Saturday, November 22, 2014

#RHOA Season 7 Ep 3 SNEAK PEEKS! THOTS, and SHADE go HAND in HAND! #PorshaWilliams & Cynthia Square OFF! [video]

Well, 'RHOA' season 7 episode 3 will be HOT and 'THOTTY' this week!  In episode 3, Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey GO HEAD TO HEAD.  NeNe learns some new vocabulary and Apollo gets a DIVORCE attorney.  Seems like he should've gotten a BETTER defense attorney but that's none of my business.

NEW VIDEO: #TripleThreatMuzik 'This is How It Is' feat. #FabianMuzik [video]

The EXCLUSIVE new video from Triple Threat Muzik is FINALLY HERE!  Check out 'This Is How It Is' featuring a good friend of mine, INTERNATIONAL artist/producer, Fabian Muzik!!

 PEEP the VIDEO after the JUMP!

Saturday Slingback: #QueenLatifah 'U.N.I.T.Y.' [video]

Queen Latifah.  Entertainer, actress, talk show host, ICON!  Thanks for your IMPACT on POP CULTURE for YEARS!  We LOVE and APPRECIATE all you;ve added to the CULTURE!  One QUESTION you were BOLD ENOUGH to ask, "Who You Callin a Bitch?"  It's about that UNITY!

 Let's go back with a CLASSIC from Latifah's 'Black Reign' project.. 'U.N.I.T.Y.'


#Ciroc the Boat! #50Cent FAT SHAMES #Diddy over DUELING VODKAS! [video]

For YEARS MOGUL, Sean 'Diddy' Combs has CORNERED the MARKET on VODKA with his WIDELY POPULAR Ciroc brand, right?  Well, 50 Cent has thrown his hat into the adult beverage business with his backing of Effen Vodka.  You read correctly, EFFEN.  So in order to PUSH his new drink, 50 waged a SHORT little SOCIAL MEDIA 'war' against Diddy with the following post that 'FAT SHAMES' people who DRINK the popular VODKA!  Take a LOOK.  This 'battle' was SHORT and SWEET, but funny still.

#AMA's- #TaylorSwift, #MaryJBlige #OneDirection #IggyAzalea #JLo #LilWayne & more to PERFORM at the AMAS

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY==The American Music Awards IMPACT!!!!

The 2014 American Music Awards is set to air live on Sunday, Nov. 23, showcasing some of the biggest artists and hits to grace the radio airwaves this year.

#BillCosby LAWYER issues STATEMENT to the media to stop 'VILIFYING' Dr. Cosby! [details]

We can not escape the MEDIA ONSLAUGHT surrounding the Bill Cosby rape allegations.  You can not escape the accusers that keep coming out of the woodworks saying that they were sexually assaulted by Dr. Bill Cosby.  Cosby's attorney has issued a STATEMENT to the media about their VILIFICATION of his client.  This is what he had to say:

CONFIRMED! #TheQueenLatifahShow has been CANCELED! Latifah makes a STATEMENT! [details]

In light of the cancellation of 'The Arsenio Hall Show' and 'The Kris Jenner Show' and 'Bethenny' I was wondering how well 'The Queen Latifah Show' was doing.  For those that don't know, the talk show hustle is a VERY DEMANDING and HARD job to pull off SUCCESSFULLY.  For all pretense and purposes it APPEARED that Queen's show was faring pretty well---NOT THE CASE.

Sony Pictures has announced that they have pulled the plug on the syndicated talk show!  Queen Latifah makes a statement about the issue:

#ArianaGrande & #BigSean got PUBLIC with their relationship on IG with a SEX KISS! [pics]

So the 'SECRET' is no longer a 'SECRET'.  Ariana Grande and Big Sean had been trying to dodge relationship questions for weeks, but now they are finlally ready to GO PUBLIC.  The two have been rumored to be an ITEM for months made a HUGE STATEMENT by posting a sexy kiss pic on Instagram!

Big Sean posted:

NEW VIDEO: #Beyonce '7-11' [video]

Beyoncé drops '7-11' video just in time for the FREAKING WEEKEND!  Don't we just LOVE 'Ratchet' Bey?!  No BIG BUDGET, no STORYLINE, NO ELABORATE COSTUME CHANGES, just Bey and her GIRLS TWERKING and having FUN in a HOTEL---like GIRLS DO.  I am sure that ROOM will never be the same again.  What's in those RED SOLO cups Bey?  And can we HAVE SOME?? Check out the VIRAL sensation that is SWEEPING the NATION!

Pray for all the ARTISTS you have SLAYED in your stellar career!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Country star #TyHerndon comes OUT as GAY! [details]

Five years ago, country singer Ty Herndon finally recognized that he had a very important story to share.  The country star comes out as GAY!

#MikeGolic strikes #KimKardashian BUTT POSE to pay off a BET! #GolicButtPhoto [photo]

How far would you go to PAY OFF A BET!???  Well Mike Golic fro ESPN has gone to GREAT LENGTHS to pay off his!

Thanks to Northwestern's defeat of Notre Dame in the Mike & Mike Bowl, Golic sang the Wildcats' fight song while wearing Pat Fitzgerald's jersey to pay off his wager with Greeny on the game. Here, Golic strikes his best Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine cover pose to complete the payoff.

Well at least he doesn't WELCH on a BET!! What a GOOD SPORT!!!  This is called the Kim Kardashian Effect!  LOL.


WHO is #DEJLOAF? New Music 'Try Me' [audio]

By now you have heard the HOT NEW SONG, 'Try Me' by Dej Loaf, right?  Her pics have een been made into VIRAL internet MEMES as well, but WHO IS DEj LOAF?  She's opened for the likes of Erykah Badu just to name one off the top of my head, but still WHO IS DEJ??


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