Friday, November 27, 2015

NEW MUSIC: #JayRock 'Traffic Jam' feat. #Sza + #KendrickLamar [audio]

TDE is back with a REMIX to Jay Rock's 'Traffic Jam' which features Kendrick Lamar and Sza!!!  Take a LISTEN after the JUMP!!

MEMBA HER? #FarrahFranklin FINALLY REVEALS the REAL reason she left #DestinysChild!! [video]

Remember for that BRIEF moment AFTER Destiny's Child KICKED LaToya and Latavia out the group and they FIRST started rocking with Michelle and Farrah.  BUT SHORTLY THEREAFTER, Farrah was UNCEREMONIOUSLY 'let go' from the MULTIPLE Grammy-Award winning group.  The story was pretty HAZY during those time and we were LEAD TO BELIEVE that Farrah was 'KICKED OUT' of the group for not having the DRIVE and same WORK ETHIC as the rest of the ladies and also for MISSING SHOWS...ALLEGEDLY.  BUT FINALLY after all of this time, Farrah Franklin says that is nowhere NEAR the vicinity of being the TRUTH!  She said SHE left the GROUP because she was MISTREATED and that Mathew Knowles had gotten 'AGGRESIVE' with her!!  She also DETAILS the EXACT DAY when she left walked away from the group FOR GOOD!!

Check the VIDEO here!~

#PattiLabelle and #JamesWrightChanel spend #Thanksgiving together and sing DUETS! [video]

Now this is a NICE sight to see.  After James Wright Chanel's VIRAL review of Patti Labelle's pies SWEPT the nation and INCREASED her sales, Patti ADMITS FINALLY to what we already knew--Chanel's review HELPED her pie sales TREMENDOUSLY.  So the next thing to do is to DINE and SING  with Chanel, right?  For Thanksgiving, Labelle had dinner with the new INTERNET STAR and the two even sang songs together!! Check out their TOUCHING MEETING right here after the JUMP!

#CountessVaughn goes TOPLESS on Instagram for #Thanksgiving! [pic]

'Hollywood Divas' star  Countess Vaughn has A LOT to be THANKFUL for this year and she is NOT ASHAMED to show you us 2 of her BIG BLESSINGS!  Vaughn took to INSTAGRAM to show off her AMPLE BOSOM and her SLIMMED DOWN BODY on TURKEY DAY!!  Are you ready for this JELLY!!!  Here it GOES!!

STREAM #LilWayne's #NoCeilings2 RIGHT HERE! [audio]

You know you want to HEAR IT, right?  Check out Lil Wayne's 'No Ceilings 2' mixtape.  The 24-track set includes appearances from Mannie Fresh, Future, Yo Gotti, and MANY MORE!!

NEW MUSIC: #ErykahBadu 'Hello' featuring #Andre3000 [audio]

Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 on the SAME TRACK!!!  Yes it has happened!!  Remember the two famously dated back in the day and have a CHILD together, but they NEVER did a DUET..well until NOW...  It's not a DUET in the TRUE SENSE of the word, but on Badu's 'Hello' she SAMPLES some FAMOUS words from her once upon a TIME, beau!! Check it out!!

WAKE UP JAM: #GoodieMob 'Get Rich To This' feat. #BigBoi + #Backbone [vid]

WAKE UP!!! Get up get out and GET SOMETHING!! WHO SAID THAT??? GOODIE MOB...namely CEE-LO GOODIE... So let's go back to 1999 with one of their CLASSICS... 'GET RICH TO THIS'!! You GOTTA LOVE THE A-TOWN!!!

#ChrisBrown performs 'Zero' on #TheTonightShow starring #JimmyFallon! [vid]

Did you miss CHRIS BROWN on 'The Tonight Show'??? Check out his performance of 'Zero' from his UPCOMING 'Royalty' project!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

#TBT Throwback Thursday- #HappyThanksgiving via #Dido #AliciaMyers #BustaRhymes + #NewEdition [vids]

On this day I AM THANKFUL.....

Thankful for my friends, family, business associates, and of course YOU GUYS!!  The FOLLOWERS that VISIT DAILY to my little piece in the BLOGOSPHERE!!! AGAIN, I thank you all for STICKING THROUGH IT ALL....

TODAY we give THANKS!!!

WATCH: #TheWestbrooks Episode 7 [full ep]

They are STILL trying to make it!!! Keep up with 'The Westbrooks' RIGHT HERE!!!

Check out EPISODE 7 right here!


Thanksgiving Day an important family holiday annually observed in US on the fourth Thursday of November. Historically begun as a tradition of celebrating the harvest of the year Thanksgiving is now the day when people express their gratitude to God for his blessings and give thanks to dear ones for their support and care.

Celebrated this year on November, 26 Thanksgiving is a time of festivity and family reunions in the United States.

On this day THE GAMUTT gives thanks for the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. We give thanks to the fans, viewers and friends on this day.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WATCH: #Empire Season 2 Ep 9 'Sinned Against' [full ep]

So....THE SECRET IS OUT...thanks to Lucious!  What happens next?? Check out episode 9, RIGHT HERE!!

WATCH: #IfLovingYouIsWrong Season 2 Ep 10 [full ep]

Did you MISS 'If Loving You Is Wrong' last night!?  Well here it is.. Check out episode 10 right here!!

WATCH: #BeingMaryJane Season 3 Ep 7 [full ep]

Catch up on 'Being Mary Jane'! Watch Episode 7 of season 3 RIGHT HERE!!

WAKE UP JAM: #Timbaland 'Lobster & Scrimp' feat. #JayZ [vid]

WAKE UP!!!! Time to face the SUNSHIINE and clear your mind and all that BS from yesterday is BEHIND.....

 I need to be a RAPPER.  But anyways, speaking of RAPPERS, Timbaland--THE BEAT CREATOR EXTROADINAIRE is the MAN of HOUR right?  He is KILLING the music on 'Empire' and just released his book and just an ALL AROUND good DUDE and UBER talented ENTERTAINER.... let's TAKE it back to one of his COLLABS with Jay-Z--- 'Lobster & Scrimp'!!!


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