass play. And outside of that I worked the streets, male prostitution.”


He went on to say :“I have a flaming homosexual inside of me, so I’m raring to let that out.”
Of course Diggs says he was JOKING, but the response REALLY threw the photg for a LOOP!!! lol

#Spotify TRUMPS #Tidal! Announces original programming and video content-partners with #MTV #ESPN & MORE!

So Jay Z's Tidal is shaping up to be THE exclusive spot for all your MUSIC and VIDEOS right?  Well Spotify has made a BIG move that just may TRUMP Tidal's programming as well as YouTube!

#TBT-Happy Birthday #NotoriousBIG!! [videos]

Today would have been Christopher Wallace, BKA The Notorious B.I.G.'s 43rd birthday!!!
I am sure if Biggie were alive today he'd still be rapping and he'd be on the mogul status like Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Diddy by now. On this day we salute the life and legacy Biggie left behind. So let's celebrate!

Happy Birthday Biggie Smalls!!!!!!

More B.I.G. videos after the JUMP!

#BiggieDay- LOL Moment- #Biggie on 'Martin' [video]

One of the FUNNIEST episodes of 'Martin' has to be the episode where Martin's FRIENDS tried to AUDITION for The Notorious B.I.G.  OF COURSE HILARITY INSUES...

NEW MUSIC: #Drake + Beyonce 'Can I' [audio]

Drake + Beyonce = Can I


Curtain Call! #DavidLetterman says GOOD BYE! [video]

What can we say?
Gutsy, BALLSY--FUNNY.  This is David Letterman.

33 years- 6028 broadcasts--the end of an era came.... WELCOME to RETIREMENT Dave!

David Letterman was ushered into retirement Wednesday by four presidents declaring "our long national nightmare is over" and a succession of stars delivering a final Top Ten list of things they always wanted to say to the late-night host.

The taped intro of President Barack Obama and former Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush referenced President Gerald Ford's declaration to the country when he took office following the 1974 resignation of Richard Nixon.

Letterman sidled up to Obama to say, "you're just kidding, right?"


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